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Franko Castello Posted on: 15 Dec 2012

A stress free journey from Lucerne to Geneva with Antilog Vacations! An awesome experience being up there with excellent weather conditions in the mid of winter, enjoyed every activity; itinerary was perfectly made by expert. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks

397 21

Sahil Bajwa Posted on: 12 Nov 2012

I got a major contemporary art in the largest city ‘Zurich’ of Switzerland. The world famous museums, skillful art locations Bahnhofstrasse & Niederdorf, clubs, bars, swimming pools & several public locations were the highlights of my Switzerland tour. Here I really appreciate the work of the public transport system & Antilog services..

345 12

Swati Sharma Posted on: 11 Aug 2013

We went to Switzerland for our honeymoon. Antilog Vacations arranged this trip for us. There were no flaws with the itinerary & we are glad nothing was missed or excluded. The team did a great work of following up during our trip. We very much appreciate the concern they showed just to ensure everything was fine with our tour. We can never thank them enough. It was the most romantic vacation we had which will be cherished in our hearts for years to come. Highly recommended!

344 11

Jeffery Simpsons Posted on: 02 Oct 2013

We took the 5 day trip to Switzerland (Interlaken & Lucerne) with Antilog Vacations. The guide was informative & friendly. Lake Lucerne was fascinating & Lucerne itself is easily now in my top 5 places in the world. Cab was in excellent condition, always on time – sometimes late because of traffic - no fault of the tour company.

343 23

Dermi Zerico Posted on: 10 Oct 2013

The trip to Zurich opera house was an experience of a life time. We would always be grateful to Antilog Vacations for including this in our itinerary; the other excursions were quite good, as well. We stayed in deluxe hotels during our Switzerland trip & Antilog Vacations managed to carry out this trip perfectly for us. There is nothing for us to complain about & we are very much happy. If only the trip lasted a little longer. Antilog Vacations is a wonderful vacation provider & we highly recommend this company.

316 23

Pankaj Mathur Posted on: 23 Sep 2013

Switzerland is a honeymooner’s dream! We booked our honeymoon with Antilog Vacations & the perfectly planned itinerary took us to Lucerne, Interlaken, Bern & Geneva. The honeymoon suites that were booked for us in all the four cities were perfect. Sightseeing was great & so was the local food. Highlight of the trip was the candlelit dinner with some fine wine on the last night of our trip which was absolutely romantic. We will never forget this treat from Antilog. Already passing the good word about them to everyone we come across.

297 31

Nichole Steffany Posted on: 11 Oct 2013

While it’s everyone’s dream to visit Switzerland, the dream came true for us as we booked this tour through Antilog Vacations. Our 6-day tour covered Zurich, Interlaken & Lucerne & the natural beauty that greeted us in these beautiful cities simply took our breath away! We have never witnessed such scenic beauty, & I’m sure we never will, in any other country in this world. No wonder Switzerland is called the playground of Europe. Our Swiss trip was quite memorable & we would definitely like to revisit.

287 32

Margaret Nice Posted on: 26 May 2013

I got a unique charm in the beauty of Lucerne. It is an ancient place within a combination of modern sensibilities. I never forgot the center of attractions like oldest European bridges, historic houses, concert halls & art galleries. In this major experience there is a great name of Antilog & heartily thanks for their services. One can observe the breathtaking view through cableways or a cruise ride on Lake Lucerne..

285 11

Beni Dominic Posted on: 09 Nov 2013

A very pleasant journey with a blend of friendly people, it was! Though all the destinations on our itinerary were carefully picked, we enjoyed the houseboat journey the most. Our expert arranged for special diner for us. I convey them my best wishes & would love to travel with them in future.

274 21

Martin Henderson Posted on: 23 Nov 2013

Bern, an appealing capital city of Switzerland has carried a powerful force since past time. I caught this opportunity through Antilog services & collect the several lifelong moments with my visit at historical places, fine art houses, museums, great art & architectural locations. This remarkable place also has a name in UNESCO World heritage list. Net, it was great time!

264 42

Linda Shaw Posted on: 24 Nov 2013

My husband & I went to Switzerland for 5 days with Antilog Vacations. Everything went as written in the itinerary. We loved going on the cable car & Mt. Jungfraujoch. Our guide was very friendly & informative knows every ins & outs of the area. I would recommend this holiday to anyone going to Europe for the first time.

263 21

Lexi Belladona Posted on: 24 Feb 2013

We have been to Switzerland before. It was our plan this time to take a trip to the two famous mountains in the country- Mt. Jungfrau & Mt. Titlis. We booked this trip with this travel company by the name Antilog Vacations as they seemed to have just the package we were looking for. The trip exceeded our expectations. It was a perfect summer break we had. All the arrangements they made for our vacations were sans any flaw. We absolutely loved this trip, so much so that we are booking another through the same company to the mountains this summer too. With Antilog Vacations nothing can go wrong, & who can tell you this better than us?

