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Arshad Ahmad Khan Posted on: 14 Dec 2014

Turkish Lira is the local currency & I got the prior appropriate information from my tour planner ‘Antilog Vacations’. I didn’t face any problem regarding the cash or its exchanged processes. I think, proper communication from the first to final step is the real strength of such excellent service providers.
Net, it was a great journey!!

432 12

Hans Raj Bhatt Posted on: 20 Sep 2014

We visited Turkey on 15 March this year & had a very pleasant stay, & loved seeing a new country & culture. But one thing worth mentioning is that avoid get deceived. We went to spice market & after scrutinizing many shops due to heavy cost we buy spices from another shop whose price were much cheaper than others, but later on i asked a local women at what cost they bought spices & you don’t believe the price they told us were three time lower . So make sure to consult localities before buying anything.

432 16

Anjanay Bisht Posted on: 01 Jan 2015

Well everything in Istanbul is quite fascinating but the Blue Mosque is worth seeing. The reflection of blue tiles gives its blue ambiance. It is said that this mosque was built between 1609 & 1616 & comprises a tomb of its founder, a madrasa & a hospice. To have glimpse of its magnificent architecture you need to approach it from the hippodrome. Marvelous is the only word that describes it.

432 31

Indrajeet Singh Posted on: 07 Mar 2013

Heartily thanks to Antilog, for such lovely touch in the quite narrow time. I’d collected the best of Kusadasi along its stretched beaches in the beautiful ambience. Of course, it was a good place for sunbathers & swimmers. It was an excellent destination fully packed with nightclubs & restaurants.
Marvelous time!!

390 28

David Dawson Posted on: 26 Oct 2014

We landed in Istanbul on March 3 & visited magnificently decorated Blue Mosque. Grand Bazar is good place to buy carpet, jewelry & more. This Grandeur Bazar had around 4000 shops & offer variety of products. Make sure you do enough bargaining before buying products because they usually tell much higher prices. Spice Bazar is another attraction of Istanbul, the aroma of spices can be traces from many kilometers aways. Apart from these I will recommend you to visit the palace of Topkapi The Sultanahmet district, Basilica Cistern the Istanbul Archeological Museums. A place with adorable people. Team Antilog Vacations you know the taste of your customers well.

366 23

Sanjana Jha Posted on: 29 Jul 2014

We enjoyed the many lovely people throughout the trip in Turkey. Our guides represented many different types of people & different ages. There outlooks added much to the understanding of the country & its challenges. Istanbul is a lovely place to be with so much to see & do. Remember Grand Bazaar from the latest James Bond movie- Skyfall? It’s there in Istanbul. Now, who wouldn't want double the time in such a place?
Antilog Vacations deserves a standing ovation for arranging such amazing itineraries for its clients. I am one of those satisfied clients who won’t think twice before booking the next trip with them.

356 12

Ravneet Kaur Posted on: 11 Dec 2014

From the small street to every corner of the Old City of Antalya offered me a surprising view. The place carried several values for tourist along the additional factors of churches & mosques. Such classical heritage & great architecture had several hidden stories. I recently got this wonderful chance with the excellent services of Antilog Vacations..

351 29

Jeremy Kingston Posted on: 16 May 2014

We loved the food, the culture, the history, the sites, the ruins in the south, the drive along the coast, the ceramic tiles in Istanbul, the surprising delicious food at the restaurants next to gas stations, & our guides; to say everything in & out about this trip. Antilog Vacations is a very profession company to work with & I would love to travel with them again. Highly recommended!

349 24

Ajay Narkar Posted on: 24 Nov 2013

It’s perfect to call, Turkey a perfect location for water sports due to its heart location in the surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Marmara & Aegean seas. Such magnificent unique regions awaiting for their visitors to explore such natural beauty.
I got such opportunity through the efforts of Antilog Vacations.. Great work!!

345 22

Neha Saxena Posted on: 20 Oct 2013

It was a sense of joyful adventure, when we visited at the Europe’s largest dinosaur theme park. It is Istanbul’s famous inviting site for adults as well as children. The place offered a large variety of activities from museum, cinema, theme park & a great source of information.
Thanks Antilog for providing this opportunity in a wonderful manner.

345 15

William Stewart Posted on: 28 Jun 2014

In the overall tour to Turkey from Antilog Vacations, Cappadocia stay was extraordinary. Our online travel portal booked ‘Peri Tower Hotel ’ where I got a spacious room, friendly staff, hygienic food & the entire upgraded services in an affordable manner. They were really dedicated partners who also fulfilled our special request of pancake apart from the inclusion.

345 19

Ankush Agrawal Posted on: 21 Jun 2014

I picked the ‘magic triangle tour of turkey’ from the large collection of Antilog Vacations. All the destinations have their equal importance, but I self feel the special charm in Antalya, a fastest growing city of Turkey, which carries a fabulous mixture of traditional Turkish culture as well as great beach locations.
Admirable job!!

345 22

Anuj Bharadwaj Posted on: 10 Sep 2014

We were five people on the historical tour of Turkey. All things were arranged by the Antilog Vacations since we didn’t want anything to grate on our nerves. We went to Istanbul & The Sultanahmet district of the Istanbul. The Sultanahmet district is the heart of historic Old Istanbul & here you will see Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya , the Blue Mosque , Basilica Cistern the Istanbul Archeological Museums, Great Palace Mosaic Museum & many other monument which I forget.

344 23

Vasudha Singh Posted on: 22 Jan 2015

Antilog is an amazing travel company to work with. These people are just the perfect team to go to Turkey with as they seem to have a thorough knowledge about this country. We couldn’t find even one single flaw about the trip which went smooth like butter. The guides, hotels, excursions & everything else that completed the trip were just perfect. We would recommend everyone to travel with this company if planning to visit Turkey. This company won’t disappoint…

344 23

Maria Travolta Posted on: 09 Oct 2014

Turkey was such a fantastic holiday & all thanks to the Antilog Vacations planning team for it. Initially, my husband & I had just decided to go to Istanbul & Kusadasi, but the Planners here recommended we also see the Antalya & Cappadocia. And though we loved the history of Turkey, waking up next to the waterfall at Antalya, having our breakfast at the cruise, & just walking together on the ladies beach (kusadasi) was probably the best highlight of our trip. Thank you guys for the number of calls you made even after we had booked the package.

