B2B Travel Agents

We provide B2B rates & whitelabel services to Travel agents globally. Thousands of Travel agents sell our packages to their Clients with absolute trust on quality. If you are looking to scale up your travel business, we would be really happy to be a part of it.

  1. Highest certified customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.
  2. Provider of discounted International flight tickets (GDS), pre-purchased inventory to online companies which is sold to the end customers via their respective portals.
  3. Direct hotel partnerships with almost 90,000 hotels across globe & DMC for several World locations, Cruise lines & land arrangement providers.
  4. Flexibility,Customisation & Many Options to choose from
  5. White-labelling to ensure that your name appears on Vouchers for your clients.
  6. Transparent Cancellation Policies

We work on Cut and Pay model wherein we will quote you our net price & you can quote your Clients after adding your net margins. You will not get a lower rate than us. If you do, we shall refund you the difference.

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Travel is a business about the convenience of the customer. With the increasing competition in the market, travel agents are witnessing slow growth and seeing their business suffer from big travel companies who have a strong online presence. Travel companies are spending huge money to acquire the customers which were initially going to the local travel agents they knew. Hence it becomes vitally important for the local travel agents to deal directly with the bigger consolidators.

Now with Antilog Vacations B2B travel program travel agents can now directly deal with the bigger consolidator and compete with the online travel companies on the pricing as well as the convenience. The rates provided for the land packages, coma dry air inventory one of the best in the industry and are the same which have been given to the online travel companies. We do not differentiate between travel partners by categorizing them as A, B, C agents.

All you need to do is to send your travel enquiry directly to the email id and the phone numbers given on this page. Once we receive your email, we will send you the best quotation and the payments can be deposited in cash or via Internet banking. We specialize in last-minute bookings and group bookings.

Benefits to B2B Travel agents:

1. You can get access to our B2B Air portal Avatr which will help you to gain access to international hotels, domestic flights & international flights. You can hold the tickets & issue them later.

2. Special Prices on international fares which are lesser than domestic airfares. These prices are reduced than the airfares you see on online systems which will help to bring you more customers, making you more competitive in the market and also allow you to respond rapidly to changing market needs and preferences.

3. Access to our Technology. You can get a functioning website & even use our systems to scale your Travel b2b business.

4. Lower rates than most DMC & Travel agents. We deal in Bulk & hence our rates are better than most DMC's in the market for almost all international destinations, giving you a competitive edge over other travel agents.

5. Best Quality of service in the industry. We have received many awards for being one of the most reliable travel companies since 2010. Hence, you can rest assured that all services that you receive will be of top-notch quality.

6. Numerous Options - We deal with many hotels globally & have multiple sightseeing arrangements & vehicles across the globe and have multiple sightseeing arrangements & ground vehicles across the globe, hence allowing you to customize and cater to your services according to your customer’s needs.

7. Payment Security- Antilog is one of the highest-rated travel companies with 500+ People & more than 10,000 B2B Partners. We are accredited with certifications of IATA, TAAI, FICCI & other organizations of the world.

B2B Travel:

Travel agents can use technology to grow their business. Antilog Vacations offers a wide range of Technical Solutions that small travel agents can utilize to increase their business. Our internal team can help to set up a website or mobile app for you. We use the power of the Internet and technology to scale our partner's business and make them reach to the new customers. We also help them to generate leads and make sales. We believe that the real value is that when we empower our B2b Travel agents and grow their business. We are constantly evolving and finding innovative solutions to improve our services to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to enable them to conduct their businesses. We believe that the real value is when we empower our B2B Travel agents and help them to grow their businesses in a sustainable fashion.

We have got our own IT team which works round the clock to enable Technical Solutions for our business partners. Our expert travel portal developer uses the latest travel technologies to develop good User Interface B2B Travel Booking Engine that helps travel agents to boost their business. If you are a b2b travel agency in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi or for that matter in any part of India. We invite you to send us a query at B2B Helpline - +91-6239599377, Email - [email protected] & we will respond with your quotes.

Benefits of Avatr B2B Portal

Avatr is a B2B Portal that provides end to end solutions of online booking facility for b2b travel agents/agency. It offers a range of essential features to its customers all in one place. These features include:

  • Online booking for air tickets with domestic and international airlines.
  • Booking of a car in case you require a rental of your choice at the desired location to roam the city.
  • Online booking of domestic as well as international hotels.

