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Suparna Ramaiyah Posted on: 30 Dec 2010

Kathmandu the capital of Nepal is a very good & clean city. The heritage of Nepal speaks in Kathmandu. No doubt there were many good places to visit in Kathmandu but Pasupatinath was a special place for all Hindus of the world that I experienced. Beside this we visited Vhaktapur, Darbar Square, Patan Darbar & many more.

675 116

George Posted on: 22 Jul 2014

We booked a trip to Nepal on a whim. I mean, we knew it was a beautiful country to visit & we didn’t have much budget to visit overseas, anyway. The rates offered by Antilog Vacations were attractive & there was no reason why we shouldn’t have taken it. But as they say, you get what you pay for. Customer services were good till the money was paid, & from then on it started to slump. There was no one to receive us at the airport. The hotel authorities weren’t informed prior to our check-in. We had to compromise on the qualities of the transfers, & what not-s! Pay a little more & book some better travel agency. This one is yet to grow. But one thing we can assure you of is that if let to amend their loopholes; someday Antilog Vacations would be a leading name in vacation organizers. We were very impressed with their honesty & their humble attitude of accepting mistakes.

456 32

Peter Pearson Posted on: 20 May 2014

went to Kathmandu on a 4-day tour. It was really very refreshing; the greenery, the calmness, natural beauty, temples, & pollution free area make it a beautiful setting. I surely had a superior time.

456 13

Christie Dumpson Posted on: 15 Nov 2014

Nepal is the queen of Hills & the land of Sherpas, its beauty & Buddhist cultural environment always attracted me. In the month of December we planned a trip to Nepal. Our tour organizer Antilog Vacations made all the arrangements for the trip. It was a wonderful trip & I would definitely like to visit Nepal again. I was alone the trip they provided me a good guide who helped & coordinated me during the whole trip.

454 67

Ashok Tripathi Posted on: 12 Dec 2012

During our7 day visit to Nepal, the complete group members were completely satisfied. A special sign of comfort & happiness was easilyobservable. Even our tour guide made a friendly relation with us. Overall,thesedays were best part of my life. I never forgot my tour planner (Antilog Vacations)services, my friends company, tour guide & every single moment of Nepal visit.

454 112

Premjit Dev Posted on: 24 Mar 2013

Nepal is one of those few countries which if not visited doesn’t complete your Asia tour. And we realized this only when we set foot in this all-Hindu land. Full of temples & Hindu holy places with an array of natural scenic countryside to offer, this amazing country that houses Mt. Everest is worth every moment of your visit no matter where you are from.
Our trip was booked through Antilog Vacations & we had the best guided tour ever. We had done tours with other travel companies but this one stood out among the rest with its impeccable customer service & their zeal for customer satisfaction!

432 54

Robert D'souza Posted on: 27 Aug 2013

We visited Nepal with Antilog Vacations. We liked Nepal a lot; the lush green natural beauty, colorful culture & the high mountain peaks were amazing. We visited Kathmandu, Pokhara & Patan. Our hotel was near the mountains & the view of surrounding was like canvas scenery. The moments spent in Kathmandu valley are most memorable. It is a wonderful valley with many historic temples & monasteries. Our tour organizer took care of our transportation & sightseeing each day.

432 32

Mathew Wilson Posted on: 30 Apr 2014

We recently returned from our trip to Nepal which is a fabulous place with lots of temples, monasteries & trekking opportunities around breath taking beautiful scenic locations (Himalayas). Rafting is also a good option available for water sports lovers around the Trisuli river. Our booking company was Antilog Vacations & they give us a very good time in this amazing country. Highly recommended!

411 27

Maria Graci-Scarlett Posted on: 19 Aug 2011

We went to Nepal for one & one reason only- to explore the Himalayas. The hour long flight that takes you around these gigantic mountain ranges is a beauty to behold. Avoid staying in Kathmandu if you need to see the real Nepal. Visit places like Pokhra & Patan. If you are looking for an adventurous holiday, a relaxing family holiday or even an exotic wedding away from home you cannot go wrong with NEPAL. Thoroughly satisfied with our trip booked through Antilog Vacations!