342 25

Shraddha Singh Posted on: 05 Jan 2015

With my recent experience, I want to share the best of Istanbul. With the efforts of Antilog, I got this happy surroundings within 7 nights tour package. Everything was on smooth scale.. The old aged mosques, galleries, clubs, market, churches & modern food courts were the specific highlights of my Turkey visit.
I got a huge variety in reasonable manner.
Great work!!

337 15

Devrath Nayak Posted on: 15 Jan 2015

I am a chef by profession & love to explore new cuisine where ever I go. During my ten day regime in Turkey, wherever I go, I tasted almost all local cuisine that I can. I love the most Borek, Pide, Dolma amd Kayisi Tatlisi but my personal favorite was Manti. This traditional Turkish dish is completely unique in taste & texture. Small beef or lamb dumplings are boiled or fried & served with yogurt or butter, & often accompanied with a range of spices.

335 19

MahimaTyagi Posted on: 08 May 2014

I & my husband went on Historic Triangle Tour Of Turkey that we booked from Antilog Vacations. The eight days spent there were memorable. Our travel included the visit to Istanbul, Kusadasi & Cappadocia . Our journey kicked off from Istanbul where we visited blue mosque, grand & spice bazaar, the Sultanahmet district & historic area of Istanbul. Next was Kudasdasi , the main attractions of the place are house of marry virgin , temple of Diana & Archaeological Museum . We also went on sightseeing excursion of Ephesus. Going through all these historic places we reached Cappadocia . Here we saw Devrent Valley, Paşabağ Valley And Avanos & Valley Of "Göreme" & Open Air Museum.

332 22

Mazid Ali Posted on: 22 Aug 2014

The trip to Turkey that we planned with Antilog Vacations was simply spectacular. Clearly, having the travel agency coordinate the trip made things much easier & allowed us to enjoy it the way we wanted. All arrangements came through to the letter, with plenty of upfront coordination communication & especially, punctuality. We wanted to stay a little longer in Istanbul though. There is so much to see & do out there. We just got a couple of nights there which was a bit disappointing. Other than this, we have nothing else to complain about the trip. The travel company is highly recommended.

331 24

kalpana singh Posted on: 08 Oct 2014

Hey guys if travel is next on your card visit Turkey. High on my recommendation list, can bet that you will never regret to be at this place. Beautiful country with preserved ruins & modern architect blended with European & Asian esthetics. So what are you thinking about? If needed any guidance Antilog Vacations is always there.

331 32

James Lennan Posted on: 20 Dec 2014

Our travel company was amazing. The agent with who we interacted with was very professional & her love for Turkey reflected in the packages puts together by her. They took us to amazing places & we actually were shown more than the original itinerary. The guides were flexible with their schedules & were willing to come early & stay late if necessary. Food is the best part about Turkey which we found to be more than amazing, & the people we met throughout the trip seemed very friendly. We created lifelong memories & will definitely use Antilog Vacations’ services again in the future, & recommend this company to all of our friends.

329 17

Aman Kher Posted on: 18 Oct 2014

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey is a wonderful place to be. Buy clothes, bags, trinkets & a lot more at the Grand Bazar. Cappadocia, Antalya, & Kusadasi were no less great. It was a weeklong trip planned through Antilog Vacations & we enjoyed it very much. Turkey offers a blend of sun & history & you will never get enough of it. Antilog Vacations made vacationing easy for us & we thank them for it.

327 23

Anjum Khan Posted on: 19 Jul 2014

It was an awesome trip, & we'd like to go back to Turkey one day for further explorations there. There is so much to see & do. The travel company ( Antilog Vacations) was exceptionally good, upfront & honest, & provided us with a wonderful trip & some good advice. Meeting the local people, who were welcoming & friendly throughout our trip was quite an experience. The ancient sites & ruins were spectacular, & the food was amazing - not one bad meal the whole time!

326 12

Piyush Yadav Posted on: 21 Nov 2014

Istanbul is major & most important tourist hub of Turkey. I was impressed by the way this country has preserved its ruins & excel in the modern architect. The fine balance is hard to maintain but the efforts of turkey of commendable. Either it is Amphitheater, ruins of Bascillia or modern complexes; Turkey has finely balance the disparity. The palace of Topkapi, the largest palace in Turkey, that was the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years & the Suleymaniye Mosque complex are the supreme of architectural history of Turkey. Folks it’s really impressive & would be on my recommendation list.

324 13

Rohit Pushkar Posted on: 14 Nov 2014

Driving directly from the hotel Crowne Plaza, Antalya we went to see the Amphitheater. I was surprised to see this Greek Amphitheater & you could draw a picture of it that how magnificent it would be when it was in full charm. Equipped with brilliant acoustic system it’s possible to hear the sounds from the theatre floor. There are plenty of others ruins nearby are as magnificent as it is. Many restaurants & café are lined up in the vicinity where serves the purpose if you have some craving for food.

324 21

Salil Acharya Posted on: 21 Jun 2014

I was on my honeymoon to Turkey & we had a very delightful time there. Turkey is famous for its ruins & amazing landscapes impossible to find any where. During our vacation we went to Istanbul, Bosphorus. Bosphorus is waterway which links the Back sea with sea of Marmara. Spread across 20 miles this waterway cruise lined up with the historic villages, grand wooden mansions, imposing fortresses & the Baroque summer palaces of the late Ottoman sultans will definitely refresh. Thanks Antilog vacation for all the arrangements

324 21

Bhumika Chawla Posted on: 11 Jun 2014

The agent from Antilog Vacations did a wonderful job with our itinerary & we found her very helpful. Our hotels were located within walking distant in Istanbul & Pamukkale. We loved turkey very much. Istanbul is good for shopping & stuff but Pamukkale offers some beautiful landscapes which you will find very refreshing. Our guides & drivers were equally great. The only flaw we found with the trip was that we were transferred to Pamukkale by bus & it’s really painful to travel by bus when it is a full day travel in concern. Those who have done it before will know.
However, we have nothing otherwise to complain about this trip. I would rate the tour company at around 4 stars out of 5 which will be just fair.

