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Pardeep Singh Posted on: 16 Mar 2015

Me & My wife visited during the last week of Feb 2015. Basically. we finalized this destination as per the combination of our taste. We booked this package through the services of Antilog Vacations. It was first & great experience with them. We also enjoyed several water activities like scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat cruise & snorkeling. Here, I want to appreciate the professional dealing & way of treatment by Antilog representative who also helped me to easily customize the things as per our comfort. We also experienced the underwater wonders & see corals, colorful fishes & marine life. This place is also ideal for forest trekking. Definitely, recommed to all along with the excellent services of Antilog vacations which includes almost all the things.

623 26

Rajni Posted on: 14 Jan 2016

Best place to spend holidays. We enjoyed our comfortable stay during this fabulous visit to Andaman. Out tour operator Antilog Vacations nicely put their efforts & excellently covered both the popular sites of Port Blair & Havelock. Me & my husband full enjoyed in Port Blair, room service was very good & we never forget the taste of delicious food served by them. We also collected the wonderful experience of scuba diving, sea walk, & snorkeling & underwater activities with an excellent efforts of our professional instructors. Excellent trip arranged by Antilog Vacations.

600 19

Vinay Dubey Posted on: 30 Oct 2015

Awesome experience. All arrangements were made by Antilog Vacations & went placidly & to schedule. The hotels all offered by them within the best location & we were served by excellent food & nice services. We enjoyed several water activities like scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat cruise & snorkeling. It was the vacation of a lifetime. Great thanks to you guys for your excellent work!

537 33

Palak Konar Posted on: 18 Aug 2015

We had an enjoyable experience during our trip to Andaman only & only because of our tour operator Antilog Vacations services. The accommodation was great. Hotel rooms were very spacious, well designed, luxurious, very clean & comfortable. The food was delicious. The driver & guide were kind & helpful. We visited the Cellular Jail, Ross Island, see the sunset view of Radhanagar Beach, & enjoy the snorkeling in Sitapur Beach. It was one of the most enjoyable or memorable tours during the lifetime experience.

525 35

Sanjana Kapoor Posted on: 11 Mar 2015

We traveled to Port Blair for our anniversary during the month of March & stayed at resort. An excellently placed resort with well decorated & maintained rooms, good food & an incredible rooftop lounge bar. Resort staff was very friendly. We visited the Wandoor Beach & enjoyed the snorkeling & scuba diving. This trip was arranged by Antilog Vacations. Fully satisfied with the experience. We enjoyed a lot within budget limits.

522 30

Suman Posted on: 03 Mar 2016

Wonderful experience with Antilog Vacations for their great management. The food & beverage services were very good. We enjoyed the different water activities such as snorkeling, diving, & other water activities. We visited Port Blair to enjoy famous attractions such as Cellular Jail & rose island. For all this, I want to appreciate the efforts of my tour agency who put their special treatment & experience. Great work!

500 25

Nikunj Jatav Posted on: 14 Nov 2015

Antilog Vacations is one of the best travel agencies. Antilog vacations helped me a lot in planning the great Itinerary. We visited the Cellular Jail & Ross Island in Port Blair, enjoy the snorkeling & kayaking in Havelock, see the sunset view of Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island. A beautifully placed hotel with well decorated & maintained rooms, good food & an incredible rooftop lounge bar. The tour guides were knowledgeable & invaluable. This was largely due to Antilog taking very good care of us from the moment we landed in Delhi.

457 32

Anu Thakur Posted on: 13 Jan 2015

It was delightful experience at Andaman Islands. Stay was excellent & full of comfort. We explore the Port Blair & enjoyed the Snorkeling, Parasailing, & Windsurfing under the safety guidance. We enjoyed the under-water marine life & view the rarest varieties of corals by Snorkeling in the Andaman. Overall experience of the trip was very good. Special Thanks to Antilog Vacations for assisting friendly & professional guide. Great work!

419 19

Yogeshwar Gupta Posted on: 11 Dec 2015

An excellent place to stay at Port Blair. Me & my wife visited the Cellular Jail Marina, Park & Aquarium, & Ross Island. We enjoyed the adventure water sports activities such as joy rides on speed boats, Jet Ski & Banana rides. All in all, this a very good place to relax.

414 22

Kavya sinha Posted on: 20 May 2016

It's our official trip to Andaman (Blair, Havelock). My office friends planned the Andaman trip in the month of may 2016. We spend 2 nights in Port Blair & 3 nights in Havelock. We visited Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, Elephant Beach & Kaala Pathar Beach. Stayed at a Sea Princess Beach Resort, hotel service was excellent, neat & clean. The place was stunning, beach area has the really pleasant environment. I & my friends enjoyed a lot & experience the thrill of snorkeling also. This all done by Antilog vacations, thank you so much for creating us like a celebrity.

400 18

Nitesh Kumar Posted on: 15 Jun 2016

Great experience in Andaman. I was very fed up with my office life. Same busy loop, i was totally bored. I need some break from my busy life. So one day i saw an advertisement of Antilog vacation travel company on the internet. Then i made a query, frequently they replied & called me & also helped me to finalize tour for me. I booked tour to Andaman with my four best friends. Enjoyed a lot, see the natural beauty of Andaman, experience various adventures & water activities. Now m very happy & that was my best moments of life. Thanks to Antilog vacation for giving me new life.

366 30

Suman Negi Posted on: 14 Jan 2016

Havelock is the best place in Andaman which was superbly planned by Antilog Vactions through their services about best resort stay, room service & quality food service. We enjoyed the sunset view of Radhanagar Beach & enjoy the snorkeling, scuba diving, & sea wall. It was a great visit where we got the chance to closely view the coral reefs, colorful fishes & beautiful marine life. Everything about the experience was amazing.

357 24

Rajiv Sharma Posted on: 13 Jan 2016

During our Honeymoon Trip, we enjoyed our 6 nights stay in Port Blair hotel. The hotel staff was very good & helpful. We visited the Ross Island & Cellular Jail. The our tour was planned by Antilog Vacations. So, they perfectly managed everything. We also covered Havelock with our comfortable stay there. We enjoyed the different water activities like kayaking, jet-skiing, snorkeling & glass bottom boat rides. Lovely time. Thanks for Antilog Vacations.

350 21

Abhishek Pandey Posted on: 15 Mar 2016

We stayed in the resort booked through Antilog Vacations. The staff was very cooperative & caring. We enjoyed the wonderful view of the Radhanagar beach. Explore the natural beauty of Andaman with a friendly local guide. He also helped to capture such moments in our camera. We were very happy & enjoy the best moments of life. Unforgettable time. Really guys to make it.

350 29

Suhana Mishra Posted on: 01 Sep 2016

Andaman is a wonderful place to spend a quality time with your loved ones. My husband planned this amazing trip on our 10th anniversary. I was so surprised when he told me that we are going to Andaman. I was so excited because after a long time we are going together. We enjoyed water activities, visited Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium & Elephant Beach. We loved the hotel services & the delicious food. This was a great surprise for me. Thank all Antilog vacation team.

340 14

Aditi Rao Posted on: 18 Dec 2015

I love Andaman........This was my awesome trip towards Andaman. We visited the Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium & the Ross Island. Enjoyed the first snorkeling experience, was a wonderful experience. We explored the underwater world, colorful fishes & the coral reefs. Saw the famous attractions of the Port Blair & Havelock.

340 12

Mukesh Bhatia Posted on: 22 Dec 2015

Wonderful view of the Andaman, with cool breeze of the sea. Excellent service both room & food. Hotel Services was excellent. The most enjoyable time was on Havelock Island, We enjoyed snorkeling, scuba diving & kayaking on the Elephant beach. A great thanks to Antilog Vacations. The best part of their dealing is caring bond more than any business deal which we felt during our odd situation due to some luggage missing issue.. Overall, the entire hassles were pleasantly solved by Antilog's representative.

328 29

Anuradha Thapa Posted on: 11 Feb 2016

I love Andaman soo soo much. Really it was a great experience in Andaman. This Andaman trip was Birthday gift from my cute boyfriend (Rahul). I was very happy & the place was awesome. We enjoyed water activities snorkeling, scuba diving, & sea walk. Explored the beautiful underwater world with my boyfriend. That day was listed in my best moments. We had a candle light dinner at Dolphin Resort, hotels service was very good & they are very friendly. Thank you Antilog vacations for making my trip special.

328 20

Shashank Vedantam Posted on: 02 Nov 2016

We booked an Andaman Airfare Ex-Chennai package with the help of Antilog Vacations & it was great. Amazing location of the hotels, rooms were clean, comfortable & modern. A professional & skillful driver offered by Antilog Vacations. He truly did his excellent job! We visited the Cellular Jail, Chidiya Tapu, Elephant Beach & Sitapur Beach. Full of surprises & adventure water sports. All in all enjoyable experience & definitely want to visit again with the same services of excellent tour operators.

316 21

Somya Kashyap Posted on: 15 May 2016

Wonderful experience at Andaman. Me & best college best friend planned this amazing trip. We went to Port Blair & Havelock. Enjoyed a lot with my friends in the lovely place. We visited Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium. And enjoyed Snorkeling, explored the beautiful underwater world. Great experience with Antilog Vacation.

315 18

Prashant Negi Posted on: 14 Jun 2016

Marvellous location for nature lovers. I visited this beautiful place with my wife. Stayed two nights in Port Blair & two nights in Havelock. Had the beautiful experience of water activities & observed the amazing beauty of the underwater world. Stayed at the famous hotel with having excellent services & delicious food. This is all possible by Antilog Vacations.

311 37

Prashant Negi Posted on: 08 Jun 2016

Marvellous location for nature lovers. I visited this beautiful place with my wife. Stayed two nights in Port Blair & two nights in Havelock. Had the beautiful experience of water activities & observed the amazing beauty of the underwater world. Stayed at the famous hotel with having excellent services & delicious food. This is all possible by Antilog Vacations.

311 37

Ajay Kumar Posted on: 24 Sep 2015

I really loved the beauty of Andaman. I & my two sisters with my one brother went to Port Blair for three nights. Stayed at Sea Princess Beach Resort. We loved the hotel services, the food was very delightful & the staff was very polite & friendly. Visited the Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium & Ross Island. Enjoyed the first experience of snorkeling & scuba diving. Thanks to Antilog vacations.

306 23

Ankur varma Posted on: 16 Sep 2015

I am a very shy boy, i have no friends but i need someone who needs me & cares me. My college decided a trip to Andaman. Everyone was going but i was so confused. Then my mother told me to go & forced me. I went to Andaman with my college mates. I loved the place, like the environment & there i made new friends. And my all hesitation was gone & also i interact with my college friends. Enjoyed various water activities. Thanks, all to Antilog Vacations to kill my all fear & hesitation.

304 29

Pritesh Geelal Posted on: 07 Jan 2016

Beautiful place to stay especially for honeymooners. I & my wife decided antilog vacations to organize our Private & Customized 6-days of Port Blair, Havelock, & Neil Island. Antilog vacations provide very good services. Hotels services were really good. The best rooms with great views & one the best places to have candle light romantic dinners. We enjoyed the speedboat & snorkeling in clear water & see stunning underwater life with different sea creatures. Guides & drivers were excellent, well organized, knowledgeable & very helpful. It was an amazing experience.