407 32

Pamela Moor Posted on: 31 Aug 2013

Booked our Nepal trip through Antilog Vacations. The trip was short but covered almost all the worth-seeing attractions including all the temples in Kathmandu, Pokhra & Patan. The provided fine accommodation & transfers & we are thoroughly satisfied with the trip. Brought some amazing souvenirs & pictures to cherish these memories we had in Nepal.

346 67

Martha $ Peter York Posted on: 14 Aug 2010

My Nepal travel was a memorable experience. I visited Nepal with my friends & booked the tour through Antilog Vacations. Nepal the mountain country is a fascinating place with natural beauty & rich culture. Our travel expert prepared the itinerary in such a way that we visited the heart of Nepal. We visited Kathmandu & Patan. Lodging arrangements were better also we tasted Traditional Nepalese food in the Hotel. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable; he explained the history & significance of the places we visited. Overall experience during this trip was good & I have collected a bunch of memories.

345 54

Salma Akhter Posted on: 21 Jul 2012

Obviously, seeing the Himalaya mountains was very special & beautiful & breathtaking. But I think I liked the cultural part of Nepal best. I had not expected such a wealth of history & monumental sights. The Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur are amazing (they are all UNESCO world heritage sites). Also, I loved the interaction with the people & their culture everywhere in the cities, towns & rural areas.

342 97

Samantha Likson Posted on: 23 Nov 2013

On Kathmandu visit, I had collectedsome calm moments of the city along historic & cultural values. It was the best spot to re-energize your soul with the sound of cooing doves, clanking temple bells, Buddhist mantra’s along pristine & heavenly peace. In the foothills of Himalayas, this World Heritage Value has several public attractions with the unique design & form. Thanks Antilog for offering me such kind of highly developed architectural expressions.

342 14

Grishma Nath Posted on: 12 May 2013

My recent visit in the cultural heritage of Nepal had some motto of finding my inner. This melting pot attracted me like an inspiring courtyard of any poet or artist. I really felt here the live form of hundred years old Hinduism & Buddhism values in the palaces, heritage structures & temples. Not but the least, the name ‘Antilog Vacations’ add comfort in my overall journey.

342 34

Pritam Ghosh Posted on: 23 Jun 2011

Trip to Nepal reminds the Buddhist temples & the scenic beauty of the valleys & Himalayan Mountain peaks. It was our family trip to Nepal in the month of March. Antilog Vacations the tour planner helped us a lot to make the trip appropriate for the family. The city tour & sightseeing arrangements were very well. Our parents were happy with the services it is the best complement for our wise tour planner.

335 102

Somnath Sharma Posted on: 21 Jul 2012

I have visited Nepal as many as five times coz not only do I enjoy the weather but the temples, scenery & the villages as well. The atmosphere is really soothing!
Anyhow, this time I tried it with a vacation company as I was been accompanied by my in-laws. Starting with Pashupatinath, we covered almost all the places of interest which also were excursions included in the package booked through Antilog Vacations. It was a pleasure trip for my in-laws as much spiritual it was. They had their darshans, enjoyed the serenity of the country side & devoured some exquisite food. I’m glad that they returned home happy. I could tell that my wife who had been on an official tour by the time we visited Nepal was proud of me. Thank you Antilog for helping me be a good husband!

333 85

Vishnu Narayan Posted on: 19 Oct 2010

When I visited Kathmandu in August, it was summer. Though the mornings were a little warmer, the evenings were cool. With cool breeze & green surroundings, it was really breathtaking experience for the eyes. The food available was mostly Indian food. So, most people should not have any problem with their tummies. We had visited the Pshupathinath temple which is one of the sacred temples for Hindus. Please note that, in Nepal, 500 & 1000 rupees notes are NOT accepted in most places. So, be careful when you carry cash to Nepal.

321 122

Navneet Rathode Posted on: 27 Aug 2013

Antilog Vacations made my Nepal tour a pleasure to contemplate. I did Kathmandu basically as it was a short leisure trip. But I would love to come back again to explore more of this country, especially the rural parts. They say true Nepal lies in the countryside. Anyway, thanks for the trip. You guys are doing a great job!