253 21

Parvati Gupta Posted on: 10 Mar 2016

We had a very comfortable stay at this hotels, the staff was very helpful, fantastic food, the rooms were very clean, spacious & comfortable. We enjoyed a number of adventure sports as Titlis is the largest ski & snowboard destination in Central Switzerland. Admire the breathtaking landscapes on this tour to Mount Titlis. Antilog vacations provide very good services & planned complete taste with the variety of overall stuff.

247 23

Souvik Bhattacharjee Posted on: 03 Apr 2013

Geneva, a cheerful city heartily welcomed us with its number of attractions. We were on our honeymoon & booked special services of Antilog. Lake Geneva, lofty snowcapped peaks, gorgeous backdrop in surroundings, famous fountains, English Garden & St Peter's Cathedral were the famous locations where we spent our beautiful 8 days. Highly recommendable place!

242 21

Geysha Stewart Posted on: 15 Jun 2013

This tour that we took from Antilog Vacations will always be memorable to me. It was a fine trip with so many beautiful places to see & things to experience. The itinerary was well planned & we had ample time in between excursions. I convey my sincere gratitude to the AV team for putting all the efforts in making my trip a success. I would most certainly be travelling with them here-on, every time I come back to Switzerland. Highly recommended!

234 22

Kesav Maan Posted on: 02 Apr 2016

This trip arranged by Antilog Vacations. From the very beginning even at the early stages of planning our holiday the interaction via email was professional & our final itinerary which included Zurich, Engelberg, Bern, Lucerne, & Interlaken. Best location of the hotels. The rooms were well equipped with modern amenities & fully furnished. The staff was very friendly & quite helpful, the food was great. We admire the panoramic view of snow- covered valleys, glacier, lakes, forest, & mountains. It was the vacation of a lifetime.

233 24

Kartik Mund Posted on: 11 Apr 2016

I & my friends visited the Interlaken, Lucerne, & Engelberg for an amazing summer holiday. We enjoyed the natural beauty of Lake Lucerne, Lake Thun & Lake Brienz. Relax or visit the Baroque-style monastery that houses the largest organ in Switzerland. Great hotels services, the staff very good & cooperative, our rooms were very spacious & neatly maintained, the breakfast & dinner were delicious. Great experience with Antilog Vacations & love the way of their work & professional deals.

229 20

Veer Pratap Posted on: 22 Mar 2016

We booked a package of Switzerland with the help of Antilog Vacation. In the planning stage, we deal with Ankit who always responded to our emails promptly, providing suggestions, & making any alterations we requested. All services were excellent, fantastic hotels, very clean & modern rooms, a variety of food items, the staff was nice & friendly, free soft drinks & water in the mini bar was nice. We visited the Old Town & Swiss National Museum in Zurich, enjoy a cable car ride to the peak of Mount Titlis in Interlaken. See the panoramic view of Lake Lucerne. It was an awesome experience.

228 22

Deepansha Trivedi Posted on: 30 Apr 2016

Lucerne is embedded within an impressive mountainous panorama. There were a number of adventure sites to explore in this popular tourist place. Enjoy snow games, cliff walk, & go on an open trail, see the amazing view of lakes, mountains, & peaks. All hotels services were really good, the rooms were comfortable & the view was perfect. The staff was so welcoming, & a variety of breakfast. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for your superb services & offering us for such memorable time.

209 16

Sergi N. Posted on: 12 Sep 2014

I just wanted to say thanks to Antilog Vacations for arranging my honeymoon to Switzerland. We came back from our tour last month having had an excellent time. We will have no hesitation in using your Services again or recommend you to others.

196 11

Jiten Ramanuj Posted on: 16 Feb 2014

If adventure is what you seek, there is no dearth of it in Switzerland. Majestic snow covered peaks, exquisite countryside with a plethora of activity options such as paragliding, kayaking, glacier visit, mountain biking & a lot more provides abundant food for your adventure needs. Antilog Vacations lent a keen ear to our needs & offered a tailor made itinerary as per our demands. It was simply perfect & we loved every bit of this trip. There is no reason why we would hesitate to recommend this company to friends & colleagues.

188 34

Zeenat Aman Posted on: 21 Jun 2014

All the parts of Interlaken were stunning, but here I want to share my experience about Harder Kulm.. It was an option in Antilog’s package & after this panoramic view I suggested this to all. This vantage point offered me a sensational view.. Absolutely stupendous! One can really enjoy if you’re here with family, friends or loved one.