It allows you to see the lowest fares and tariffs, provide a comparative view and other essential travel information.

Key features of B2B DMC Travel Services:

Enlisted below are some of the advantages of Antilog Vacations B2B Travel Agent for other travel companies in India:

The registration process on our B2B online booking portal is free of charge and easy to use.

  • Our portals are highly flexible and offer a robust platform.
  • Antilog Vacations B2B Travel online booking portal has been found to be very effective in generating quick sales.
  • Antilog Vacations has one of the most reliable and trusted payment gateways for our clients to carry out their booking processes.
  • Antilog Vacations B2B Travel DMC gives strength to other Tour Operators, Consolidators and Travel Agents to distribute their products through an online B2B website portal. 

Now travel agents can generate their own enquiries and use the latest technology which was earlier available to only the big travel agents. Technologies like XML, B2B portal, flight engines booking engines eportal for the travel agents are now available to the smaller players as well.

Antilog vacations operates through its sister company Techzis technologies which provide this sort of systems to our partners in these systems travel agents can list their own inventory as well as antilogs inventory or any other supplies inventory and can showcase this inventory to their B2B agents globally, we also help these travel agents to set up their customer portal and payment gateways through which a client can book ok any holiday booking directly in the market at least mm agents are using our technology services to see their businesses grow.

The old days of taking quotations putting your markup and showing offline invoices vouchers etc are long gone. The competitive landscape is becoming tougher by the day a lot of new players are entering the market on a daily basis and hence it becomes very important to take your offline business online. Most of the travel agents are relying on their existing customer database to make the new sales but slowly and steadily these customers are being swayed by the online portals show a technology platform is crucial to any travel agency’s success. Please let us know if you want to set up your own online booking engine and travel system we shall be able to assist you.

Escalate your business with Antilog Vacations B2B Travel Solutions:

Antilog Vacations is a global B2B online hotel and flight wholesaler, we provide competitive rates for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. We also offer B2B and B2C White Label solutions and we have an Inventory of 106,000 hotels. Being on the travel industry we always focus to increase the business of our travel partners by delivering the best possible online b2b travel services all over India. We are integrated with all the large consolidators of major airlines, hotel suppliers, car rentals, airline tickets suppliers and travel suppliers in the industry.

Our Products:

We build for you a B2C and a free B2B booking engine. This is a quick startup method to have your travel agency online.

  • Online B2B Hotel Bookings

Antilog Vacations online B2B hotel booking is one of the most complete solutions for travel companies where they can find offers on more than thirty multi strongest vendors and multiple direct hotel inventory of chain hotels. You invariably get the most suitable and valuable hotel at the best prices with our online b2b hotel booking portal. Whether travelers are looking for an all-inclusive, five-star resort, a budget hotel, a hotel for a business trip or a Leisure trip anywhere in the world, you will find them all in one system.

  • Online B2B Flight Wholesaler

Antilog Vacations Flight Wholesaler (B2B) offers a B2B reservation platform which will provide you a smart and online B2B flight booking system and Global Air tickets reservation exclusivity for travel companies.

  • Online Airport Transfer Booking

Our transfer service, available in many destinations internationally is both modern and comfortable.

  • Online Sightseeing Tours ticket Booking

We provide a vast selection of services tailored to your requirements. In addition to sightseeing tours and excursions in a variety of languages, we also offer customized itineraries and escorted tours assisted by our professional tour guides.

  • Online Car Rentals Booking

We provide Online Car rental for worldwide airports and destinations.

Selling new sectors which are more profitable and have less competition:

Antilog vacations specialize in around a hundred countries throughout the world. In these countries, we have a dedicated team which takes care of the hotel’s land arrangements flight tickets visa regulations and all the other things which a DMC company performs. If you are a travel agent which is looking to scale their business and invest in the new sectors like Europe, USA, South America, China, Russia, Japan and other factors which are sold less in the Indian market then you have come to the right place with antilog vacations dedicated team assign to this sectors you can now comfortably sell the holiday packages to these destinations via antilog vacations the prices are cheap and services are of the highest quality, in fact, antilog remains one of India's biggest travel companies for these far-flung sectors. You will realize that your profit margins will go substantially up and your quotations will be unbeatable if you partner with antilog vacations.