321 32

Ankita Posted on: 11 Dec 2014

Turkey is a great place to shop. Here you get the great variety of products from world famous brands to traditional trademarks at very reasonable prices. If you are fond of spices then must visit famous spice bazaar of Istanbul. The rich aroma & color of exotic spices with people attracting customers at the pitch will definitely give you an impression of local markets.

321 24

Monika Singh Posted on: 09 Oct 2014

During my last visit I missed the opportunity to get the essence of night life of Turkey. So this time when I planned my trip I make it sure to get the gist of night life in the Turkey. Turkey has numerous night clubs, disco clubs & bars which strive to give its customer forgettable experience. Big cities like Istanbul & Antalya which enjoys a prosperous status have more enthralling nights in comparisons to others. Bars lined up along the Bosphorus are great places to enjoy your evening. Stoll along the lanes of Turkey in the night is amazing experience. I am running short of words but final thanks to Antilog Vacations

321 21

Ekta Karanwal Posted on: 21 Sep 2014

The Turkish discovery was an amazing venture. We spent seven days in this historic country & there were much to see & do. Antilog Vacations programmed everything so perfectly that everything seemed to be working on autopilot. We found the team very helpful & polite. We recommend this travel agency to anyone planning on visiting Turkey.

319 14

Jane Smith Posted on: 26 Jul 2014

The service from Antilog vacations was extraordinary & the tour to turkey was incredible. I still remember how during my last visit i arrived quite early of my scheduled time & worried about my departure to hotel & early check in. I called Antilog & told them the whole issue. Within an half an hour they made all the arrangement from taxi to check in & sightseeing. Feeling proud to have you as travelpartner.

314 11

Roopanshi Agrawal Posted on: 26 Oct 2014

This trip to Turkey that we recently took was one of those trips of a lifetime. The trip arranged by Antilog Vacations was way beyond the best & we are glad that it has opened our eyes to a new way of traveling. We were so happy with our experience that we have already recommended our travel agent to other adventure travelers whom we are acquainted with. We will definitely use this service again for future adventure travel planning.

312 12

Jordge Lewis Posted on: 01 Jan 2015

This Turkey tour operator Antilog Vacations is simply amazing! We guess it is a “growing” travel agency, but it puts all the time & effort into crafting a perfect itinerary for you. They booked us the most amazing hotels in all the cities we visited! Above all else, it was so reassuring knowing that everything was well taken care of - all of our transportation, hotels, etc, just so we could truly relax. We would highly recommend this tour agency to anyone.

311 21

Rizwan Hussain Posted on: 03 Jan 2015

Our Antilog Vacations’ agent was amazingly good. She did the maximum possible to ensure that the trip to Turkey that we were about to take didn’t have a single flaw. We are in our late 60s & all the effort she made helped us a great deal throughout the trip. The guides & drivers were equally good & took great care of us. The best thing is that they always have smiles on their faces; we always had this positive vibe because of this to like the tour even more. Highly recommended!

307 18

Joe Morgan Posted on: 09 May 2014

We had a wonderful trip to Turkey. Our Turkey travel agent did a fabulous job coordinating everything. She arranged for us to see almost everything we asked for & squeezed all into a week’s time. She went out of her way to search & provide for some special requests of our group. The timing was great, as were the hotels & tour guides. Can't say enough good things about our experience… Recommended like anything & everything!

303 14

Iqwal Khan Posted on: 15 Aug 2014

Antilog Vacations helped us plan a memorable & wonderful trip to Turkey. We stayed in Istanbul & Cappadocia for 5 days, & the place is rightly called Amazing Turkey. A perfect blend of modernity & traditionalism, Turkey offers the best of fascinating scenic beauty & rich culture, along with night life. We enjoyed every bit of our stay, & returned absolutely recharged. The trip was completely personalized to meet our expectations the hotels were tastefully chosen & the flights were meticulously selected to maximize our recreational time & this entire trip was planned in accordance to our budget.

298 24

Sameer khan Posted on: 13 Nov 2014

Our anniversary was near & I wanted to give a surprise to my wife. She is a journalist by profession & has a nose for everything new. So when I saw travel packages of Turkey at very reasonable rates on Antilog Vacation I contacted them & booked a tour. Turkey is a beautiful country with diverse culture & is number one in hospitality. I was amazed to see the 2,000-year-old Aspendos Amphitheater. According to our local guide it has a diameter of 96 meters, which mean around 315 ft sufficient for accommodating 7000 people. Admirable job by Antilog.

298 27

Abhilasha Dhiman Posted on: 11 Jan 2019

This tour company was amazing. No detail was missed. All of the guides & vendors they paired us with were top notch. They beautifully planned wake up times, meals, activity schedules, spa services & transportation. They checked with us regularly to make sure everything was going as planned. I’ve never worked with a better, more thorough travel company. In fact, I asked them on the last day what other locations they plan because I would base my next trip around their services.

294 14

Saurav Gupta Posted on: 16 Oct 2014

I got the best shopping experience in the old cities of Turkey. There were a good facility for public transportation & related facilities. It was an entirely new place for me.. So, I didn’t have the better understanding of the routes. It was well arranged tour from the side of Antilog Vacations. Here, I mentioned a special thanks to great partners for their efficiency & knowledgeable tour guide.

289 15

Anurag Nigam Posted on: 20 Dec 2014

We never forgot our 2 nights friendly stay at ‘Grand Oztanik’, Istanbul. Basically, it’s a great effort of Antilog professional team. This comfort was a result of their proper communication, experience & knowledge. With the proper settled itinerary, we had comfortably covered the famous locations.
Excellent team!!

282 18

Kamlesh Bhatt Posted on: 19 May 2013

Very good service, staff was humble & nice. Great hotel worth the money spent. The ambience was pretty & great place to stay with family. Refreshing experience after tiring working days. Relaxing & comfort level was very high. Thanks Antilog for providing such a good service.

281 12

Ubaid Ahmad Posted on: 20 Sep 2014

We booked a honey tour package from Antilog vacation last month. Named diamond of turkey this honeymoon trip was worth mentioning. Our ten day stay in Turkey become the reminiscent moments of the life. We stayed at Istanbul. Cappadocia, Kusadasi & Antalya, all are perfect antidote to natural beauty.