302 27

Trish Jeferson Posted on: 21 Aug 2013

Nepal was seriously the amazing place with the beautiful destination (Kathmandu). For gambling you can earn & lose all the money as there was more than enough casino in this place. The clubbing rocks as per the bar; in this place was awesome with a beautiful people around you & it doesn't matter how much late we get, we were always safe.

301 56

Joanna Ying Posted on: 16 Dec 2012

This is actually a spiritual retreat to Nepal that we booked through Antilog Vacations. A satisfying trip booked by them, I must say. My sister & I flew from Singapore for the tour in May 2014 in the event of Ashtavinayaka Maharashtra Yatra. The accommodation was good, so was the food. We still aren’t able to forget the beautiful palace in Janakpur, where Lord Rama & Godess Sita got married. We recommend this tour for the ladies who are keen to seek some spiritual moments.

300 96

Sammy Yadav Posted on: 12 Mar 2016

Peaceful & comfortable stay, the quality of food was very good. The room was very nice with sufficient space. The staff was extremely helpful & caring. We visited the oldest Buddhist Stupa, Swayambhunath, & Durbar Square, enjoy a thrilling river rafting on the Trishuli river. Overall, it was a reasonable deal only & only with the help of professional tour operator Antilog Vacations.

247 24

Dinesh Karthik Posted on: 31 May 2013

Nepal is a fantastic tourist destination there is everything in Nepal for all age groups. Flying was the best, the beauty of the Himalayas, 2 eyes are not enough to analyze the beauty of the place. Enjoyed with the small planes & Jomson is fantastic, Delhi to Kathmandu & then onwards domestic flights.

245 20

Praveen Mittal Posted on: 14 Aug 2012

Thanks to Antilog Vacations for providing us such a great Nepal trip & making our days joyful. I have had a very good time in Nepal. They provided a driver who had an ability to be a guide as well. Pokhara with Sankarkot sunrise tour was amazing. Pokkhra & Nagarkot are the good spots to taking a picture of Himalaya & Everest or other good scenery. It was good to have a morning city tour in Kathmandu. We also had a rickshaw ride to visit the market. Afterall this Nepal trip was awesome!

233 66

Priyanshu Rahane Posted on: 31 Mar 2016

3N stay at Shangri-La Hotel Kathmandu was my fabulous trip. The room was well decorated with modern amenities & the food was delicious. Airport picks up & drop was complimentary. The staff was kind & courtesy. I & my friends enjoyed a hike to Nagi Gompa, a Buddhist monastery & admire the thrilling views of the Kathmandu valley. We were very impressed by how Antilog Vacations staff had managed & helped us during the entire trip with their cooperative team. They took care all the little things & really seemed to care.

229 23

Ranjan Rath Posted on: 22 Apr 2016

We stayed at this hotel whilst on holiday in Nepal. The room was very clean & well decorated. The staff was friendly & very responsive. A Nice spa treat, very good gym facilities, & fantastic food. We visited the oldest Buddhist Stupa, Swayambhunath, & Durbar Square. Enjoy a thrilling river rafting on the Trishuli river. Antilog vacations provide excellent services & well treated at a new place. We really liked the local attractions & our meet with the local people.

225 20

Jasprit Kaur Posted on: 09 Apr 2016

I & my husband just returned from a wonderful trip to Nepal. We found Antilog Vacations very professional, responsive, reasonably priced & excellent to work with. We enjoyed the trekking up to the Shivapuri National Park, enjoy an exciting drive to Budhanilkantha & admire the floating idol of the reclining Lord Vishnu. Awesome hotel, our room was clean & nicely decorated. The food was excellent. We really liked the local attractions & our meet with the local people.

225 18

Pavni Acharya Posted on: 28 Mar 2016

We booked a 4 days package of Kathmandu, thanks to the highly professional services of Antilog Vacations. We covered the historical sites such as Buddhist monastery, Nagi Gompa, & Budhanilkantha, trekking in Shivapuri National Park. The hotel room was excellent & service at check-in & check-out was great. The breakfast buffet was very good, the staff was very accommodating. We admire the beauty of nature & enjoyed our trip very much.