186 21

Argha Navin Ghoshal Posted on: 10 Oct 2014

First of all many thanks for a superb holiday package offered to me & my family. All the arrangement in terms of hotels, transportation & activities were perfect. All the credit goes to Antilog vacations. See you soon in future.

178 21

George Brown Posted on: 09 Apr 2014

Antilog Vacations is a good travel company. We have travelled with them many-a-times & the trips went quite well. However, the last trip that we booked with them to Lucerne & Engelberg lacked the AV quality. There were misses on the itinerary, the hotels failed to impress & we found the trip quite rushed. I wonder why they tended to be THIS careless in a country such as Switzerland where tourists go in sheer bulks. They will get nothing more than 2 stars for this trip.

177 41

Moodit Raghavan Posted on: 20 Apr 2014

Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world & there is no doubt to it. The trip to Zurich, Interlaken & Lucerne that we booked with Antilog Vacations took us to some amazing luxury hotels where we were spoilt like royals, & some mind boggling excursions across the country that blew our breath away. The trip was simply perfect with zilch to complain about. No one else could have planned this trip any better. Antilog Vacations has our deepest gratitude. We will return to them for future trips.

164 32

Nova Hargovich Posted on: 13 Dec 2014

Our Switzerland trip was amazing. We visited Zurich, Bern, Engelberg, Interlaken & Lucerne & each of these places had something exciting & fun-filled for us. Don’t forget to visit the Lion Monument in Lucerne. It is one of the most cherished monuments in the country with a glorious tale to tell. The hotels we stayed at were clean & tidy & the food was superb. The English breakfast was what we loved the most. We would definitely book another trip with Antilog Vacations. They won our hearts with their impeccable services. Thanks!

153 22

Nigel Pritho Posted on: 12 Feb 2015

Bern, an appealing capital city of Switzerland has carried a powerful force since past time. I caught this opportunity through Antilog services & collect the several lifelong moments with my visit at historical places, fine art houses, museums, great art & architectural locations. This remarkable place also has a name in UNESCO World heritage list. Net, it was great time!

144 12

Saswati Bhargav Posted on: 28 Feb 2015

Thank you for all your support it was amazing experience by using service. And definitely my expert was very informative person to be around. My best regards to all your team they are doing superb job & will definitely recommend to others from my circle.

131 3

Nick Fergeusen Posted on: 14 Feb 2014

We had a great time in Switzerland with Antilog Vacations. It was a well planned trip, enjoyed every moment. Transportation was always on time. Always contact you if am planning any tour in the future. Again thanks for everything went cool.

121 57

Neermit Posted on: 12 Mar 2018

I got number of packages from different company but Antilog Vacation was the firm which had some proper description to my problem as I had to visit my relative in Locarno (Switzerland) but none of the travel industry were able to design the package as per my requirement. The thing that bothered me was will there service be up to mark, I was prepared with all the alternatives even booked the Swiss pass on own. When my tour got started I was really impressed by their arrangements of my 13 night’s package & with all the components immersed in subtle manner.

118 1

Carey Underwood Posted on: 07 Aug 2014

This trip was remarkable - everything was well designed. All the Hotels were great the one in Lucerne was lovely. Very amazed with Antilog service everything was always on time. We took a boat ride in Interlaken & it was beautiful. I appreciate all your help - all the instructions were right on. Thanks, Antilog Vacations.

111 34

Daniel Somers Posted on: 17 Jan 2015

We booked a 5-day luxury trip to Switzerland through Antilog Vacations. It was the best vacation we have taken till date. There was not even a single flaw with the itinerary & it was followed to the letter. Impeccable accommodation, transfers, & excursions made our trip a sure hit. We couldn’t have asked for more. I would very much recommend prospective vacationers to book their trip to Switzerland with Antilog Vacations. These people are quite good with their job; you won’t be disappointed.

95 12

Kirti bhosle Posted on: 14 Nov 2018

From the initial planning stages through the "welcome home" e-mail, the employees & agents of Antilog Vacations travel company were responsive, flexible, thorough, & a pleasure to work with. I, & my other travel companions, recommend them without hesitation. We were a group of three couples. One of the couples had been to Switzerland before & the other couples had not been to this amazing place. It all went perfectly with their guidance.

56 1

Kanika Goyal Posted on: 19 Oct 2018

Switzerland was a great trip & our guide was a great guide for it. We were a family of 8, & Our guide was able to accommodate all of us. My husband & mom were not up for the more challenging hikes, so he got them to lunch & a museum. They were really helping & caring. This was my first Europe trip & I like it. Antilog Vacations has done a great job.