302 26

Sneha Mishra Posted on: 10 Aug 2016

My great father gave this Andaman trip on my birthday. I love this surprise & i love you so much, papa. In Andaman, we stayed three nights in Port Blair. It is a wonderful place with a scenic beauty. We visited the Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium. Enjoy water activities like Snorkeling, scuba diving & explored the underwater beauty. Enjoyed delicious food at Silver Spring Hotel. Hotel service was awsome, great ambiance & friendly staff. This all can be possible by Antilog Vacations.

300 20

Puran Chand Posted on: 14 Jun 2016

We had a wonderful trip around Andaman. We visited the Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, & Ross Island. We enjoyed the snorkeling, Scuba Diving, kayaking. Experience over the beautiful emerald water along the closer view of a variety of marine life creatures. Great work & excellent deal by Antilog Vacations, which makes everything possible for me on the budget scale.

300 26

Mahinder Arora Posted on: 02 Aug 2016

Family trips to Andaman 3N Port Blair, 2N Havelock. We visited Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, & Ross Island. Enjoyed the beautiful surroundings & the clean environment. The place was so wonderful & also our guide is so informative. Hotel service was good with friendly staff. We enjoyed water activities under the proper guide of our instructor. Everything was good & fine. Thanks, Antilog vacations.

300 50

Sneha Kumari Posted on: 22 Jul 2016

Mind blowing experience to my first trip to Andaman (Blair 2N| Havelock 3N). My college's friend decided this trip in the final year. We don't know how to plan our trip because we have no idea about the total cost. My friend told me about Antilog vacations, they helped me a lot in planning the trip. We visited Port Blair & Havelock, it was a great experience. Thank you Antilog vacations for guiding us.

300 19

Hema Posted on: 19 Feb 2016

Fantastic experience during our stay at this Hotel. It was close to Radha Nagar beach. We visited Cellular jail complex, saw mill, Ross & Viper Island. Excellent room service, with food variety, & outdoor activities. Under the proper experts guidance, we also tried Sea Walk & Snorkeling & kayaking. Here, I want to appreciate the itinerary planned by ANtilog Vacations. Good work by the professionals!

300 25

Ayush Malik Posted on: 17 Feb 2016

I & my wife both are working person. We both were very busy in our office life. So our married life was in a bad condition. We had no time to spend time together. So one day i decided to go for a tour to Andaman. I surprised this trip on her birthday, she was not very much happy. But when we visited Andaman & saw the beautiful surroundings. Then my wife said, ""Thank you for this trip"". We enjoyed water activities, visited famous places. Stayed at a famous hotel, was excellent. Now we are living happily married life. Thank you Antilog Vacations.

299 22

Karan Thakur Posted on: 10 Feb 2016

Enjoyed a wonderful journey towards Andaman Island. We stayed two nights in Port Blair & two nights in Havelock. Awesome experience with my school friends in the month of Feb 2016. We experienced the thrill activities in (Port Blair & Havelock). We visited Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium & Ross Island. Enjoyed snorkeling & scuba diving. Nice hotel services & the friendly guide. Thank you Antilog Vacations.

299 12

Shubham Kahtri Posted on: 18 Feb 2011

First of all a huge.. huge thanks to Antilog, for helping me in the selection of Andaman as my travel destination. It was a best invention of God. Every place has its own story. In such picturesque surroundings my camera was always in switch ON mode. At that time, i didn’t want to miss any single memory. A big salute to guys for my lifelong refreshing memories..

296 37

Pawan Mehra Posted on: 12 Apr 2016

I stayed with my husband in a resort accommodation. It had all facilities of a five-star property except for room service, wifi, mobile signals. We did not have lunch there as we had good amounts of fruits & some evening snacks. For dinner, we had plenty of options even in vegetarian dishes. Very much enjoyed the water sports under a great list of snorkeling, diving, & kayaking. Also covered the popular areas like Cellular Jail, Gandhi Park, & Ross Island. Overall very well managed by Antilog Vacations. Hats off to you guys!

296 26

Harjeet Singh Posted on: 08 Mar 2012

Last month we took a trip to Andaman as February is considered an ideal time to go there. The temperature was mild. Cool breeze blew all day long. Snorkeling was awesome. My husband loved the elephant ride. Our manager arranged wine during the glass bottom boat ride & we were mesmerized seeing the electric ells dancing below us. In our late 50’s it was nothing less than a second honeymoon for us.
The credit goes entirely to ANTILOG VACATIONS. Without them this trip won’t have been possible.

295 33

Karan Thakur Posted on: 10 Feb 2016

Enjoyed a wonderful journey towards Andaman Island. We stayed two nights in Port Blair & two nights in Havelock. Awesome experience with my school friends in the month of Feb 2016. We experienced the thrill activities in (Port Blair & Havelock). We visited Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium & Ross Island. Enjoyed snorkeling & scuba diving. Nice hotel services & the friendly guide. Thank you Antilog Vacations.

294 14

Komal Bhardwaj Posted on: 11 Nov 2015

My brother planned this wonderful trip to Andaman in Port Blair for three nights. We really enjoyed a lot with my family. Great enjoyment in Andaman which is never forgettable from our mind. Stayed at Silver Spring hotel, we liked the room services, hotel environment, & its surroundings. Experience the varieties of water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, & water rafting. LOVE you brother so so much for planning this awesome tour for us. Thank you Antilog vacations for making best Itinerary for us.

293 18

Nakul Bharadwaj Posted on: 15 May 2011

While planning a trip to Andaman, use the services of Antilog Vacations. Don’t make the mistake of going there on your own. Andaman has so much to offer & Antilog Vacations know how to show you all without making you weary. Their well ordinate time management tactics gave us ample time to relax in between excursions. It was a family trip & every single member from our group left the island with brightly lit faces. Recommended for families & couples!

290 32

Julia Menon Posted on: 25 Feb 2011

Imagine taking a sunbath on the shining sand with beautiful beach view. My Andaman visit reminds me all the moments spent on the beaches between the natural lavishing green forests in the open air. I visited with my wife & my five years old son. It was my first trip when I enjoyed a lot with my son on the beach. Our travel consultant from Antilog vacations made good arrangements, some of the water activities were added in the tour like snorkeling & glass bottom boat ride which we enjoyed.

289 28

Raman Bhushan Posted on: 15 Oct 2015

Waooo, tour with my best friends. I loved the place very much, enjoyed the pleasant environment. We stayed three nights at Port Blair & two night in Havelock. Hotel service was good & delightful food. Amazing place, a memorable trip with my friends. Enjoyed the various water activity & observed the beauty of the underwater world.
Thumbs UP for Antilog Services!

289 27

Teena Malhotra Posted on: 20 Jan 2016

Awesome place & clean environment. Enjoyed this amazing trip with my cousin friends. Stayed three nights in Port Blair & two night in Havelock. We visited the famous attractions & enjoyed the water activities. We love the hotel services, staffs are friendly & cooperative. This was my first trip from Antilog Vacations.

287 12

Alka Posted on: 15 Dec 2015

Enjoyed a lot, a very cool & comfortable stay at Portblair. We stayed in the superior room & the beach view was mind blowing. Antilog Vacations also offered us a complimentary dinner. It was a great place to fully enjoy sea, sand & water activities with the excellent combination of snorkeling, scuba diving, natural walks, bird watching, yoga, & massages. Fully delighted!

286 28

Meenakshi Shaha Posted on: 11 Aug 2012

Andaman was the first on our list for honeymoon because it’s an island & hence a totally different venue compared to other destinations in India. Before we visited here, we have just heard about Andaman’s beaches & resorts (just the kind of an idea), but after visiting Andaman with Antilog Vacation’s guided excursion, we have come to know of many things here such as museums, the Cellular Jail, & other historical edifices, which we never before knew existed. Havelock was the best part of our trip. The stay at Cottage was one of the finest experiences we ever had. Thanks AV for making our honeymoon a success!

283 11

Aaditya Ahuja Posted on: 20 Oct 2012

Regardless of what the negative reviews say, I am very happy with the trip to Andaman through Antilog Vacations. It was an amazing experience. They took care of every single thing including airport transfers. We are very satisfied with the quality of service they treated us with. Won’t hesitate even for a second choosing AV for our next vacation. Anyone in need of the real taste of Andaman, we recommend Antilog Vacations to them.

280 38

Nitha Prasad Posted on: 05 Jan 2016

Wonderful trip. We are thankful to Antilog vacations for the best arrangements for the airfare, airport pickup & drop, hotels, sightseeing, & meals. Excellent place with amazing hospitality, wonderful hotels, nice rooms & the food was very tasty. We visited the Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, & Ross Island, enjoy the water sports activities like snorkeling, Scuba Diving, & kayaking. Fully satisfied with the experience. We enjoyed a lot within budget limits.

280 27

Nikhil Mahajan Posted on: 21 Feb 2013

We booked a week-long trip through Antilog Vacations & we were very much disappointed with the trip. The booking & stuff were smooth but the accommodation was not. The rooms were untidy, restroom was stinking of sewage, food had flies tagging along; it was nothing more than a misery until we decided to change the resort to another one (paying from our own pocket) which provided a relatively much better stay. I would discourage using their services as long as they don’t move to the responsible side & take care of the mishaps that are probably befalling tens or even hundreds of customers before & after me.

279 19

Nikhil Choudhary Posted on: 02 Jan 2016

It was a great experience to visit Port Blair, Havelock, & Neil Island. Walk around the beautiful beaches amazing surrounding & relax on the soft white sands. We enjoyed the different water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking & speed boating. Our guide was very friendly & knowledgeable. A high-quality hotel with nice ambiance, clean good rooms, good service & staff. All services were excellent to arrange by Antilog Vacations. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for serving friendly & professional guide.

279 24

Amit Gupta Posted on: 13 Jan 2016

We visited Andaman during last of this Dec through Antilog Vacations. The snorkeling was excellent in the clear water & we were also able to closely observe the beautiful corals & some exquisitely beautiful fishes. We stayed in a standard budget hotel where were able to enjoy beach view from our window. It was really impressive. Good part of services from Antilog group.

279 20

Ketan Desai Posted on: 13 Jan 2016

Brilliant location near the Wandoor Beach & see the sunrise view & enjoyed the swimming. Really, it was a secret beauty of nature. It was a great place for honeymooners, proposals & such kind of special events. We Visited the Chidiya Tapu, Gandhi Park, & Cellular Jail & enjoyed the snorkeling & kayaking in Wandoor Beach. A wondrous experience! Simply, it was impossible without the great efforts of Antilog Vacations team.

278 19

Rajesh Thapa Posted on: 15 Jun 2016

Enjoyed three nights in Port Blair with my wife. Stayed at famous hotel Silver Spring in Port Blair. I loved the hotel environment, surrounding & the services. Our guide is very informative & friendly & also very entertaining. My wife enjoyed a lot & told me to come again. My wife is very scared of water but our instructor helped her a lot & remove the fear of water of my wife. Delicious food with different varieties. We will be back again to this place with the name of same tour operators. Thanks, Antilog Vacations team

277 18

Raj Thakur Posted on: 07 Jul 2016

Andaman is a great place to enjoy with friends from your busy schedule. This is an awesome place for me & my family. We visited Port Blair & Havelock & where we enjoyed various water activities. Saw the famous attractions of the place. The hotel was good, its service was the excellent & clean environment. It was a memorable trip for me. Thanks to Antilog Vacations.