223 21

Shilpi Raman Posted on: 21 Jun 2014

As we all familiar about the healthy environment of mountains.But, I really disappointed to watch the human waste & non-disposable garbage there. As Nepal is famous for Everest climbing so everyone must take care about the such issues to avoid the health hazards & related matters.

221 12

Priyanka Sharma Posted on: 22 Aug 2012

I had an astonishing trip to Nepal. I am thankful to Antilog Vacations for designing such a wonderful trip. I first contacted Antilog in May, enquiring regarding Nepal Tour package. I received quick replies from my travel expert, which was very helpful to me. They coordinated me during the whole trip. Our trip was well organised. Our guides were friendly & helpful. Antilog Vacations is a safe & reliable company. They take good care of the people travelling with them.

221 67

Garcia M. Posted on: 15 Dec 2010

The irresistible mystical allure of Nepal opened the wide range of opportunities for my first visit. The land of snow peaks happily welcomes their guest with the variety of options from monasteries, Bodhic mantras, Sherpas, yaks & a tough taste of adventure. If you are a mountain lover then I’ll surely recommend the place to you with the similar tour planner(Antilog Vacations) as that of mine for getting the perfection.

221 99

Jasika Sharma Posted on: 19 Apr 2016

We had the absolute best time in Kathmandu, thanks to Antilog Vacations! Every detail of our journey was planned beautifully by Parbat & his team. Seeing the beautiful architecture of Durbar Square, Swayambhunath temple, Boudhanath Stupa & Pashupati Temple & explore the religious, historical & cultural significance of the various sites. The hotel was of an excellent standard with good food & friendly staff. They made all for us so comfortable & enjoyable!

214 17

Karina Prasad Posted on: 06 May 2016

Antilog Vacations organized a wonderful 4 days Kathmandu trip for me & my husband. We enjoyed the trekking up to the Shivapuri National Park & visited the Buddhist monastery & Nagi Gompa. Enjoy candlelit dinner of scrumptious traditional Nepalese food. Hotel services were very good. The room was very clean & comfortable, the staff was very courteous & pleasant. It was an excellent experience within the company of professional tour operators.

207 18

S. Balakrishnan Posted on: 13 Sep 2012

Overall nice place, all facilities available in hotel promises. Nice place of Hotel Market so conjugated, very polluted country. We visited Pasupatinath Temple, so old & beautiful; Bodh Temple also memorable place. Shopping items were so costly. Almost Indian food available everywhere, Nepal Cap, casino dance andNepalian culture was so nice.

198 67

Jaspal Yadhavar Posted on: 01 May 2016

The stay was very comfortable. Very comfortable & modern rooms, great food, very helpful staff, very good wifi conductivity, the spa was good & relaxing. We enjoyed the adventure of water rafting Trip on Trishuli river. Also visited the Swayambhunath & Durbar Square. I would recommend Antilog Vacation services to all, I definitely booked the same services for my next trips in future.

178 12

Priyank Baruah Posted on: 30 Nov 2014

Nepal is a country I have always wanted to visit being a Hindu, precisely because of all the temples this country has to offer. It was a spiritual tour for us & we made our intentions clear to the Antilog team while booking the trip. We thank them for going the extra length in customizing the entire trip for us as per our requirement. The charges were comparatively low while the services were equally high. You can never get a better travel co-coordinator!

116 12

Liu Yang Posted on: 11 Feb 2014

Kathmandu is awesome place to visit & in the budget of a common man because of Antilog Vacations. We did the activities there like Gambling, Sight Seeing, Temples etc.

111 22

S. Srikanth Posted on: 12 Nov 2011

One can never have enough in Nepal. From beautiful mountains to picturesque countryside, age old temples to shimmering lakes; Nepal has it all. You can travel on a guided tour or on your own as long as you can communicate with people. I booked my trip with Antilog Vacation & the experience has been awesome. I will return to this company again, more so to Nepal, in the days to come.