280 24

Shipra Walia Posted on: 22 Aug 2014

It was really a valuable trip to look after the place Istanbul. It was an interesting fact for me to closely observe a city which is famed for the meeting point of Europe & Asia. It was a vibrant city. Hearitly thanks to Antilog for professionally wrapped every surprise for me.
Incredible journey!!

267 23

Kate Burr Posted on: 22 Nov 2014

Our entire experience with Antilog Vacations before & during the trip to Turkey was exemplary. They quickly understood our goals, & our level of comforts & discomforts & molded the itinerary accordingly. Post booking the travel agent sent countless ideas for places to eat & shop, all of which we availed ourselves of numerous times. The details of those lists added substance to a trip that was wonderfully conceived. We ate well, & shopped better!

256 16

Vikas Trivedi Posted on: 10 Sep 2014

The trip to Turkey with Antilog Vacations was wonderful, one of our best if not the best we have taken. We went at a good time of year (late April) - before the crowds would start arriving in May & while the weather was comfortable. This Turkey tour operator has a bunch of good, knowledgeable guides who take great care of you throughout the trip. We were made to stay in excellent hotels & we had so much fun during the sightseeing & activities. Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia was simply amazing!

256 14

Ram Ahluwalia Posted on: 17 May 2014

There are so many amazing & beautiful places in Turkey & we loved them all. While Istanbul is sheer fun, Cappadocia, on the other hand, has exquisite landscape in offer for you. Don’t miss out on the hot air balloon ride which is absolutely breathtaking. There are many interesting ruins, historical places & natural wonders to be witnessed in Turkey. The people are super friendly & the food is delicious! We loved every bit of the trip. A major credit goes to team Antilog Vacations (our travel company) who went an extra length just to make sure we had nothing but fun.

256 23

Gaytri Bora Posted on: 17 Apr 2014

When you are in turkey give yourself some time to wander the ruins of the turkey. Go & see the 2000 year old Amphitheater & if you want to catch the amazing views of the countryside climb up to the trails of Basillica ruins. Visit Perge, closest significant Roman ruin to Antalya . A must visit place for people who love to explore the world history.

256 132

Shagun Shekhawat Posted on: 16 May 2014

If you haven’t been to Turkey, you haven’t seen it all. The view from the Manavgat waterfall & Perge was just amazing & you have to be there to know what I am talking about. I picked Antilog to book my holiday, because frankly the entire transport between destinations & visa processing seemed too complicated to me. But the Planners at Antilog went beyond my expectations, suggesting some really fun activities that I had not heard of before. Thanks Antilog Vacations team!

254 8

Manish Baliyan Posted on: 25 Nov 2014

I was my second visit to hotel Marmara Taksim on a leisure tour. The staff at this hotel is quite courteous & provides you both pick up & picks drop services. Rooms are spacious & well maintained. Room service is also quite good. Their Buffet breakfast includes lots of variety. Overall a great place.

246 23

Soniya Khanna Posted on: 12 Feb 2014

Turkey vacations turned out a big blast. We were three people on the expedition of turkey & we had never thought that we would have so much fun there. Bosporus in Istanbul is among the world’s most beautiful straits adorned with lights on both sides. Boat excursion among the picturesque view of Bosporus is worth seeing. A must visit place of Istanbul.

246 10

Gopal Khandelwal Posted on: 03 Feb 2015

I love to explore new places & every year I visit at least two places. This year in February I travel to turkey. I hired Antilog vacations for the first time & quite impressive by the way they deal. I asked them for customized package & include many places in my travel which I found bit hectic but worth memorable. Visited Blue mosque , the palace of Topkapi, the Sultanahmet district , Basiclica , house of Mary virgin , temple of Diana , perge , Manavgat waterfalls , Kaymakli, Aphrodisis, Gredo- Romen , Necropolis Graveyard & many more. Good job by Antilog Vacations.

245 21

Dipika Shah Posted on: 11 Feb 2019

We had a fantastic family trip to Turkey organized by this travel company. We traveled all over, saw all the sights but most importantly, gained a highly personal insight into the complexity of the region. Our travel specialist organized a great itinerary & was easy to reach when we needed to make changes. Our guide was wonderful & led us on in-depth discussions of politics, religion, history, & the rhythm of daily life. We had meaningful interactions with Israelis, Arabs, Druse, & Bedouins all curated to some extent by the travel company. Sights are just sites, it was the people we met through this travel company that made the trip unique. Highly recommend the travel company to experience the complexity of Turkey.

245 18

Shreya raj Verma Posted on: 06 Mar 2014

When you have got nothing to do, go to Turkey! This place will take you on a roller coaster ride. From picturesque landscapes to exhilarating activities, historical monuments to modern buildings; Turkey has a multitude of to-die-for things which will take your boredom away with the blink of an eye. We travelled with an Asian travel company by the name Antilog Vacations as they seemed to be giving amazingly discount rates by the time we decided to book. The price was low but the service wasn’t. We had all the fun in Turkey we could have imagined of. Very much satisfied with everything about this trip.

242 23

John Wilson Posted on: 16 May 2014

All we wanted was to travel independent with all arrangements taken care of, as though we were with some group. Antilog Vacations made it possible. With reliable & punctual transfers, knowledgeable & charming guides, excellent hotel choices, it was nothing less than a luxury travel for the price of a budget package. We had a wonderful, carefree time; thanks to all the arrangements. The staff worked seamlessly with us just to make sure the trip was designed exactly as we wanted within our budget. Now who won’t go back to such impeccable businesses?

241 23

Raghu Pratab Posted on: 13 Mar 2016

It was a very nice place, Angel's Home hotel was great. The staff was very welcoming & accommodating, enjoy the buffet breakfast on the roof terrace. The room was excellent with an awesome view. We visited Istanbul city sightseeing attractions such as Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Jurassic Land, & Spice Bazaar. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for such superb planning & managing the whole visit in a grand way.

237 24

Soniya Mehra Posted on: 11 Sep 2014

In our 11 days Turkey tour from Antilog Vacations, we want to fully appreciate the efforts of young guy ‘Gul’ who was our tour guide. He put all the right turns & properly helped to timely covered the Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, historic area & grand bazaar of Istanbul. It was weekend & we happily covered this distance with the great experience of the locals.