277 30

Sandeep Posted on: 17 Mar 2016

It was really wonderful experience at the Andaman. We visited the famous sites such as Gandhi Park, Chidiya Tapu, & Wandoor Beach. We were group of three families. Me & My friends fully enjoyed the water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat cruise, snorkeling. It was a complete delightful experience for all age group members whether it's a part of our kids or female members. Thank you for everything Antilog Vacations team. It was a part of super management. GREAT JOB!

268 22

Neha Rana Posted on: 19 Mar 2015

It was the wonderful trip to Andaman & especially staying in the resort at Havelock was a really remarkable experience. We visited Cellular jail complex, saw mill, Ross & Viper Island, Kalapathar beach, Radhanagar beach & also enjoy the different water activities. Thanks to Antilog Vacations.

266 26

Raman Dahiya Posted on: 30 Jun 2016

I love adventures activities & water activities. I visited Andaman with my gym friends. Enjoyed the place, lovely place, nice environment & pleasant surroundings. Enjoyed various thrill activities, enjoyed a lot, awesome trip. Our friendly & informative guide help us a lot. Loved the hotel food & services. A great part of my life & we also got the certificate. Thank your Antilog Vacations.

262 17

Bhanu Pratap Posted on: 13 May 2011

Excursions were great & we had adequate time between each one to relax & enjoy the beach. We were two girls & we felt safe even during the late evenings when no one walked the streets. The same could be said of Havelock & Neil Island where we had more fun. The journey back to Chennai on a ship was a bit humdrum but we choose it instead of the flight. We loved the trip & yeah! Sure as hell we are doing another Antilog Vacation in the days to come.

260 41

Umesh Patel Posted on: 11 Apr 2011

First of all I would like to thank Antilog Vacation’s representative with whom I’ve interacted for his prompt replies to my inquiry & other conversation which proceeded later on to lead to this wonderful experience we recently had at Andaman. All the arrangements were well co-ordinate & impeccable in every aspect. My wife & I shared some of the best moments of our life during this tour.
Thanks again for making my honeymoon trip very memorable. I would definitely recommend this agency to friends & relatives.

259 62

Ravi Dubey Posted on: 08 Mar 2016

The location is wonderful for a holiday in Port Blair. We Visited the Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, Ross Island & enjoyed the Snorkeling & see the rarest varieties of corals & rich marine life. We enjoyed the Radhanagar Beach & see the sunset view & relax on the soft white sands. Overall very good experience.

255 22

Mohammad Saif Ul-Haq Posted on: 10 Feb 2012

Andaman feels like Maldives! The deep blue sea, the cool breeze, continental food, homely resorts & countless sightseeing places make this island a must-visit place for everyone, especially Indians. Antilog Vacations did a great job or arranging a perfect vacation for us which we shall never forget. The next time you go to Andaman, we recommend using their services as their rates are affordable & we were swept off our feet by their impeccable customer assistance.

254 24

Subodh Nayak Posted on: 23 Jul 2011

Andaman, a group of Islands has a variety of options for new- comer. But, it was my second time visit with the same tour planner (Antilog Vacations). I’ve too much familiarity with the place & the specific activities of the place. This time I was there to explore the village life. Through the trekking trails, paddy fields, tropical forests & mangrove areas I’ve collected a lot..It was more than any amazing feeling.

254 39

Som Nath Posted on: 29 Mar 2011

Soon after I got married, my best friend presented me this honeymoon trip to the Andaman Islands as a wedding gift. The trip was booked through Antilog Vacations, a travel startup (at that time) based in north India. Here is an account in brief of the trip we had.
The flight was short (a few couple of hours) & we landed only to be greeted by the local tour manager there with bouquets & all the warmth one can expect. We were then driven to our resort in a private transfer, though it wasn’t anticipated.
Deluxe rooms, neat & clean; the breakfast was continental & tasted real good. We headed to the beach soon after to spend the rest of the afternoon.
Evening saw us at the Kala Pani to watch the lights & music dancing to rhythm. Dinner was lip-smacking.
The next day was sightseeing & we enjoyed it to the fullest. Later was the trip to Havelock & we were taken to this island by Makruzz where we checked in for two nights. Snorkeling, diving, the scooter rides; we enjoyed it all. And our honeymoon which lasted 5 nights & 6 days was the most memorable trip we have had until now.
I would recommend this tour to the prospective honeymooners. Trust me guys, you won’t be disappointed.

252 31

Bishan Das Arora Posted on: 07 May 2011

There were various reasons which add extra zing to my Andaman tour. Especially elephant swimming or can say diving was really enriching experience. I think this magical involvement was a once time chance for whole life. This graceful underwater activity mesmerized the worldwide tourists. I didn’t get this amazing chance without the well planned services of Antilog Vacations.

252 34

Devraj Kashyap Posted on: 07 Oct 2011

One night it dawned to me that we haven’t gone on a vacation for quite some time & discussed the same with my wife. Andaman, she selected, & I started searching for vacation agencies on my browser right away. Antilog Vacations came to my notice owing to all the good testimonials it has got from its customers. We booked a 6 night trip & landed in the island in a matter of a month.
The beaches, the sightseeing, the resorts, the elephant rides, including the water sports & of course, diving were all more than fun. It was almost like our second honeymoon. Things had turned a bit stale between me & my wife after 12 long years of marriage & thanks to this tour, my marriage is up & lively again. I would totally credit Antilog for this as we didn’t have to face any bitterness during the trip which customers of many other agencies seem to come to terms with.
100% recommended!!!

249 32

Narender Nath Posted on: 06 May 2012

As my wife don’t expert in swimming. So we don’t spoil this wonderful moment & opt the best alternative of the underwater sea walk. This quick & easy alternative offered the opportunity to discover the underwater magic with our recent visit at Andaman. We enjoyed it by simply walk over the shining sand on the sea floor. We never forgot such beautiful activities with corals & colorful fishes on a sunny day. A big five to my tour planner from Antilog Vacations..Awesome planning!!

242 17

Nitin Arora Posted on: 21 Apr 2016

Me & my sisters visited this amazing place. We loved the beautiful place & enjoyed the water activities. Snorkeling experience was wonderful, we explored the underwater beauty & the various colorful fishes. We visited the famous attractions of the Port Blair & Havelock. We stayed at the Sea Princess Beach Resort, hotel service was excellent, the food was delicious. Overall, it was nice trip arranged by Antilog Vacations.

240 16

Rohit Chaudhary Posted on: 14 May 2015

This was my first Honeymoon & it was awesome. My wife decided this place & we both loved this place very much. Our guide was so friendly & informative & also very entertaining. Pick up & drop is one time, we loved the punctuality of the transfers. we enjoyed scuba diving, sea walk, & snorkeling because it was my wife's dream to see the underwater world's beauty. Awesome hotel services, the food was delicious. Thanks, Antilog vacations for making our Honeymoon special

233 15

Akriti Chopra Posted on: 12 Apr 2016

A good romantic place that I visited during the month of March. The hotels were excellent, helpful staff, spacious rooms, the Food quality was very Good. We enjoyed the Snorkeling, Parasailing, & Windsurfing under the safety guidance, see the under-water marine life & view the rarest varieties of corals by Snorkeling in the Andaman. Also, visited the Cellular Jail, Ross Island, & local markets. All the tour guides were very friendly & knowledgeable. They organize everything very well. Never forget the memorable moments offered by Antilog Vacations Team!

232 25

Aashi Posted on: 20 Jan 2016

Me & my husband booked the trip through Antilog Vacations. They arranged a Garden Cottage for us. We were happy to see the big bedrooms, neat & clean bathrooms, a living area & a huge shaded terrace. We fully enjoyed there every day & it's wonderful. Overall it was a mesmerizing experience within the surroundings of white sand, blue sea & joyful swimming. We relaxed & fully enjoy our holidays on the soft white sands & excellent private areas.

230 25

Sanya Sharma Posted on: 24 Mar 2016

Me & my husband stayed at this place for a total of 4 nights during our trip in Feb 2016. It was a lovely location - it is situated right on Elephant Beach with a comfortable access to the beach from the property itself. The water is very clean & calm. The staff was very friendly & helpful. The food was also very good. Antilog Vacation had booked a sea facing cottage for us. We had a lovely time.

230 20

Raghavendra Aachari Posted on: 11 Mar 2016

Very romantic place, it's a very nice place for new couples, amazing beaches & full of enjoyment. We visited the Cellular Jail & Ross Island, enjoy the wonderful view of the Radhanagar beach. Our guide & driver took great care of us & made the whole trip a very pleasant experience. The accommodation was very good, hotels rooms were neat & clean, the food was very tasty. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for your superb services & offering us for such memorable time.

229 22

Ramesh Verma Posted on: 16 Feb 2016

One of the best places to stay in Port Blair which stands next to sea shore. Beauty in the evening was mind blowing. We visited the Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, & Gandhi Park. Me & my wife fully enjoyed the water activities & the wonderful Beach-side candlelight dinner.

226 20

Ajay Thakur Posted on: 15 Mar 2016

Visited the scenic land of Andaman during the month of Feb & enjoy the comfortable stay. Overall, it was brilliant arrangement by Antilog vacations. We enjoyed a snorkeling, scuba diving, & kayaking activities. We visited Rose Island & Gandhi Park. I felt in love with the place. Antilog provides the excellent services. Thanks a ton guys. Definitely see you soon in near future.

226 16

Aashirya Bansal Posted on: 23 Dec 2015

Loved the location of the Wandoor Beach in Port Blair. Walk around the wandoor beach & relax on the soft white sand. We visited the Cellular Jail & Jolly Buoy Island. Next day, covered the popular attractions of Havelock & stay there in already booked hotel which was scheduled by antilog. The rooms were very spacious & well maintained. Also enjoyed the snorkeling, diving & pleasant Sunset view at Radhanagar Beach.

225 22

Ramesh Yadav Posted on: 17 Dec 2015

We stayed in Port Blair cottage. The staff took care of each & every aspect of our stay. Rooms were cleaned twice a day. Afternoon, we visited the Cellular Jail & rose island. Food at the restaurant was simply out of the world. Do try dragon chop suey, dum aloo bananas & dosas. Otherwise, it's a great recommendable place. Thanks for antilog vacation to organized the trip & making it in a very special way.

222 20

Soniya Bali Posted on: 15 Dec 2015

My stay at this resort has been the most memorable experiences so far. The resort is wonderfully located right beside the ocean. Enjoy the speedboat & snorkeling in clear water. We saw stunning underwater life with different sea creatures. The trip was well organized by Antilog vacations. GOODLUCK! We were definitely with the same name for our future trips.

222 23

Harish Gautam Posted on: 09 Oct 2014

Snorkeling on the elephant beach was a great experience on our last trip to Andaman. When I was searching for leisure holiday packages I found online package from Antilog Vacations & I booked it. All the arrangements with lodging, food facilities & transfers for sightseeing were well arranged. The most enjoyable time was on Havelock Island, I also enjoyed scuba diving on the Elephant beach. Overall experience of the trip was very good.

221 9

Rahul Sinha Posted on: 06 Oct 2015

Really a wonderful place. I & my best friends visited this beautiful place. We visited two nights at Port Blair & two nights at Havelock. Stayed at Silver Spring in PORT BLAIR & Dolphin Resort in Havelock. Hotel services are good, rooms are very tidy, hotel view is picturesque. Our guide was very cooperative & friendly. Enjoy various activities under the guidance of our instructor. Thank you very much Antilog Vacation for planning this amazing trip for us.