87 12

Pramod Mahajan Posted on: 10 Jan 2013

Everything about Nepal was great, I personally liked the temples(to be specific PasupathinathMandir ). Nepal is great the calmness, natural landscapes & the pollution free environment. I went there in June & at that time monsoon rains typically consist of an hour or two of rain every two or three days. The rains clean the air, streets, & cooled the air. Loved it because of Antilog Vacations.

78 3

scott Fabien Posted on: 17 Oct 2013

Antilog Vacations, the travel specialists well organized my complete Nepal tour. From start to finish there was good management about the hotels, itinerary plans & all the profitable tips in a new place. In simple terms, they've very good links & experience..

77 12

Anil Bansal Posted on: 21 Mar 2012

Kathmandu is a wonderful place to visit & we were very delighted to go there & saw the beautiful places. It’s among the big rocky mountains & the river flows by the town. An amazing place to go on a holiday. We visited Pokhra which is the 0 spot of Kathmandu, rains here every evening. I also saw the famous Mount Everest which is very huge & covered with snow. Food & hotels are the main attractions. There were lots of Indian food mixed with some Nepali dishes & I loved them as they were very delicious. I was busy seeing the new places & in evening I went to the main market & did a lot of shopping. You all must visit this beautiful place once in your lifetime & trust me you will enjoy it a lot.

68 31

Sumi Pradhan Posted on: 22 Mar 2013

A gentle pace of Nepal was fully admirable from its each point whether I had gone through Kathmandu, Patan or Bhaktapur. The adjoined Buddha pilgrims, Himalayan viewpoint, medieval city square, valleys, old stupas, national parks & diverse array of attractions offered me the astonishing view during my tour. Thanks Antilog for briefly explaining this beautiful country.

54 09

Pritha Chaterjee Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal. We had great urge to visit Pashupatinath temple. It has combination of modern look, traditional heritage blessed with greenery, ice capped mountain peaks, mountain flight for watching peaks including Gauri-Shankerand Mount Everest, Bhaktapur. Heard of casino but did not visit.

46 32

Piyush Sharma Posted on: 16 Jun 2012

Great place, delighted to see the heritage old temples & pagodas, how Buddhism & Hinduism enriched the lives of people in the ancient age. I also visited Pokhra, Nagarkot & enjoyed Elephant ride, Canoeing & local food.

45 12

sumedha Bagchi Posted on: 13 Aug 2014

There are few places in the world where you are safe for your independent travel. My selection Nepal was one of them from the wonderful collection of Antilog Vacations. Leisure walk in the company of nature, trekking, Pokhara wonders & handful of adventure experiences were quite surprised moments for me during my Nepal visit.

44 12

Gauri Shankar Raman Posted on: 30 Aug 2012

When we went to Kathmandu, it was a really thrilling experience. In Kathmandu we saw the Kathmandu Darbar Square, PasupathinathMandir, Hanuman Ghar, Bowdhanath, etc. The Darbar Square & Pasupathinath Mandir are must see places in Kathmandu. We had purchased Rudraksha, Saligram from the markets at Kathmandu. There are so many veg & non veg restaurants in Nepal & they serve both north Indian & south Indian food.

34 12

Lucy Martini Posted on: 22 July 2013

I never forgot my heart touching bungee jumping experience in the dramatic landscapes of Nepal. It was my adrenaline excitement which I fulfilled in the calm lap of Nepal. My excitement was on top scale while I am getting the package from Antilog vacations & go through their itinerary plans. A special thanks to you guys for such rocking experience!!

34 21

Mitali Taw Posted on: 14 Mar 2010

Kathmandu was a very nice place. We went there with my family & loved it because of Antilog vacations. We visited many places like Pasupatinath, Manokamna Devi, BhinchhebahalTole etc. I also went Pokhra near to Kathmandu.

We enjoyed the beauty of the ancient temples & the monuments. All the places were constructed nearly 800 years ago. It looked amazing & the art work done on them was superb. I want to go there & stay there for some months in future.

32 30

Manoj Singla Posted on: 20 Feb 2014

It was an outstanding feeling to visit the villages of Nepal & took the closest & the real feel of the place. With this success, the actual winner of the game is Antilog. I really salute the efforts of best service providers..No one can set these kind of wonderful arrangements.