237 19

Bhupindar Singh Posted on: 11 Sep 2014

The old towns & number of museums of Turkey have the treasure about the historical values of the place. I enjoyed the well guided tour with Antilog Vacations. As per my experience, it is must to see the place..
Unforgettable portrait of country!!

235 22

Gitu Dhawan Posted on: 30 Mar 2016

Planning the trip was manageable as Antilog vacations company was always very prompt in their responses & was very responsive to all our request. There many important sites like Grand Bazaar, Hippodrome, & Museum Of Innocence to visit. See the sunset view of Manavgat Waterfalls. All services were excellent, the hotel's rooms were well equipped with modern amenities & fully furnished. The staff was nice & friendly, a variety of food items & very good wifi facilities. It was a wonderful experience.

234 26

Somya singh Posted on: 17 Jul 2014

It was a well planned trip to Turkey by Antilog Vacations. The itinerary was well covered during entire trip. Our expectations were exceeded in their selections of hotels, guides & drivers. Their local representative was constantly in touch with us to make sure everything was going smoothly. We are vegetarians & they made sure that we have vegetarian food at all the places. We loved Cappadocia the best & suggest everyone visiting Turkey to travel to this place.

234 12

Trishna Roy Posted on: 25 Nov 2013

Planning our trip to Turkey with Antilog Vacations was one of the most enjoyable parts of our lives. I felt that we were always in tune to our wants & needs. The suggestions of the travel agent were spot on. Every part of Turkey was memorable & will always stay in our minds as a special treat. We also enjoyed Cappadocia as much. The accommodation & food there was great & the scenery magnificent. I feel that this was one of the easiest & most pleasant of my travels.

234 12

Tanishq Malhotra Posted on: 18 Oct 2013

Overall, it was a great place to perform the variety of activities. But, it was quite expensive for my budget. I think it’s better to put the entire conditions in front of your planner, before to book your package. If I rate the net conditions, then overall it was good apart from a single communication gap.

233 32

Rohan Raizada Posted on: 13 Nov 2014

Go & lost in the beauty of the Managat waterfalls on the river Managat. Adorned alongside with the beautiful tea gardens, it’s totally different experience to see the water flowing powerfully over the rocks. The ambiance around the Managat waterfalls is pleasant & will give peace to your eyes. Just 12 Km to the north of river is the Oymapinar Dam. Thanks Antilog vacations for giving me this opportunity to see this beautiful country Turkey.

233 21

Chetan Yadav Posted on: 06 Mar 2014

The trip to Turkey was wonderful & we had a great experience with Antilog Vacations. The travel agent was delightful, easy to work, very responsive, instructive, & well-informed. She took the stress out of travel & had excellent suggestions that made our trip truly memorable. She was a pleasure to work with & we would highly recommend her!

231 11

Tahir Khan Posted on: 02 Feb 2013

Our travel company was amazing. The agent with who we interacted with was very professional & her love for Turkey reflected in the packages puts together by her. They took us to amazing places & we actually were shown more than the original itinerary. The guides were flexible with their schedules & were willing to come early & stay late if necessary. Food is the best part about Turkey which we found to be more than amazing, & the people we met throughout the trip seemed very friendly. We created lifelong memories & will definitely use Antilog Vacations’ services again in the future, & recommend this company to all of our friends.

228 16

Anup Tyagi Posted on: 28 Dec 2014

Hey Guys what are you waiting for? Turkey is amazing land with historic ruins to picturesque landscapes & waterfalls. Istanbul is one of the most important city of turkey whose value reside in the its unique integration of architectural masterpieces which shows the amalgamation of European & Asian culture & in its incomparable skyline formed by the creative genius of Byzantine & Ottoman architects. My greatest regards to Antilog Vacations for suggesting me about this historic place.

224 15

Rajesh Choudhary Posted on: 21 Apr 2016

Absolutely stunning! Everything was perfect, nice hotels with courteous staff. The rooms were well maintained & luxurious. Very good gym facilities & a variety of breakfast & dinner. The tour guides were very friendly & knowledgeable. We cover beautiful architecture of Blue Mosque, St. Sophia & Archaeological Museum. Enjoy the sunrise hot air balloon ride over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. I would recommend Antilog Vacation services to all, I definitely booked the same services for my next trips in future.

224 18

Alex Martin Posted on: 18 Oct 2014

We went on an anniversary vacation to Turkey last August & I must say the experience was amazing. The hotel we stayed in was a 4 star but was as comfortable as a 5 star. The staff were friendly & helpful. We ate some great food too. The biryani was simply amazing! Talk about excursions, & we would tell you that we saw sights that left us spellbound. All these were made possible due to Antilog Vacation’s infallible support throughout the trip. We can never thank them enough.

223 14

Ananya Singh Posted on: 30 Dec 2013

This was my second visit to Turkey. Instead of roaming different places in one go this time I asked Antilog Vacations to limit my journey to Antalya only. The blend of sun, deep blue sea & mountains covered with tree hard to find somewhere else. Bosporus is one of my famous waterway in Istanbul & you don’t need to be a historically acknowledged with ruin history of Istanbul, having little knowledge is enough to enjoy its splendid views. Here you will find plenty of amusement activities like boat ridding, aqua rides & sumptuous hotels & restaurants.

222 18

Anil Kumar Posted on: 21 Dec 2013

Antilog Vacations is a very reliable travel companion. Our holiday was well planned & the choice of hotels was very good. The team is very supportive & responsive to our requests for assistance. The views, the food, the history & the culture- we got lost in all of these. Go to Istanbul first & then relax in Cappadocia- this is the way a trip to Turkey works.
We would be more than pleased to recommend Antilog Vacations to friends & colleagues. Thanks, team AV!

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Dharmvir Rahane Posted on: 24 Apr 2016

Everything was fantastic! All the hotel services were super, the rooms were well designed & super comfortable, very nice & professional staff, very large, excellent services & tasty food. I & my wife visited the Mosques, gorgeous gardens, museums, & waterfalls. We observe the wonderful Green Canyon by boat of the Taurus Mountains. Overall, it was a reasonable deal only & only with the help of professional tour operator Antilog Vacations.