219 12

Chandni Nayyar Posted on: 24 Jun 2013

From the huge variety of Antilog Vacations, I personally highlight my experience at Ross Island. The beauty rich place is a hotspot of worldwide tourists. The island welcomed me with its dense greenery & endemic flora & fauna. I had fully enjoyed the place from morning to sunset. I caught the variety from swimming, old records center, church & various other lively areas.

219 15

Anil Jaiswal Posted on: 27 Apr 2012

The sparkling beaches of Andaman Islands are a perfect place to enjoy the holidays & also it is a good destination for family holidays. I was searching for family holidays in a beach destination so our travel executive from Antilog Vacations suggested for Andaman, firstly I was not sure about it but when we reached Havelock the friendly environment & caring tour guide made me sure that it is a good place to visit. We visited cellular jail complex, Corbyn’s cove beach & wandoor beach. We also enjoyed water sports activities at Havelock. It was a nice experience.

219 17

Madison Posted on: 12 Jun 2011

I am from Australia, a country of exquisite beaches, & yet I took this trip to Andaman, booked through Antilog Vacations. And I must say, it was quite a unique experience. The elephant rides at the beach, the cool serene waters of the Andaman, the food, the coconut plantations; none of these were closely associated to what we have in Australia.
I have been travelling for quite some time by now. Have travelled solo & otherwise, & as a matter of fact have used the services of different vacation agencies. But Antilog had something that made it shine out among the rest. Their honest approach & the passion to bring customer satisfaction made me choose the same for my future vacations from now.
Great work team Antilog!

217 31

Lalitha Reddy Posted on: 27 Apr 2011

The untouched archipelago of Andaman sea in Bay of Bengal offered me the chance of fishing adventure in its undiscovered beauty. Around 86% of land mass was forest covered or in protected region. So such tropical rainforests offered the closest relation with endemic species. Major thing about this specific region was its protection from commercial fishing. So large mangrove forests offered good conditions for juvenile fishes. A thing it was great suggest from the side of Antilog Vacations as per my taste..

215 35

Gokul Dhiman Posted on: 19 Oct 2013

In my 3 nights stay at Andaman, the most memorable part was our complete group enjoyment in full moonlight. The late evening sitting & fishing activity was fully excited where we appreciated a kind of open environment. As per the arrangements of Antilog Vacations, our resort was located nearby the beach just a few kilometers apart from Havelock port. Overall, things were arranged & according to me..

213 26

Prakash Jha Posted on: 11 May 2016

This was our second honeymoon on the beautiful land of Andaman. We stayed three nights in Port Blair. And we planned this honeymoon package from Antilog vacation. We loved the Itinerary they planned for us. Appreciate the hotel services & enjoyed special treatment with the arrangements of relaxing Spa & candlelight dinner. This was our memorable honeymoon as compared to the first. Thanks, Antilog Vacations team.

212 23

Aanchal Saini Posted on: 14 Jan 2014

For our honeymoon trip we selected Andaman as our first choice for the reason that these Islands are away from the urban life in the lap of nature for a peaceful stay. It was our first visit to Andaman & we are thankful to Antilog vacations for the best arrangements of Lodging, meals & day tours. We visited Jail complex & museums at Port Blair. Havelock tour was memorable there we enjoyed snorkeling & scuba diving, visit to Radhanagar beach was most memorable it was the most beautiful beach among all the beaches.

212 23

Nalin Pandey Posted on: 23 Apr 2013

On my visit to Andaman with my family we enjoyed a lot in the beaches. Glass bottom boat ride was really a memorable ride, kids enjoyed it a lot. We also visited Havelock Island for rajan ride; it was amazing to ride an elephant in the sea. Playing on the beach remind me the days of childhood. We also visited cellular jail complex Port Blair, Ross Island, Viper Island & fishery museum. For all the memorable moments of the trip I am thankful to Antilog Vacations for all the arrangements.

212 15

Harinder Singh Verma Posted on: 16 Nov 2011

Our complete group with lot of chit-chat easily got a strong bond with each other & the place becomes perfection for our vacations. I don’t feel any difficulty in local transport, bars, internet, cell phone signals, comfortable stay, adventure activities & various other facilities. In my heart, I always wish for some more time. A big Salute to you buddies for providing me such wonderful time & I always with you for the future visits..

211 34

Vasu Vashista Posted on: 17 Feb 2016

I loved this awesome trip with my cousin friends. Beautiful surrounding the Port Blair & Havelock. I loved the beautiful picturesque sights of the Andaman. We visited the Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium & Ross Island. I love the snorkeling activity, this was my first snorkeling experience. Observed the amazing beauty at underwater world only & only with the best part of itinery by my favorite Antilog Vacations travel group.

210 23

Shweta Basu Posted on: 06 Jan 2016

Clean rooms, staff members were hospitable with the awesome architecture of resort. Food service was great & enjoyed the unlimited food. We walked on the beach at night & enjoy the swimming, amazing Beach-side candlelight dinner. Next day, we visited the Elephant Beach & enjoy the Snorkeling & Kayaking activities. Overall excellent experience.

210 22

Shweta Rawat Posted on: 17 Sep 2013

A big thanks to responsible partners (Antilog Vacations) who creates a heaven like feeling for my special honeymoon package at Andaman. The perfect living arrangement along the facilities of private pool, outside lake view, delicious food & outstanding services were the major part of their service. If I rated this then net it was more than good.

209 19

Prince Thakur Posted on: 04 Oct 2011

I needed a break after a bitter divorce & my best friend got me a 4D package from Antilog Vacations to the Andaman Islands. Reluctantly after much persuasion I boarded the flight & landed on Port Blair for the trip. Andaman has so much to offer that you give you all the peace & leisure you want. I took advantage of all the services, ate some great food & did scooter rides on the beach. It was a much needed break & I thank my friend for sending me on this wonderful trip. Again, thanks to Antilog Vacations too for making this trip a pleasure to contemplate. I returned with a whole new aspect about life. It is hard to hate when there is so much beauty in the world & Andaman taught me this very lesson. I shall return to Andaman again & Antilog Vacations is my travel companion from now on!

207 41

Survi Khanna Posted on: 15 Dec 2015

On my college holidays, our college group decided this Andaman tour. We stayed three nights in Port Blair & one night in Havelock. This was our memorable trip, we enjoyed a lot. In Port Blair, we visited Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, & Ross Island. And in Havelock, Elephant Beach & experience the snorkeling. Hotel food was delicious, clean rooms & the hotel view was awesome...This trip was booked from Antilog Vacations.

206 33

Azhar Mohammad Posted on: 14 Sep 2013

From the day of Scuba diving in cold blue water & till the date, there is no any single sense of excitement which failed to recall. With the help of experts & safety equipments I had taken the wonderful experience, whether it was in terms of fun, underwater exploration & the study of marine life. Lot of Thanks Antilog, for providing this new world!!

205 17

Sohan Lal Posted on: 10 Feb 2016

My first journey to Andaman with my Boss. We stayed two nights in Port Blair & two nights in Havelock. We take part in the thrill & water activities. The environment & surrounding view were awesome. Stayed at Sea Princess Beach Resort, we loved the cleanness, food, & the services. Our guide was also very informative, friendly & he assisted us very much.

203 17

Rajneesh Kaundal Posted on: 29 Jan 2013

I don’t take a long time to fall in love with the tranquility & solitude of Andaman. With the five nights holiday package from Antilog Vacations after my retirement i had the major aim of relax. The place offered me a lot, but there was an inner sound to want more. Those natural conditions took me back to my primitive stage. I think it was great was fully packed.

203 16

Shivani Bharadwaj Posted on: 12 Feb 2013

According to my interest, Samudrika Marine Museum was the best part of my journey where I developed the dual benefit of knowledge & environmental beauty. This specific location under the care of Indian Navy generated my actual aim. Here I acquired the general awareness about the marine life, archaeology & geographical knowledge. If I talk about the real treasure of place, then I felt the same to closely view the collection of shells, corals & fish fauna. Great work Antilog!!

202 14

Sanjay Posted on: 16 Dec 2015

Sea Princess Beach Resort is the best place to stay in Port Blair. The rooms were so relaxing, the bathrooms were neat & clean. Resort services were excellent, food quality was good. Resort staffs are very friendly. Overall, it was a reasonable deal only & only with the help of professional tour operator ANTILOG VACATIONS. From my side, A big High Five to Mr. Abhinav who helped to manage everything & its true.. I don't feel any single burden on my pocket. Major highlights are streefree visit with lifelong sweet moments. Great work guys, hats off to you!

200 22

Vijay Rana Posted on: 18 Dec 2011

I’m an Indian born based in London, & I was meeting this very old friend back from my hometown after more than a decade. We decided to make a trip to Andaman & spend some time there together. She booked the trip through Antilog Vacations & we met up at IGI airport to fly to Port Blair for our leisure week ahead. The meet & greet at the airport was amazing. We were taken to the resort in a private chauffeur driven car & the welcome drinks at the resort on our arrival were invigorating. The check-was brief & we liked the rooms. Food was exquisite. The staff at the resort was more than helpful & we took full advantage of the same. :)

200 18

Jay Mishra Posted on: 11 Nov 2015

I loved this place very much because of its beautiful beaches & scenic environment. We stayed Port Blair 3N & Havelock 2N. Enjoy the beauty of the famous attractions & the beaches. Experience the thrill of water activities & explored the underwater beauty. Syed at Silver Sand Beach Resort, excellent service, & the food was awesome. Thanks, Antilog Vacations for making our trip memorable.

200 2

Suman Khatri Posted on: 19 Oct 2014

This year the month of January was very special for me because I got married to the girl whom I loved & to make this time memorable I arranged my honeymoon trip for Andaman & all the arrangements for the trip we done through Antilog Vacations. We stayed for four nights in Havelock in the beach facing honeymoon room. They well decorated our room & also provided the honeymoon cake, candle light dinner was also arranged, these moments are unforgettable. We enjoyed glass bottom boat ride & snorkeling. Thanks to Antilog for making my honeymoon special & memorable.

200 13

Kapish Bhardwaj Posted on: 10 Feb 2016

For our honeymoon trip, we selected Andaman 4D/5N package. Visit the Havelock & Port Blair, we are thankful to Antilog vacations for the best arrangements of hotel, meals, wonderful Beach-side candlelight dinner & water activities. They made it one of the most memorable experiences for us. The food was excellent.

200 25

Kailash Chand Posted on: 15 Apr 2015

I returned from my honeymoon in the second week of March & had a wonderful experience with the place. Firstly, I would like to pay my regards to my tour operator 'Antilog Vacations' who planned in a very very beautiful way. I stayed in the Port Blair Cottage already booked by antilog. We visited Wandoor Beach, Rose Island & Cellular Jail. Enjoyed the snorkeling in blue water & other water activities.

200 15

Saniya Mehta Posted on: 18 Feb 2014

We visited Andaman this winter (through Antilog Vacations) & loved everything about the trip. The snorkeling was excellent in the clear water; saw the beautiful corals & some exquisitely beautiful fishes. What intrigued us the most was the glass bottom boat ride that took out breath away. We never expected something as beautiful; thanks to our tour manager from Antilog Vacations who introduced this to us. A perfect honeymoon, I would say.

200 11

Malcolm Posted on: 17 Oct 2012

A weekend at the Andaman is all you need after working your ass off for months, & I planned a 7 day trip to this island through Antilog Vacations. The experience was awesome. I loved everything about the trip including the booking experience with this travel company. I would definitely want to return to this island again for a beach marriage, or if not, then most certainly for my honeymoon. A great weekend get-away! Highly recommended!!