53 1

Prashanth Reddy Posted on: 19 Sep 2017

It is so amazing that our trip organized by this travel agency was OUSTANDING. Huge kudos to our travel agents for their knowledge of the areas we wants to visit, their attention to detail, & their ability to stay within our budget for an incredibly memorable trip.
We were looking for a different type of European adventure for our family of 4. Northern Italy, Switzerland & Australia were the perfect fit. After interviewing several other travel companies, we knew right away that this agent knew his stuff about the areas wanted to visit. Once we began our travel adventure, we knew we made the right choice. The hotels we stayed out were great (HIGHLY recommend where they had us stay on Lake Lucerne). We had just the right balance of organize activities & free time to explore on our own which wasn't easy to accomplish with two teenagers.
What we really appreciated about Antilog Vacations was their assistance even during our trip. Twice we forget items in our hotel rooms & after contacting the company they took care of contacting the hotels & getting our belongings back to us (including my wife's jewelry box) full service. Thank you, thank you to Antilog- highly recommend.

32 1

Silvia Saint , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Taj. Definitely it’s a great work of the Mughal dynasty. I was mesmerized by its beauty. But what I noticed there was that being a city having one of the 7 wonders of the world, it’s not maintained well. People are more busy regarding their own business. All the roads around the Taj are dirty and no one, I think, is conscious about that.

Eliel Saarinen , England Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

It was past noon when we reached Agra and the Taj. There’s a lot written about visiting Taj on a full moon night. We were the ones to visit it in peak hot season in blazing sunlight!!! As soon as you enter through the main entrance it’s a feast to the eyes.

Carl Cannon , Texas Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

For me, irrespective of cast, creed, profession, country, state, bachelor, singular, male, female, chimp, dog, missile, moron, sane, saint, criminal, judge, kid, teenager, president, popper there are only two breeds of people in this world those who have seen the TAJ and those who have not!!

Jessica Hegedorn , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The city itself is not very clean, but the BHU campus is an exception and is kept impeccably clean. Varanasi is also known as “Kashi” and its mention is found even in some Vedic literature and Puranas . The word “kashi” is mentioned in some Vedic chanting and other Mantras . So we can imagine its and ancient antiquity.

Richard Tyson , London Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The most enduring monument to love, built by the fifth Mughal emperor as the final resting place for beloved Mumtaj Mahal is at threat these days. The monument after saving its life from deadly clutches of Taj Corridor , countless factories in its vicinity is ultimately falling to the might of world power.

Mika Tan , Hamilton Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

When you visit Agra, do not fail to see Taj mahal in "chandni raath". You can see Taj mahal at the night only 2 days before full moon day, on the full moon day and 2 days after full moon day. The rest of the time it is closed for night viewing. They have limited tickets on sale, so you have to book one day in advance or get hold of a good travel agent who can do that for you. We had Antilog-the best bet fr India

Kathy Dahlkemper , Chicago Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Never have I seen a more beautiful place.There are absolutely no comparsons.Karan Singh our guide from Antilog Vacations justified the full value by explaining us about the place.Must visit whole Delhi-Agra-Mumbai route.

Patricia A. Hammick , Virginia Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Antilog Vacations is a travel website about India. Travelers; they can read feedback about tour packages, analysis hotels information and rate them, search tourists attractions, locate restaurants and places to feast, learn about local transportation, possessions to do, nightlife Most significant they will be able to share travel experiences with authentic travelers and get their feedback which can help them plan their travel further on. So this website will help travelers in everyway to make their trip to worldwide better in every feature.

James Comey , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The morning was as beautiful as the silver night; I woke up with the most beautiful music ever heard by me, played by the band of birds. The moon was getting diminished as the rays of sun started getting stronger and lightening up the whole lake surrounded by the hills.10 Days well spent

Mindy Cohn , New Jersy Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Gr8 Package to enjoy unique geographic features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia. An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters.

Gloria Talbott , Louisiana Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Here are some which are a must visit:Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, Iddukki, Wayanad, Ernakulam(for back waters), Sabarimala, Neyyar Dam, Guruvayur (Piligrimage centre) and more so the hill station in Munnar . Kerala not only personifies just wonderful coast line but some lovely hill-stations.Do customize ur package & a good Job by Team Antilog.

Edward Taylor , Alaska Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

If u have a chance to visit here don’t miss it. So many places to see. eventhough only colonial trademarks are to be seen here, u can experience a different mood. about 25 kms away from kochi, a new beach is coming up, Cherai beach. state tourism department is trying to put this beach in world tourism map. in fortcochin beach u can see the china nets. the sun setting through these r a wonderful and everlasting shots.

Kate Capshaw , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

There are Hill stations, Beaches, Backwaters,temples, Elephants, etc. Backwaters which you can enjoy by travelling in a boat and if you wish to stay and admire the beauty you can hire a house boat and do so. Its amazing to see people living there surrounded by water with lots of coconut trees. Munnar, Thekkedi hill stations are the best it gives you a feeling like staying in heaven.