219 21

Sinu Joseph Posted on: 27 Apr 2016

Amazing location & nice view to Marmara sea. The hotel rooms were very clean, spacious & the views from the rooms were simply amazing. The swimming pool area was great & very good food. Seeing the sightseeing places like Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Spice Bazaar, St. Sophia, & Suleymaniye Mosque. We enjoyed the water sports activities in Adaland Aquapark. This trip was very surprising, only & only with the great efforts of Antilog Vacations.

214 22

Mukund Arora Posted on: 18 Sep 2014

The service from Antilog vacations was extraordinary & the tour to turkey was incredible. I still remember how during my last visit i arrived quite early of my scheduled time & worried about my departure to hotel & early check in. I called Antilog & told them the whole issue. Within an half an hour they made all the arrangement from taxi to check in & sightseeing. Feeling proud to have you as travelpartner.

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Rehan Khan Posted on: 09 Jan 2015

I originally found the name Antilog Vacations from the side of my friend, who already got the experience from such superb tour planners. Actually, it was our second visit to turkey after 10 years. This time our daughter was with us & I wanted to get the eminent services for our convenience. I am ready to spend extra charges for the wonderful experience. Besides all the factors, Antilog is a trustable name who actually stands up in my need. Their services like instant availability & 24/7 line support are more than their efforts.

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Chris Cole Posted on: 06 May 2016

We felt confident from our first exchanges that Antilog Vacations would take care of all the necessary details so that everything would go smoothly & without a hitch. Parbat advice & suggestions were always helpful & he was responsive to every question & request we had. We covered the famous attractions of Istanbul Cappadocia, Pamukkale, & Kusadasi. I & my husband saw the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Devrent Valley, Aphrodisias & Temple Of Diana. The hotel's services were really good. The rooms were neat, clean & comfortable, the food was amazing. It was an excellent experience within the company of professional tour operators.

202 18

Kushagra Malhotra Posted on: 13 Feb 2013

Travel to Turkey was something that my girlfriend & I had been planning on doing for a long time but to no success until Antilog Vacations came along. It’s quite impossible to decide whichever experiences were memorable, as virtually all of them were! Our itinerary included the perfect combination of history, ancient architecture, art, food, fun & relaxation – everything we asked for, which was no small order! Our personal guides were great & the many friendly, helpful Turks we encountered along the way made us feel welcome & at home. We are recommending this travel company to anyone deciding on visiting Turkey. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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Renata Machado Posted on: 21 May 2016

Antilog Vacations arranged everything perfectly - the car was very good & the driver was exceptional, the tour guides were very knowledgeable & helpful. I & my friends visited the historical attractions of Istanbul, Canakkale, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Antalya, Konya Cappadocia & Ankara. There were a number of famous sites to explore in this popular tourist place. Superior hotels, very clean & lovely rooms, excellent staff. Nice fitness centre, very good wifi conductivity, the food was tasty. Great thanks to you guys for your excellent work!

198 16

Abhijeet Chandra Das Posted on: 29 Dec 2014

Antilog Vacations is a new & warm change from India that revolutionized the traveling experience of the Travelers. Since 2013, I am a repeat customer of theirs & turkey was my fifth visit with Antilog vacations. Every time I found them much better. My best wishes to them & hope that this association will definitely work long way.

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Ankit Gangwar Posted on: 23 Nov 2013

I think it was our best tour for complete family along the wonderful services of Antilog Vacations. Turkey is a famed location with the visit of global tourists. Our kids enjoyed the lot with the featureful land along its additional factors of the old town center, beach park, Dolphin & aqua land.
Highly recommendable place!!

188 18

Arun Punjabi Posted on: 12 May 2016

Beautiful hotels, excellent service & great locations. The rooms were very tidy & well decorated, nice spa treatment, big pool area, & very friendly staff. Our driver was excellent- always punctual & helpful, a safe driver on the highways. We visited the historical sites such as Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, & St. Sophia. I & my friends fully enjoyed the adventure of Cappadocia Balloon Ride & trekking in Manavgat Waterfalls. Thank you to Antilog vacations team for exceeding our expectations.

186 19

Bruna Rodrigues Posted on: 13 May 2016

I & my wife visited the Istanbul, Cappadocia, & Antalya through Antilog Vacations. We contacted Manisha to organize our trip & he was extremely helpful. Seeing the sightseeing places like Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Jurassic Land, Ortahisar Natural Rock, Castle Turkish Night With Dinner, & Manavgat Waterfalls. Hotel services were excellent. Very comfortable rooms & very helpful staff. The food was excellent. We really liked the local attractions & our meet with the local people.

184 16

Naya Joshi Posted on: 29 May 2016

Antilog Vacations did a wonderful job with my tour. We had a wonderful time! The entire staff was very efficient & friendly - ensuring great service from the moment of arrival to departure. Seeing the beautiful architecture of Blue Mosque & St. Sophia. Enjoy the panoramic view of Devrent Valley & Paşabağ Valley. The accommodations were great, the rooms were quite big & comfortable, the staff was very polite & helpful. The food was delicious. Really, it was fully satisfied visit & want to visit again to explore more & more.

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Pulkit Bakshi Posted on: 19 Sep 2014

A lot of credit, for making this tour such a successful & enjoyable one, goes to Antilog Vacations. The level of customization offered & personal interest shown by these guys was amazing. The discussions will blossom perfectly & you will be glad if you chose them over most other travel planners. Although their names might sound new to you but they are not be any lesser than any professionals you might be talking to all your life.

179 9

Lima Andy Posted on: 16 May 2016

Antilog Vacations was extremely helpful with arranging an itinerary & they really made us feel comfortable & safe while traveling. Me & me husband visited the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, & Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, enjoy the natural beauty of Devrent Valley & Paşabağ Valley in Cappadocia. The hotels were of an excellent standard with good food & friendly staff. It was one of the most enjoyable or memorable tours during the lifetime experience.

178 15

Allen Farnandis Posted on: 18 Jan 2014

I got the best shopping experience in the old cities of Turkey. There were a good facility for public transportation & related facilities. It was an entirely new place for me.. So, I didn’t have the better understanding of the routes. It was well arranged tour from the side of Antilog Vacations. Here, I mentioned a special thanks to great partners for their efficiency & knowledgeable tour guide.