200 24

Vikram Rajput Posted on: 04 May 2013

We found Antilog Vacations on the internet & we interacted through calls & emails; never even cared to visit their office. And guess what, they proved to be the most honest company I have ever come across. Genuine packages, reliable customer services, transparent rates & unfaltering services make this company a strong recommendation from my side. I have travelled many places with AV & my last trip to Andaman was equally satisfactory. No plans of swapping even if I come across some other agency with dirt cheap rates.

200 8

Arjun Singh Posted on: 06 Aug 2014

Jet Skiing, an ultimate water sport which is a dream of every child & adult. I caught this proud moment in the blue water of Andaman Islands. I fully enjoyed this wonder under the guidance of my friendly & cool trainer along all the safety equipments. No one can offer a special touch to my vacations except Antilog..Guys, I think its your inbuilt quality to easily know the taste of your client.

200 10

Aastha Posted on: 03 Apr 2014

I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the Andaman Islands. Courtesy goes to Antilog Vacations that has helped in making my trip wormy free. All the way from pickup at the airport, transfer to hotel, ship to Havelock, arrangement at Havelock were good & without a hitch/problem. All these arrangements with a few phone calls/e-mails surely impress me. Thanks for the arrangement. Will return again!

199 11

Himani Posted on: 08 Jun 2014

My children were asking for a tour during their winter vacations so I booked the tour for Andaman Islands. The tour was organized & booked from Antilog Vacations their executive was very polite & coordinating. He well organized the hotel, transfers & sightseeing for us. We visited Saw mill, cellular jail, Ross Island & Viper Island. We also had an excursion to the Mount Harriet National park; my children enjoyed this visit a lot.

198 14

Shefali Gupta Posted on: 16 Jun 2011

Landed on Antilog Vacations while surfing for a vacation to the Andaman & seeing their rates I immediate booked the trip; the rates were quite low so we were not sure about the services but it was a nice trip logging & transportation services were quite good. We also had a taste of the local Andaman food. Good experience of this trip thanks to Antilog team.

197 38

Jasbeer Singh Randhawa Posted on: 06 Sep 2012

The best vacations are made through Antilog Vacations & I have realized it now after having done a couple of vacations to Nepal & Bhutan & Andaman consecutively through Antilog Vacations. After so many bitter experiences in the past with other vacation agencies, I have finally decided to stick to AV & not experiment with any other in the future. My recent trip to Andaman will always be remembered by me & my family. We couldn’t have had a better time.
Thank you Antilog! You made my trip a pleasure once again.

197 31

Devendra Verma Posted on: 10 Oct 2013

I know the reasons why my heart always beats with a higher rating after getting the sound of Andaman. I think, my tour planner (Antilog Vacations) has the major role to tie up a strong bond with the place. Because no one enjoyed the beautiful or variety of options in the lack of comfort. So you guys have offered me that power. Ton of thanks !!

197 9

Avneesh Gupta Posted on: 03 Apr 2014

Playing with sand, enjoying sun bath & snorkeling on the beach these memories take me back to the Andaman Islands. In the month of March we visited Andaman for our honeymoon. We stayed in a luxury hotel with beach view it was really impressive. We enjoyed Para sailing, under sea walk & scuba diving. The instructors were very knowledgeable & funny too, so we enjoyed water activities. My honeymoon became memorable because of the best package provided to us by Antilog Vacations. Thanks for their efforts.

197 27

Udai Pal Posted on: 13 Apr 2013

I had collected a big message from my eco-friendly tour of Andaman. We’ve to preserve our entire nature just like this beautiful small part. The active beaches & beautiful lined greenery along my quiet stroll was just mesmerized experience. Each part provided me a lot from the wonderful water activities & shopping opportunities..
Thanks to everyone for being part of this journey & a special big five to my tour planner ‘Antilog Vacations’ for their amazing services.

197 24

Raj Bhardwaj Posted on: 11 May 2016

I visited Andaman with my aunt & uncle. We enjoyed a lot with, experience various fun activities & interacted with new people. We enjoyed the environment, surroundings. The hotel was good, its surrounding view was awesome. But we don't like the food, it's tasteless, we were very disappointed with food services. But it's a great time in Andaman. Thanks to Antilog vacations.

196 22

Niharika Posted on: 03 May 2013

Andaman was truly an inviting place for me & my family. We don’t need difficulty in the place of different culture, heritage & custom. We were from South Indian & the place comfortably accepted us with our language, taste of food & lifestyle. I just loved to interact with the local people & learn about the history of the place..Net it was a great experience!!

196 17

Kiran Jha Posted on: 08 Sep 2013

It was an amazing experience. I loved visiting all the places at Port Blair & North & middle Andaman. Havelock was a thrilling experience. People are really very cooperative & good hearted. I would like to give credits to Antilog Vacations for executing this trip so well for us.

196 11

Mohneesh Negi Posted on: 19 Mar 2014

The water sports complex of Andaman opened a unique experience for me where I acquired the variety of tastes for my adventure feeling. A polite lady as a sales executive of Antilog Vacations offered me the complete detail about the renowned place. Her communication was really informative from the numerous water sports, pleasant walk area, cafeteria up to proper changing room. This was well arranged artwork of Andaman government..Great tour!!

196 11

Bimal Jain Posted on: 11 Sep 2014

I never forgot my craziest moments at Andaman. I captured this pristine beauty from every angle like from land, sea & aerial view. In my words it was the best gift of God to mankind. There were several airline options connected with Port Blair, different cities & mainland. But, I opt the entire services of reputed name Antilog Vacations. If at present, I’ve the same opportunity then I’ll jump with double excitement to again tightly hug the place..

196 11

Suraj Madhukar Posted on: 14 Dec 2014

Every travelled with a company that’s focused on nothing but providing complete customer satisfaction? Such a firm is hard to find, we know. After all the bitter experiences with leading international travel agencies, I decided to give it one last try before giving up completely & thank heavens! I came across AV. It was a trip to India, Andaman to be precise, & the way the team tactfully handled everything went over my head. How could someone be so perfect, I still sit to wonder.
Having returned from this amazing trip, I am recommending my son & his wife in taking a vacation in India from the same source, of course. Also, I have already booked a trip to Maldives through AV & hope to have an equally good time there. Won a fan these folks out there have!

196 18

Rushabh Posted on: 25 Mar 2012

A vacation is never a vacation when you have bitter experiences associated with it. Last time when we went to Rajasthan with a vacation company I don’t choose to take the name of, we had such horrid experiences that ruined the entire festive mood. This Christmas we flew to Andaman Islands through Antilog Vacations & we are more than glad to have not chosen any other company but this. It was an amazing experience with not even a single thing to complain about. Our trip included Port Blair & Havelock & we covered almost everything worth experiencing with a lot of time in between to relax. An amazing experience it has been with Antilog Vacations. Returning soon for my next!

195 30

Dipesh Kumar Posted on: 03 Jun 2012

My honeymoon trip to Andaman was the most memorable trip I had ever been in my lifetime. We stayed in a lagoon suite, our room was well decorated. We got a honeymoon cake on the same day & next day a wonderful candle light dinner was arranged for us in the resort. It was the first chance for me to impress my wife & I did it. All this was not possible without the help of my tour planning team, thanks to Antilog Vacations for all the suitable arrangements & making my honeymoon memorable.

195 32

Ishmeet Kumar Posted on: 12 Jan 2011

A trip to the Andaman was our plan this winter & we are glad to have booked this vacation through The company did a great job in providing a satisfactory itinerary & sticking to it throughout. I mean, they delivered what was promised. Last summer we took a vacation to Kerala through another company (the name I would avoid mentioning) & the experience has been terrible. Antilog Vacations has earned another prospective client, which happens to be us. Needless to say, we would be returning again!

194 30

Piyush Shukla Posted on: 17 Apr 2013

After reading all the reviews about travel agencies who are often seen robbing their clients off their money, I was skeptic initially regarding purchasing a vacation package from Antilog Vacation to the Andaman for our honeymoon. But we have never been there before & so, making all the bookings on our own seemed to be a hard nut to crack. A colleague of my husband recommended this company to my husband & we decided to take our chances.
To our utter surprise, everything from picking us up at the airport to dropping us for the flight back & everything in between was more than welcoming & hospitable. The tour manager was the best ever who never failed to surprise us (in a good way, of course) & made our stay as homely as can be. We are more than satisfied with our honeymoon & more so content with Antilog Vacation’s excellent services. We will return for sure.

193 10

Divya Chopra Posted on: 10 Oct 2014

Untouched beauty with peaceful environment between the sapphire colored waters, moderate waves, bare trees & the vast horizon we witnessed all this on the spectacular beach of Havelock Island. We booked this Andaman trip from Antilog Vacations & it was good enough to enjoy our days. We enjoyed snorkeling & watched colorful corals on the Elephanta beach as it is an ideal place for these activities. In the evening we went for word watching & captured the birds in camera.

193 15

Rajan Arora Posted on: 06 Oct 2013

I was always fascinated towards water, whenever I got a chance to swim in an open pool or a river I did not missed it. I visited Andaman & got a chance to enjoy sun & water in the sea, how can I explain this experience it was really a bizarre moment for me. I enjoyed snorkeling & also tried under sea walk. Scuba diving was also a different experience to swim between the corals & different fishes. Overall experience of the trip was really great. For all these memorable moments the credit goes to Antilog Vacations.

193 11

Jignesh Chaturvedi Posted on: 11 Sep 2013

I acquired the blessed moment to visit at world legendary beaches of Andaman with Antilog Vacations. In my views it was an ideal place for all aged groups, whether you are here with family, loved one or friends..Guys you’ll surely rock with the blend of friendly options. It was my ever best journey without a single point of compromise.

192 20

Rajat Pandey Posted on: 04 Jan 2012

The amazing trip that we had in Port Blair & Havelock can’t be described in words. It was the most beautiful time of my life. My parents booked this get away with Antilog Vacations. Everything went on as planned. The Elephant Beach & the Kala Patthar stole my heart away. Scuba diving was an out of this world experience, something which I have always seen in video but never got to experience before. I am very, very happy with the trip & I will come to Andaman again. To whomsoever it may concern, my parents who are avid vacationers were eulogizing Antilog Vacation’s services. Which turns out to me it is a good company to go for.

192 21

Leela Konar Posted on: 09 May 2016

Andaman is a nice place to relax & enjoy. The services provided by Antilog Vacations were very well. We explore the beautiful Andaman, fully enjoyed the water activities such as snorkeling, & scuba diving. Hotel services were very good. Our rooms were very clean, spacious & the views from the rooms were simply amazing. We admire the beauty of nature & enjoyed our trip very much.

192 18

David Posted on: 20 Feb 2012

While reaching Andaman I experienced that the Lush green beauty of jungles & blue water beaches held me in the lap of nature. It was a very different experience during this travel. All the travel arrangements were done by Antilog Vacations & they also provided a guide for sightseeing. When we visited the cellular jail the freedom struggle history of India came into the mind. The visit to Andaman water sports complex was good & we utilized our time there in the water sports activities. Overall tour experience was memorable all this was possible because of the efforts our tour planner.