13 1

Rajiv sharma Posted on: 17 Mar 2015

Ultimate trip to Nepal....will sure use antilog again, for my travel arrangements..!

1 0

Silvia Saint , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Taj. Definitely it’s a great work of the Mughal dynasty. I was mesmerized by its beauty. But what I noticed there was that being a city having one of the 7 wonders of the world, it’s not maintained well. People are more busy regarding their own business. All the roads around the Taj are dirty and no one, I think, is conscious about that.

Eliel Saarinen , England Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

It was past noon when we reached Agra and the Taj. There’s a lot written about visiting Taj on a full moon night. We were the ones to visit it in peak hot season in blazing sunlight!!! As soon as you enter through the main entrance it’s a feast to the eyes.

Carl Cannon , Texas Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

For me, irrespective of cast, creed, profession, country, state, bachelor, singular, male, female, chimp, dog, missile, moron, sane, saint, criminal, judge, kid, teenager, president, popper there are only two breeds of people in this world those who have seen the TAJ and those who have not!!

Jessica Hegedorn , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The city itself is not very clean, but the BHU campus is an exception and is kept impeccably clean. Varanasi is also known as “Kashi” and its mention is found even in some Vedic literature and Puranas . The word “kashi” is mentioned in some Vedic chanting and other Mantras . So we can imagine its and ancient antiquity.

Richard Tyson , London Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The most enduring monument to love, built by the fifth Mughal emperor as the final resting place for beloved Mumtaj Mahal is at threat these days. The monument after saving its life from deadly clutches of Taj Corridor , countless factories in its vicinity is ultimately falling to the might of world power.

Mika Tan , Hamilton Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

When you visit Agra, do not fail to see Taj mahal in "chandni raath". You can see Taj mahal at the night only 2 days before full moon day, on the full moon day and 2 days after full moon day. The rest of the time it is closed for night viewing. They have limited tickets on sale, so you have to book one day in advance or get hold of a good travel agent who can do that for you. We had Antilog-the best bet fr India

Kathy Dahlkemper , Chicago Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Never have I seen a more beautiful place.There are absolutely no comparsons.Karan Singh our guide from Antilog Vacations justified the full value by explaining us about the place.Must visit whole Delhi-Agra-Mumbai route.

Patricia A. Hammick , Virginia Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Antilog Vacations is a travel website about India. Travelers; they can read feedback about tour packages, analysis hotels information and rate them, search tourists attractions, locate restaurants and places to feast, learn about local transportation, possessions to do, nightlife Most significant they will be able to share travel experiences with authentic travelers and get their feedback which can help them plan their travel further on. So this website will help travelers in everyway to make their trip to worldwide better in every feature.

James Comey , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The morning was as beautiful as the silver night; I woke up with the most beautiful music ever heard by me, played by the band of birds. The moon was getting diminished as the rays of sun started getting stronger and lightening up the whole lake surrounded by the hills.10 Days well spent

Mindy Cohn , New Jersy Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Gr8 Package to enjoy unique geographic features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia. An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters.

Gloria Talbott , Louisiana Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Here are some which are a must visit:Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, Iddukki, Wayanad, Ernakulam(for back waters), Sabarimala, Neyyar Dam, Guruvayur (Piligrimage centre) and more so the hill station in Munnar . Kerala not only personifies just wonderful coast line but some lovely hill-stations.Do customize ur package & a good Job by Team Antilog.

Edward Taylor , Alaska Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

If u have a chance to visit here don’t miss it. So many places to see. eventhough only colonial trademarks are to be seen here, u can experience a different mood. about 25 kms away from kochi, a new beach is coming up, Cherai beach. state tourism department is trying to put this beach in world tourism map. in fortcochin beach u can see the china nets. the sun setting through these r a wonderful and everlasting shots.

Kate Capshaw , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

There are Hill stations, Beaches, Backwaters,temples, Elephants, etc. Backwaters which you can enjoy by travelling in a boat and if you wish to stay and admire the beauty you can hire a house boat and do so. Its amazing to see people living there surrounded by water with lots of coconut trees. Munnar, Thekkedi hill stations are the best it gives you a feeling like staying in heaven.