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Meet Singh Posted on: 03 May 2016

Antilog Vacations came up with great ideas that made our trip so much more fun - visited the Blue Mosque & Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, see the Anatolian Civilisations Museum & Atakule Tower in Ankara, enjoy the natural beauty of Devrent Valley & Paşabağ Valley in Cappadocia, explore the Cotton Fortress in Pamukkale, enjoy the water sports activities in Adaland Aquapark & see the beautiful architecture of Canakkale Naval Museum in Canakkale. Well-located hotels, the rooms were very clean & comfortable. The staff was very professional & amazing food. We felt very comfortable & easy throughout the complete visit.

170 19

Bhaskar Deka Posted on: 17 Oct 2014

I worked with a travel agent from Antilog Vacations, a company that specializes in vacations to Turkey. The trip exceeded my expectations. In addition to the incredible beauty of Turkey, the food, the culture, our agent had created a seamless trip for my daughter & me. Everything was on time- wonderful guides in both Istanbul & Cappadocia. I mean - very enjoyable company as well as extremely knowledgeable! Our travel agent picked wonderful hotels where staff was engaging & of excellent service. I would work with the company again & there is no doubt to it.

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Aseen Patro Posted on: 06 Jun 2016

Antilog vacations made us comfortable & easy to trust their judgment in planning a wonderful trip to the historic triangle tour of Turkey. The representatives were professional & kind, with a strong ability to build rapport with us in a short time. We covered the famous attractions of Istanbul, Cappadocia, & Kusadasi. There are many historical sites & places to visit. We really enjoyed our tour with a number of activities. Our stay at the comfortable hotels, very nice & clean rooms, very good gym facilities & the staff was very kind & helpful. They made it one of the most memorable experiences for us.

162 17

Sumani Mishra Posted on: 04 Jun 2016

We used Antilog Vacations for 10 days visit to diamond of Turkey. The guides & the driver were supporting & very professional. The program & communication put forward by Antilog team were of very high quality. There were a number of traditional sites to explore in this popular tourist place. We enjoyed the trekking up to Devrent Valley & Paşabağ Valley. The hotel services were really good, the rooms were very spacious & comfortable. The staff was so welcoming. It was definitely a good choice for us because we were able to enjoy the tour.

159 16

Shaad Waheed Posted on: 12 Apr 2014

I’ve already visited Turkey one time before with the grand services of Antilog Vacations. But, this time I got the chance to explore the beauty of Kusadasi especially Adaland Aquapark. It was a great day out in my 8 day visit of Turkey. I wish to again enjoy this worthy place with my family again the same service providers.

158 17

Hari Dhiman Posted on: 22 Jun 2016

Antilog Vacations company was flexible & we emailed back & forth before the trip, so everything was tailored to our desires. All hotels were first class & memorable, the rooms were modern & well maintained. The buffet breakfast & dinner was delicious. We visited the St. Sophia, & Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, see the beautiful architecture of House Of Virgin Mary & Temple Of Diana in Kusadasi. Also enjoyed the adventure of Manavgat Waterfalls in Antalya. We admire the beauty of nature & enjoyed our trip very much.

149 13

Binay Preet Singh Bal Posted on: 11 Mar 2016

My trip to Turkey arranged by Antilog vacations was such an amazing experience & I am glad I went through them. The lovely treatment I got in Turkey was amazing. I was able to cover complete Istanbul, Kusadaasi, Pammukale & Cappadocia & did lots of shopping & enjoyed so much. Bosphorus cruise, ancient architecture & so many places & hotels & restaurants served very well. Great food & rooms. I have had a very memorable experience in Turkey & guides were very good & covered every part of every city. I loved it really enjoyed so much

124 17

Smita Jain Posted on: 22 Mar 2014

Grass-lined Gold Beaches of Kusadasi in the peaceful surroundings provided a well-manicured look. It was a gentle gift from the side of Antilog Vacations. Me & my husband never forgot the days where we enjoyed the horse ride on long beaches, beach bars, pool tables & a range of water sports.
Amazing trip!!

123 13

Arshaf Ali Posted on: 23 Aug 2014

If you are in Antalya & had enough spare time then you should plan a trip to Managat waterfalls lying on the river Managat. During our last visit our guide took us to this pristine place with water falling over a rock. There were few restaurants where you could have your breakfast & lunch. Plenty of shops gives you opportunity to buy local things on reasonable rates. Land around the river side is very fertile & you would see tea gardens too. A good deal Antilog Vacations.

123 21

Shivam Dutta Posted on: 25 Jul 2018

Our trip was all that we hoped it would be thanks to the careful planning & attention to detail we received from Antilog Vacations. I was impressed right from the first contact. They asked questions about what activities we enjoyed & customized an itinerary that was tailored to our interest. I have never received such service - it was like having a caring buddy arrange our trip. On this trip, we celebrated a milestone birthday for my husband. Turkey is incredibly beautiful & all the locals we met are incredibly welcoming & hospitable. It was a dream come true.

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sohel Ali Posted on: 22 Jan 2015

Turkey attracted my particular attention with their natural beauty & diving centers. Antilog, a team of experienced members opened a door of new world for me with their excellent efforts. The coastal areas of Turkey are always ready to welcome an adventure lover at its heart location.
Awesome days!!

113 14

Dipesh Raval Posted on: 31 Jul 2018

Turkey lived up to all of my (very high) expectations! The weather was wonderful, it wasn't too crowded in May, the food was delicious. We loved the variety of activities that we did...from historical / touristy destinations to a cooking class, everything was fun. Our agent from Antilog Vacations was wonderful to work with. It was exactly what I was looking for in a travel agent. The cell phone was wonderful to have & their booklet of suggested restaurants for each city was very helpful too. The main reason I wanted a travel agent was to coordinate all of our transfers - cars, trains, boats, etc. Every transfer went seamlessly. Thankyou Antilog Vacations.

111 1

Om Prakash Jain Posted on: 05 Jul 2017

After having a definitely superb revel in with the Antilog Vacations I decided to journey with them this year as perfectly. If i had to advise any travelling organization it needed to be this one . Antilog gives you a sense of protection. It is a massive MNC however keeps a startup like electricity in its executives who're short to reply very pleasant & supportive. Recently my family & I paid a go to Sweden. The package deal changed into worth 42,000 in step with head & we stayed in one hotel, with a beautiful view & top notch atmosphere. The cost percentage cost us round 3k for The exceptional stay in the hotel for two nights. Emirates changed into by means of a ways the pleasant airline we traveled from side to side from Sweden to Turkey. Turkey is well-known for its ottoman structure & sightseeing turned into the highlight of our journey. We couldn't have controlled all these things on our own. First excursion with my own family & second excursion as a whole, they in no way fail to amaze me. They will charge you a price lower than most others. Antilog Vacations is the best guides for your trip to any were.