192 14

Kavya Prajapati Posted on: 19 Feb 2013

I have gotten the rewarding Andaman tour with the special efforts of Antilog Vacations. In the 100 sq km area of Havelock Island, I’ve gotten the chance of snorkeling in the clear crystal water. The aquatic life-forms & corals fulfilled my excitement of snorkeling dive along the entire safety terms & provide me revitalizing change.

190 15

Rahul Roy Posted on: 12 Feb 2014

It was my first time experience in a Seaplane from Port Blair to Havelock Island. It was around 15 minutes journey which was a blend of feelings. I felt a sense of proud to ride from this historic place where Commercial Seaplane gets its launching. Thanks Antilog for designing such wonderful tour.

190 20

Girish Vaidya Posted on: 09 Jul 2012

I was always interested to study the history of different places. To study about the Indian freedom movements I also got a chance to visit Andaman Islands. Visit to Port Blair cellular jail Viper Island & Ross Island was a good experience. On the other hand the beautiful beaches of Havelock & Elephanta Islands gave me a chance to feel the pristine beauty & serene environment of Nature. It was like surprising for me to see the harmony of nature & history in Andaman. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for the tour arrangements & all the services.

189 22

Himanshu Verma Posted on: 26 Aug 2013

I am feeling too much lucky to find the name Antilog along their extraordinary services. Actually, they are the real hero’s to join ‘wow’ factor in my Andaman tour. They offer the best conditions whether it is a case of weather, resort facilities, water sports activities & the entire natural conditions.

189 12

Shekhar Posted on: 06 Aug 2013

The best thing about AV is good time management; you can have plenty of time to relax in between excursions. Another plus is the accommodation & vehicle arrangement; deluxe rooms & transfers are made available to the guests. Next good thing is that the tour covers almost all popular places in Port Blair & Havelock & also you can customize the number of days of your stay on your best interest.
The Andaman tour we recently did was very a very successful one. We were more than impressed with the superlative services this agency had to offer. Highly recommended!

189 11

Suresh Jha Posted on: 15 Nov 2013

Excellent tour manager. The knowledgeable tour manager from Antilog Vacations made our trip that precise pleasure which we came seeking. Made our honeymoon a bliss. The candlelight dinner, the honeymoon cake & the floral arrangement in our room surpassed our expectations. A perfect honeymoon a couple can ever have. We recommend AV with the highest esteem.

188 8

Rishika Yadav Posted on: 05 Apr 2013

My tour to Andaman through Antilog Vacations served me a lot. I was fully touched with the long stretched white sandy beaches & blue water. It was a crowded day, when I picked a time for snorkeling. But, elephant ride, swimming & ferry ride offered me the awesome moments. In the leisure time, I picked out the simple walk option to closely store the beauty of place for lifelong memories.

188 14

Arvind Thakur Posted on: 10 Nov 2013

Andaman is a real piece of paradise if travelled to with the right vacation company. Antilog Vacations proved to be one in our case. Picture perfect landscapes, glorious food & out-of-the world sightseeing- we just loved this place. Andaman is an ideal destination for those who love nature; blue water beaches to be precise. A must visit indeed! Travel with Antilog Vacations during the winters & you will have the best times of your life, ever, I promise.

188 13

Milap Rathaur Posted on: 21 Feb 2013

Even after my Andaman tour, I’ve learned the entire tips conveyed by my tour planner from Antilog Vacations. Here I am feeling lucky to have you!! In the peak season when the hot spots are fully packed, I don’t face any single hassle whether it was a matter of best accommodation, my traditional Bengali food or activity performances. Guys, you offered me the accurate direction for the beautiful world.

187 11

Radhika Gupta Posted on: 06 May 2013

For the North Andaman journey, I was pre-prepared & arranged a jetty ticket in advance. Frankly, before this visit I was also unfamiliar with the place. But, the tips of my tour planner (Antilog Vacations) accurately work on right time. In the time saving manner, I enjoyed the mild waves of turquoise colored water & long stretch of white sand at Radhanagar Beach. Overall, it was appreciable journey.

186 22

Kalyan Acharya Posted on: 24 Jun 2012

Antilog Vacations- a name that you can trust!
We booked our trip to Andaman 6 months ahead of the journey date & availed some great discounts. But unfortunately we had to cancel the trip due to my father falling suddenly ill just a month before the vacation & I had to cancel the trip. They advised me to instead postpone it which seemed to me to be a good idea. And then we had to do 4 more postpone due to one reason or the other before we could finally take the trip. Had it been some other company we would have to have paid almost double the amount already being paid. The team at Antilog charged just a couple of thousands more for the flights which was understandable & we had the best time of our life. Given this experience I would never hesitate to travel with them again & again. These people simply won our hearts!

186 19

Jamie Posted on: 17 Feb 2013

What to love about Andaman? Rather you may ask, what not to love about Andaman. Clear waters, coconut plantation, water activities, scuba diving, museums, steamer rides, resorts, smooth white sand, elephant rides along the beach… & the list goes on. Book a vacation with trustworthy vacation rentals such as Antilog Vacations & experience the joy of a lifetime. We did it though AV & we were thoroughly happy with the trip. Namaste!

184 8

Manohar Sharma Posted on: 21 Oct 2014

I never watched this kind of natural happiness on my wife’s face before this trip. I think there was some magic in the air in which we returned back to our teenage. We felt the sound of waves that crossed around us, dug our feet in white sand, laid down at the shoreline with open hairs & much more.
Special thanks to Antilog, for offering such wonderful activities, even which I don’t expect.

184 7

Harshad Posted on: 04 May 2013

I was a little skeptic at first when my husband booked this trip to Andaman through Antilog Vacations. We had gone to Rajasthan last year with another leading name & the experience has been utterly sour. Nonetheless, we boarded the flight & took the trip as money has already been paid.
Now, I must say, I was completely taken aback seeing the undaunted efforts made by the tour manager in making us feel at home. There is no better way we could be treated & I am already planning my next vacation with this dependable agency. Take a ride folks, you won’t be disappointed! Way to go, team Antilog!

184 10

Abhinandan Joshi Posted on: 18 Dec 2012

Andaman is a place of simplicity & purity in a complete touch of nature. I got a closer experience of local peoples' life. They were apart from any fake things or don’t use any external source of beauty. They simply wake up in the next morning without the hassles of past or future. The small group of happy people was totally apart from major worries of money & politics. Thanks Antilog, for giving me this special opportunity to look after the real side of life.

184 26

Parag Mukhopadhyay Posted on: 17 Jun 2012

Most memorable moment in the Andaman Islands was the excursion to the Jolly Buoy beach. It was almost one hour ride from Mahatma Gandhi marine national park. The breathtaking beauty of the island made my eyes blink less for a moment. The peaceful natural surrounding was more than enough to feel the real love of nature. Antilog Vacations organized my Andaman trip & it was well planned to utilize every moment.

183 18

Ravinder Pandey Posted on: 05 Mar 2013

It was exactly a different matter to feel the things from a distance or their practical view with a closer look. Similarly, I got the same experience in my Andaman visit. It was truly difficult to spend few days in a new place. Here I firstly thanks to Antilog vacations for offering me the home like treatment. I just got the feeling that you offered me a familiar pillow for complete rest.

183 10

Nikhil Verma Posted on: 27 Nov 2012

Pleasant flights (to & from), luxury accommodation, delightful cuisines, vivid landscape & monument sightseeing, & joyful water activities- all in all a perfect get away to the Andaman. No, we didn’t plan it on our own but let Antilog Vacations take care of the same. And guess what? They did it just the way we wanted. Won’t hesitate even the slightest bit to pass the word to a friend or a colleague or even family… Recommended like anything!

182 22

Gopesh Desai Posted on: 22 Apr 2014

Jolly Buoy beach is the best place in Andaman Islands for snorkeling & watching coral reefs. The forest department has well preserved this area the natural beauty & snorkeling experience are speechless. The marine fauna like tiger fish & butterfly fish between the beautiful corals were superb. Thanks to Antilog my tour planner for adding this place in my tour plan it was an unforgettable experience.

181 17

Neeraj Kumar Posted on: 19 Feb 2013

Visit to the Baratang Island was a thrilling experience. I was seeking for a beach destination for my winter vacations. I got an online package of Antilog Vacations for Andaman, it was a beach package. When I contacted them & asked for thrill activities they added Baratang Island on our special request in the itinerary. We visited there via mangrove canopy walk that connects to a trail through moist deciduous forests that leads to the limestone caves. It was a thrilling but wonderful trip.

180 20

Imtiyaz Mohammed Posted on: 04 May 2013

A brief family vacation due to budget constraint, but frankly, a vacation could never be better than what we are just back from. Antilog Vacations have reasonable rates, uncompromised services & “round the clock” customer support. We loved everything about this trip, had great fun & with a promise to use their services again, we render our gratitude to AV for making my family happy. I’m glad we choose AV above all.

180 20

Mahak Patial Posted on: 11 Apr 2013

Andaman is a melting point of Indian culture which I self-felt in my recent visit through Antilog Vacations. This rich & diverse place reflected its finest colors in my entire journey. If I talk about the food & cuisine, then the place is highly influenced by all the cultures & there was a strong relation with traditional food.

180 14

Pankaj Malhotra Posted on: 20 May 2013

I with my college friend visited Andaman for leisure. Our main purpose of the tour was to explore different places. This tour was planned by Antilog Vacations in a way that we can explore most of the places. We visited Cellular jail complex, saw mill, Ross & Viper Island. We also visited Kalapathar beach, Radhanagar beach & enjoyed glass bottom boat ride. Excursion to Neil Island was also good. Overall whole the trip was memorable.

180 8

Monica Reddy Posted on: 03 Dec 2013

Andaman has the most beautiful beaches in India with a lot of options for water sports in addition to snorkeling & scuba diving. An ideal place for vacationers & honeymooners, you would be overwhelmed with the hospitality & abundance of leisure activities these islands have to offer. We booked our vacation through AV & the experience was magical. We returned with high esteem for this customer-centric company which never fails to impress you. Will return soon for our next vacation!

179 12

Yadvinder Kocchar Posted on: 22 Feb 2012

Here the experience of my tour planner ‘Antilog Vacations’ actually works. I confirmed my Andaman tour for the month of February & caught the chance to enjoy the chance of recently developed ‘Diving’ activity in India. This splendid experience was the best to explore the hidden jewels of underwater along untouched coral reefs. Truly amazing!!

179 18

Renuka Soni Posted on: 04 May 2012

With the small population of Andaman & their simple lifestyle, I got a chance to run my life at medium gear..which was only always on top in the busiest schedule. For enjoying such kind of environment I hired a cycle for a local sightseeing. I think nothing was more amazing than this healthy environment. I really missed the days which were beautifully molded by Antilog Vacations.

179 10

Manjula Srivastav Posted on: 12 Oct 2014

Felt myself relaxed & safe in the company of nature. Thanks Antilog for managing my Andaman tour where I got the closest view of nature. The turquoise water reminded me about the purity of life, cool dancing wind given me the signs of my young strength & the beautiful sea & sand combination just like a pretty woman told me all the secrets of life. Really amazing experience!!

179 5

Harjeet Singh Posted on: 03 Feb 2014

Water activities always attracted me & if I got a change I never miss. On this Andaman trip I spent most of my time in water activities at water sports complex & on the Elephant beach. Snorkeling & scuba diving were good but I enjoyed Para sailing a lot. Scuba diving between the beautiful & colored coral was also a wonderful experience. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for such a wonderful tour package.