56 4

Nishant Garg Posted on: 12 Oct 2018

I was planning a very complicated trip to Turkey & Jordan, which had to be organized around business activities. What does this mean? I changed my itinerary a million times. Antilog Vacations was completely flexible, professional, understanding & without issue adjusted each time. They also answered a ton of questions & researched the things I wanted to know. I'm going, to be frank, my vacations are top notch, I spend a ton. I really enjoy this country for its beauty, culture, people, art, architecture, etc.

51 1

Vickram Bhatia Posted on: 30 Oct 2018

Our agent responded to my initial itinerary & most importantly, gave key alternatives & recommendations based on her experience. He didn't just book what I said I wanted. He took the time to inform me about ways to improve the trip & suggested excursions (like a hot air balloon ride in the middle of Turkey) that I had not even considered. Most importantly, he did this within my budget I provided. I never felt pressured to spend more.

45 1

Hemant Devaliya Posted on: 03 Mar 2019

Our travel specialist helped us create the best journey we have ever been on! Short on time, we were having difficulties choosing an itinerary, especially given how many outsider travel companies offer various packages exploring Scotland. Our travel specialist expertly planned & booked a unique itinerary just for us, balancing the best of Argentinian & Chilean Patagonia based on our requests & his local knowledge. He also graciously altered that itinerary as needed, offered honest answers to our questions, & was conscious of our price point throughout the process. He was able to reserve us accommodations that are typically difficult to book nearing the high season & paired us with wonderful guides to help us navigate our treks & travel through Scotland

38 2

Binay Preet Singh Bal Posted on: 11 Mar 2016

I had an amazing time in Turkey all thanks to Antilog Vacations,,, saw everything in Istanbul, Kusadaasi , Pammukale & Cappadocia, Shopped a lot, clicked a lot, covered up everything, stayed in awesome hotels & ate in lovely restaurants & everything on house, loved it loved

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Silvia Saint , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Taj. Definitely it’s a great work of the Mughal dynasty. I was mesmerized by its beauty. But what I noticed there was that being a city having one of the 7 wonders of the world, it’s not maintained well. People are more busy regarding their own business. All the roads around the Taj are dirty and no one, I think, is conscious about that.

Eliel Saarinen , England Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

It was past noon when we reached Agra and the Taj. There’s a lot written about visiting Taj on a full moon night. We were the ones to visit it in peak hot season in blazing sunlight!!! As soon as you enter through the main entrance it’s a feast to the eyes.

Carl Cannon , Texas Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

For me, irrespective of cast, creed, profession, country, state, bachelor, singular, male, female, chimp, dog, missile, moron, sane, saint, criminal, judge, kid, teenager, president, popper there are only two breeds of people in this world those who have seen the TAJ and those who have not!!

Jessica Hegedorn , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The city itself is not very clean, but the BHU campus is an exception and is kept impeccably clean. Varanasi is also known as “Kashi” and its mention is found even in some Vedic literature and Puranas . The word “kashi” is mentioned in some Vedic chanting and other Mantras . So we can imagine its and ancient antiquity.

Richard Tyson , London Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The most enduring monument to love, built by the fifth Mughal emperor as the final resting place for beloved Mumtaj Mahal is at threat these days. The monument after saving its life from deadly clutches of Taj Corridor , countless factories in its vicinity is ultimately falling to the might of world power.

Mika Tan , Hamilton Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

When you visit Agra, do not fail to see Taj mahal in "chandni raath". You can see Taj mahal at the night only 2 days before full moon day, on the full moon day and 2 days after full moon day. The rest of the time it is closed for night viewing. They have limited tickets on sale, so you have to book one day in advance or get hold of a good travel agent who can do that for you. We had Antilog-the best bet fr India

Kathy Dahlkemper , Chicago Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Never have I seen a more beautiful place.There are absolutely no comparsons.Karan Singh our guide from Antilog Vacations justified the full value by explaining us about the place.Must visit whole Delhi-Agra-Mumbai route.

Patricia A. Hammick , Virginia Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Antilog Vacations is a travel website about India. Travelers; they can read feedback about tour packages, analysis hotels information and rate them, search tourists attractions, locate restaurants and places to feast, learn about local transportation, possessions to do, nightlife Most significant they will be able to share travel experiences with authentic travelers and get their feedback which can help them plan their travel further on. So this website will help travelers in everyway to make their trip to worldwide better in every feature.

James Comey , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The morning was as beautiful as the silver night; I woke up with the most beautiful music ever heard by me, played by the band of birds. The moon was getting diminished as the rays of sun started getting stronger and lightening up the whole lake surrounded by the hills.10 Days well spent

Mindy Cohn , New Jersy Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Gr8 Package to enjoy unique geographic features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia. An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters.

Gloria Talbott , Louisiana Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Here are some which are a must visit:Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, Iddukki, Wayanad, Ernakulam(for back waters), Sabarimala, Neyyar Dam, Guruvayur (Piligrimage centre) and more so the hill station in Munnar . Kerala not only personifies just wonderful coast line but some lovely hill-stations.Do customize ur package & a good Job by Team Antilog.

Edward Taylor , Alaska Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

If u have a chance to visit here don’t miss it. So many places to see. eventhough only colonial trademarks are to be seen here, u can experience a different mood. about 25 kms away from kochi, a new beach is coming up, Cherai beach. state tourism department is trying to put this beach in world tourism map. in fortcochin beach u can see the china nets. the sun setting through these r a wonderful and everlasting shots.

Kate Capshaw , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

There are Hill stations, Beaches, Backwaters,temples, Elephants, etc. Backwaters which you can enjoy by travelling in a boat and if you wish to stay and admire the beauty you can hire a house boat and do so. Its amazing to see people living there surrounded by water with lots of coconut trees. Munnar, Thekkedi hill stations are the best it gives you a feeling like staying in heaven.