178 12

Mayank Ahuja Posted on: 16 May 2012

It was a great change for me after taking a break from the hectic scroll of life. With the complete Indian Government settlement, it was beautiful as well as well-maintained place. For the leisure time the place has a large collection of forts, beaches, museums up to historical sites. I gave a special zing to my vacations with water sports activities. I want to give a huge thanks to Antilog Vacations for providing me such wonderful variety.

177 9

Jaikaran Mishra Posted on: 07 Feb 2014

Awesome beaches! If you are keen of having a little fun in the crystal clear blue water then you must visit this place. There are many islands nearby such as Havelock n Elpahanta islands. It was an experience of a lifetime, I must say. The Makruzz ride to & from Havelock was fun, so were the Avenger ride at Havelock which you can rent for as low as 500INR/day. Antilog Vacations arranged all these for us. Great Company! We recommend!

177 18

Ranjana Posted on: 15 Jan 2014

First of all, I want to appreciate my accommodation facilities by Antilog Vacation at Andaman tour. It was well operated facility which included all the levels of rooms. In my semi-deluxe room, I got complete arrangements from double bed, sofa set, two wardrobes & good conditioned washroom. The best thing its central location which offered the outside beautiful scenery. On the section of food, then it was hygienic but the menu was so-so.

175 17

Pallav Shukla Posted on: 18 Mar 2012

In my last 5 days Andaman tour, I planned trekking on the third day along little cycling. I had selected Elephant beach for trek because it had taken around 30 minutes through forests. At the main road mark, a bus stop up to the Radhanagar beach I preferred cycling. After that trekking underneath tropical trees were the major attraction of my journey. In this path, I also reached at the desert like landscape which was the form of partial vegetated mangroves. Overall, it was a great journey which I actually planned with renowned name Antilog Vacations.

175 14

Thangarajan Ganaka Posted on: 28 Mar 2013

Antilog, it is a great message for you as per your excellent efforts. Havelock became a comfortable zone in this inspiring nature’s lap. In the reasonable prices, I’ve collected a lot. Along the good vegetarian food, I got best accommodation facilities. Every step was surprising..In my complete visit I just welcomed a new surprise without any wait. It was just a result of your unbeatable job.

174 21

Kerwin Abraham Posted on: 05 Apr 2014

After returning from my Andaman tour, I want to give a big thanks to God & my tour planner (Antilog Vacations). Without their efforts, I didn’t expect this kind of perfection. As I was single person from my home & being a female there was a little bit sense of nervousness. Havelock Island was the best part of my sightseeing, where I caught the number of memories from Kalapathar Viewpoint beach, Divine Natural Bridge Beach & Radhanagar beach. In my views it was world famous part..

174 17

Jatin Patel Posted on: 19 Dec 2013

Port Blair is very beautiful island. There is lot of place to see. Radhakrishna beach is very nice. Cellular jail is a must-see in the evening. The resort we stayed in was neat & tidy & the food tasted real good. We went to Havelock too as a part of our vacation package with Antilog, & had a lot of fun there. Scuba diving was the first time experience for us & we loved it. Will return again to Andaman. Most probably through Antilog as they give good rates. Thank you!

173 8

Ronit Gupta Posted on: 26 May 2013

Andaman is known among the travellers for its fabulous beaches, these islands are still away from the crowded urban life. I was seeking for such a destination to get relaxed for some days to recharge myself for work again. It was a great fun with other tourists; I got a chance to mix up with the people of different regions. Thanks to Antilog for making my trip memorable.

170 12

Sunaina Rai Posted on: 01 Dec 2013

From the complete itinerary plan, I picked out a day for Mount Harriet National Park. It was in the surroundings of Port Blair & here I had reached by covering the beautiful destinations like Viper Island, Ross Island & North Bay. In this trek, I got the help of locals & took a closer view of floral species of land. Net, the journey was great, I think there was no point of imperfection.

170 21

Mukund Pillai Posted on: 23 Oct 2013

My wish of Eco-friendly tour completed with the selection of very special destination Andaman. Here the pace of life is slow & peaceful. The friendly nature of local people is too much touching part of my journey. I heartily appreciate the efforts of Antilog, for providing me such beautiful days.

170 6

Samuel Haidar Posted on: 27 Apr 2013

Undoubtedly the beauty of Andaman attracted every person of our group. But, I don’t cut down a single percent of my excitement to explore shrouded mystery of the place. Besides, such paragon of beauty, there was lots of hidden aspects about the Indian history. I collected a few facts from my visit at Viper island & its particular locations of jail, gallows & Doctor’s residence. Similarly, Samudrika Marine Museum was another important part of my journey.
Thanks Antilog, for generating such kind of wonderful itinerary.

169 7

Abimanyu Rathore Posted on: 30 May 2013

Beaches in the natural adobe of Andaman Islands are the big reason for people from distant regions to visit there. This year on my Andaman trip I visited Radhanagar beach in Havelock Island, the prettiest beach with clear water & a variety of beautiful marine wildlife. It is a place where a nature lover would always like to stay. Snorkeling on the beach in the blue water between the corals was the best experience.

169 32

Edward Posted on: 09 Jun 2013

Beautiful beaches, blue seas, cool breeze, continental dishes, adventure water-sports, & a historic tour describes a complete vacation at the Andaman, & we are glad that we did it. After travelling to various states of India, we wanted to visit Andaman next on our list. Antilog Vacations did a wonderful job in arranging everything for us. The prices were reasonable & we enjoyed the trip. Thank you Antilog Vacations. Hope our subsequent trips with you will prove to be equally pleasurable.

166 11

Aasif Mohammad Ali Posted on: 16 Mar 2013

It was my second trip with Antilog Vacations & this time I visited Andaman Islands. Peaceful, crowd free & green surrounding was very beautiful. The clear blue water of the beaches let no body stay away from it. I enjoyed snorkeling & glass bottom boat ride. The sunset of the Radhanagar beach was wonderful. Overall I enjoyed the trip.

166 19

Jaidev Guneta Posted on: 24 May 2013

I had never seen such kind of rich collection of birds except Chidiya Tapu. This bird island has its own special world in a form of green mangroves, tranquility, forest view, island surroundings & the pleasant chirping sound of birds..Thanks Antilog for planned this kind of fantabulous picnic spot along the variety of options.

165 11

Pratap Verma Posted on: 24 Nov 2013

Me & my friend took a trip of Andaman, booking done through Antilog Vacations, & we are proud to say that we have had the best vacation of our life so far. Antilog’s customer service is incomparable. We had a couple of minor issues through the booking process but it was amended quickly & tactfully from their side without the least bit of hassle. We would recommend this vacation company to anyone we come across. Complete value for money packages they have & everything else is so welcoming.

165 16

Ramit Shukla Posted on: 08 Nov 2013

It was a family tour with lots of kids & elderlies & we found the agency very well managed & disciplined in handling the group. The team was quite meticulous in planning all my tour needs extremely well. Accommodations & transfers were better than expected. Persons deputed as chauffeur & tour manager were extremely courteous & helpful. During the entire tour a very personal & family-live atmosphere prevailed which made it extremely congenial & enjoyable. I would like to vacation again with Antilog Vacations. Thanks.

160 11

Javed Ahsan Posted on: 23 Feb 2014

It was our complete family visit at Andaman with Antilog Vacations. This tour provided me every color of life. If I shared my simple experience of a day on a sandy beach along the sips of coconut water, then in this small moment, I had collected the wide colors of life… to view the frolicked children in water, strolled youngsters with their hands in hands in the new direction of love & sitting of the oldies couple along a mark of satisfaction. I think nothing was more important than experiencing these wonderful stages of life…

159 8

Prem Kumar Chauhan Posted on: 14 Dec 2014

If you fantasize deep blue seas, then Andaman is the place for you to go. We wanted a perfect honeymoon by the beach & Antilog Vacations gave it to us of which we shall be thankful for ever. The excursions that covered almost everything were great & provided us with enough information to brush up our GK. Availability of veg food for vegetarians like us was the best part. Not much shopping opportunities to be found there but whatever is there is quite unique & worth buying. AV arranged out return in a ship which was equally amazing. Heartfelt thanks for giving us such a wonderful time of our life.

159 22

Sujata Rai Posted on: 10 Sep 2014

I entrusted Antilog Vacation with the planning & organizing our week long holiday at the Andaman Islands. At the end of my trip I am more so inclined to say that they have done a thoroughly professional job, taking care of all our requirements keeping our comforts in mind. I mainly thank the tour operator for all the care taken by him to make our trip as enjoyable as can be. Once again, thank you Antilog Vacations.

158 10

Somnath Reddy Posted on: 29 Oct 2013

It was a great experience to visit Andaman with my old parents. Our tour was organized & booked by Antilog Vacations & they made all their efforts to make the trip comfortable for my parents. They enjoyed a lot; those were the moments when my parents were so happy after a long time. We did word watching around the Hotel in morning & in the evening at Wandoor beach. My father enjoyed snorkeling also. Thanks to Antilog for arranging such a beautiful trip.

156 11

Ravinder Juneja Posted on: 12 Sep 2013

We booked our tour with Antilog Vacations to Andaman Islands 6 months prior to travel. The documents were cleared right away. The representative I talked to kept in touch with me at intervals, which was simply enough to give them my complete trust. The day of our vacation came, finally, & we landed on the Port Blair airport with warm greetings. The fly back was equally comfortable & everything in between was more than what you can call eternal bliss. The greenish blue water, the activities, the touring-around- everything was just perfect. The resorts were cozy & welcoming & the food tasted like a bite of heaven.
If you are looking for an impeccable vacation, Antilog Vacations is your thing!

155 16

Pritam Pal Singh Posted on: 24 Apr 2013

This Andaman trip was a wonderful experience for our friends group. The sales person from Antilog Vacations who prepared our trip was always in contact with us. All the services mentioned in the itinerary we got during our trip. Elephant ride & scuba diving at Havelock Island was a memorable experience. Thanks to Antilog for a good travel package.

154 18

Chander Shekhar Posted on: 19 Jan 2013

Open air, dazzling beauty of nature, eco-friendly environment & the sound of water waves in the beaches makes me feel much more relaxed than to sit in my office for the whole day. In a year I go for holidays only twice & this year I booked my Holidays for Andaman from Antilog Vacations. Thanks for suggesting me such a beautiful destination for my Holidays. I was really a relaxing & memorable trip.

146 30

Isabel Posted on: 05 Feb 2014

Here I want to share my review about the one of the unique place ‘Elephant Beach’ in Havelock Island. It is the best example of pristine beauty which is untouched from commercialism. Snorkelling is the specialty of Elephant beach. The sapphire water, peaceful ambience, gentle waves & vibrant coral reefs are like the beautiful senses of beaches. Millions of Thanks, to Antilog for providing such vast horizon..

143 9

Niranjan Mishra Posted on: 28 Apr 2013

If you are still looking for a vacation company after so many bitter experiences in the past, then Antilog Vacations is your team. I have used the services of ‘n’ number of travel companies during the last 10 years & trust me when I say; I have been vacationing with Antilog Vacations for three years by now & have never got a real point to complain. I visited Andaman this January & the experiences have been equally great. Port Blair & Havelock had so much to offer to the tourists & Antilog made sure I have a taste of everything. An impeccable management from the team is what makes their vacations a memory to last a lifetime.
I will return to use their services again. It’s my favorite vacation company, after all.

143 16

Paras Guneta Posted on: 11 Aug 2014

I have traveled through Yatra, MMT & a few more, vacationed with most of them too but the experience with AV (a vacation to Andaman Islands) was more pleasurable than expected. Everything was crystal clear with no hidden costs & the polite representative answered to all my queries in the best possible way. I am recommending their services to my in-laws who are about to travel to Europe for a week-long vacation. Hope everything goes fine for them too.

130 18

Nihal Singh Posted on: 24 Oct 2013

As I am Indian & my visit at Cellular Jail was full of sentiments. Such special location was much more than a prisoners or criminals site. It is a place which has gentle reminders about our freedom fighters. Even the museum displayed the manual labor & prisoner’s life in the pre- Independence era. I also captured the special postures like working at mustard oil mills, coconut husking & prisoner torture & much more. Nothing was possible without a special helpful hand of Antilog Vacations (my tour planner) & guide.

123 19

Raghuveer Sharma Posted on: 09 Oct 2014

Adventure in the beach destination that is surrounded by small mountains with dense green forests was amazing. I with my college friends were on Andaman tour for four days. We had great fun & enjoyed water sports activities. Ferry ride was also a kind of thrilling experience because it was the first time for us to sit in a ferry. We took the package from Antilog Vacations & it was well organized.

121 13

Ronit Chauhan Posted on: 17 Nov 2013

I am travelling with Antilog Vacations for last 3 years. Have vacationed 5 times in a row all over India with this flawless agency of a vacation rental & we I have been impressed every time with their customer-centric features & policies. A week-long vacation in the Andaman Islands was what I did recently with them & the experience continues to be the same. Wonder if they would sign me up as a premium member (with added benefits) in the days to come. My referrals have been many for them to count!

121 12

Sujain Posted on: 07 Feb 2014

At the time of selection the Andaman holiday package from Antilog Vacations, I had a feeling of necessity. Like, I was totally frustrated with my routine schedule that was covered within a small circle, in which I had to watched high rising building, crowded roads with a disturbing hustle bustle & a fearful life with increased stage of stress.
I missed the beautiful parts of life which have strong relation with nature. Now, I self feels this transition in my words, in my thoughts & in my complete lifestyle with the relaxing hours in the beautiful lap of nature. Thanks Antilog for life changing moments!!

120 5

Azeem Ahmad Posted on: 07 Sep 2014

I always suggest to new sightseers of Adaman, never miss the opportunity to visit the magical Havelock Island. The pleasant environment, virgin beaches, white sand & azure blue water are perfect conditions to make your visit successful. The beach sidewalk in moonlight is perfect to spend the special moments with loved ones. Besides all the things never miss to pre-plan your tour as per my last experience with a reputed name Antilog Vacations for spending your time in the comfort zone.

119 20

Anjana Dhiman Posted on: 19 Apr 2014

This was my first vacation & I wanted it to be a memorable one. Booked a leisure trip with three of my friends through Antilog Vacations & it all went smoothly. We had so much fun, soaked up the sun, the scooter rides were amazing, & found solace during the night lying down on the beach-star gazing! Wow! It rhymed! Must I say, this vacation was equally poetic! Antilog Vacation’s team understood our requirements & organized our trip accordingly. We are obliged! Thank you guys! Will come back to you soon!

118 10

Sonali Mehra Posted on: 12 Oct 2014

I currently study on the research topic of Andamanese population. I think getting the opportunity of a practical view in this accurate time was superb. I had planned my tour with Antilog Vacations, looking after their satisfied customer reviews, most competitive prices along special services. In my busy schedule, you guys offered me a mother like special care & home like best treatment..Thanks for putting such special efforts.

116 12

Subhadra Malik Posted on: 21 Jan 2014

We always together witnessed the spectacular sunset of Andaman in our visit & pleasantly welcomed the stunning sights for their entry in my camera. In our home, a beautiful picture of my wife’s footprints in the white sand cleared the heights of our full enjoyment. Till the day, we remember the small things from the market, tea stalls & our fun at coconut water. We always give the major credit to Antilog Vacations.

112 8

Jeevan Sinha Posted on: 23 Oct 2014

When in India, book your vacations with Antilog Vacations. I haven’t used this company’s international packages but it is for the fourth time in the last two years I have used Antilog Vacation’s services & am glad to announce that this travel agency has never failed to impress. I recently did a 6nights - 7days tour to Andaman & came back utterly satisfied. I recommend this company with all might!

107 12

Alina George Posted on: 06 Mar 2014

It was just a matter of feelings. With my friends group, it was fantastic…..journey. We don’t miss the ways in which we shake our body with inner joy. We don’t know how the time flowed at the double speed in such special moments. These days pretended us that we pulled out the hassles, worries & all the discomfort at hundreds miles apart just like an old clothes.
Tons of thanks for offering the new sunshine for our life!!

104 8

Naresh Kumar Posted on: 07 Jan 2014

This Andaman trip with my wife was memorable because of the clear weather & also the tour plan which was designed by Antilog Vacations. Visit to the Radhanagar Beach & Elephant Beach was amazing experience, we also enjoyed Rajan ride at Havelock. Excursion to Neil Island was also memorable; the beautiful surroundings with greenery & blue water of the beaches make the place feel you like in a dream.

104 11

Taniya Sharma Posted on: 11 May 2016

A great journey towards Port Blair & Havelock. I & my family visited this place in the month of May 2016. My family enjoyed a lot & we loved the pleasant environment. Hotel service was awesome & our guide was so friendly. You should visit the Cellular Jail & the Marina Park & Aquarium. Beach area (Elephant Beach) was amazing, it is the most famous beach at Havelock Island. This was my first experience with Antilog vacations & was a fabulous experience.

101 14

Sneha Rana Posted on: 02 May 2014

Andaman is a place to rediscover yourself. This mid location of Indian Ocean offered me a slow pace of life away from the crowd. Here the most beautiful beaches provided me the opportunity to make a strong bond with my beloved. We fully enjoyed our evening timings at coast of warm waters along refreshing dip. Similarly nights were amazing in the romantic moonlit sky. Now, the place becomes my favorite location due to our special bond..Warm wishes to my tour planner (Antilog Vacations).

98 8

Tejinder Singh Posted on: 05 Mar 2014

It was a family vacation to Andaman with me, my wife & our 8 year old son. The arrangements made by Antilog Vacations surpassed our expectations. Flawless accommodation arrangement, hygienic food, quality transfer & sightseeing giving ample time to rest in between… Havelock was even better with all the water sports & other activities. We can go on & on; while the point is, we were thoroughly satisfied with all that Antilog’s tour package had in offer for us. Highly recommended!

83 5

Vickramjeet Verma Posted on: 03 Apr 2018

As per my experience, this time I am also satisfied with services & support of Antilog vacations. I have planned multiple trips for my family with the help of Antilog vacations. It gives you best offer & discount on booking. This has really helped me out to plan our holidays to beautiful yet unknown locations. This time I booked 2 hotels through Antilog vacations for a family trip to Andaman, I booked deluxe room in that hotel, it was good stay, facilities were also good, I got most of the facilities at an affordable price. Food was also delicious. Rooms were very clean even staff was very cooperative but the services were little slow. Right from day one, I enjoyed the complete trip with my family & we did not face any issue during the journey & stay. They also provide a good customer service with customer satisfaction & comfort being their top priority. Must go for Antilog vacations.

74 2

Rajiv sharma Posted on: 15 Mar 2015

I also visited this place & its very unique, because this mine trip is organized by antilog...! I enjoyed this trip with my family.

3 0

Suresh Kumar Posted on: 27 Sep 2016

OMG! We had the BEST time! I had my list of things I wanted to do & 6 days to do them in. Our travel agent from Antilog Vacations put it together & we did we have a BLAST! It was perfect! The tours & side trips we did were with guides that really cared about our needs & knew an incredible amount about what we were going to through! The coaches were immaculate & safety was at the top of their priorities. It was the BEST! Thank YOU!

2 0

sushilsaini.ynr Posted on: 18 May 2019


0 0

Silvia Saint , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Taj. Definitely it’s a great work of the Mughal dynasty. I was mesmerized by its beauty. But what I noticed there was that being a city having one of the 7 wonders of the world, it’s not maintained well. People are more busy regarding their own business. All the roads around the Taj are dirty and no one, I think, is conscious about that.

Eliel Saarinen , England Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

It was past noon when we reached Agra and the Taj. There’s a lot written about visiting Taj on a full moon night. We were the ones to visit it in peak hot season in blazing sunlight!!! As soon as you enter through the main entrance it’s a feast to the eyes.

Carl Cannon , Texas Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

For me, irrespective of cast, creed, profession, country, state, bachelor, singular, male, female, chimp, dog, missile, moron, sane, saint, criminal, judge, kid, teenager, president, popper there are only two breeds of people in this world those who have seen the TAJ and those who have not!!

Jessica Hegedorn , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The city itself is not very clean, but the BHU campus is an exception and is kept impeccably clean. Varanasi is also known as “Kashi” and its mention is found even in some Vedic literature and Puranas . The word “kashi” is mentioned in some Vedic chanting and other Mantras . So we can imagine its and ancient antiquity.

Richard Tyson , London Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The most enduring monument to love, built by the fifth Mughal emperor as the final resting place for beloved Mumtaj Mahal is at threat these days. The monument after saving its life from deadly clutches of Taj Corridor , countless factories in its vicinity is ultimately falling to the might of world power.

Mika Tan , Hamilton Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

When you visit Agra, do not fail to see Taj mahal in "chandni raath". You can see Taj mahal at the night only 2 days before full moon day, on the full moon day and 2 days after full moon day. The rest of the time it is closed for night viewing. They have limited tickets on sale, so you have to book one day in advance or get hold of a good travel agent who can do that for you. We had Antilog-the best bet fr India

Kathy Dahlkemper , Chicago Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Never have I seen a more beautiful place.There are absolutely no comparsons.Karan Singh our guide from Antilog Vacations justified the full value by explaining us about the place.Must visit whole Delhi-Agra-Mumbai route.

Patricia A. Hammick , Virginia Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

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James Comey , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The morning was as beautiful as the silver night; I woke up with the most beautiful music ever heard by me, played by the band of birds. The moon was getting diminished as the rays of sun started getting stronger and lightening up the whole lake surrounded by the hills.10 Days well spent

Mindy Cohn , New Jersy Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Gr8 Package to enjoy unique geographic features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia. An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters.

Gloria Talbott , Louisiana Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Here are some which are a must visit:Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, Iddukki, Wayanad, Ernakulam(for back waters), Sabarimala, Neyyar Dam, Guruvayur (Piligrimage centre) and more so the hill station in Munnar . Kerala not only personifies just wonderful coast line but some lovely hill-stations.Do customize ur package & a good Job by Team Antilog.

Edward Taylor , Alaska Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

If u have a chance to visit here don’t miss it. So many places to see. eventhough only colonial trademarks are to be seen here, u can experience a different mood. about 25 kms away from kochi, a new beach is coming up, Cherai beach. state tourism department is trying to put this beach in world tourism map. in fortcochin beach u can see the china nets. the sun setting through these r a wonderful and everlasting shots.

Kate Capshaw , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

There are Hill stations, Beaches, Backwaters,temples, Elephants, etc. Backwaters which you can enjoy by travelling in a boat and if you wish to stay and admire the beauty you can hire a house boat and do so. Its amazing to see people living there surrounded by water with lots of coconut trees. Munnar, Thekkedi hill stations are the best it gives you a feeling like staying in heaven.