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Karlyn Jones Posted on: 26 Nov 2013

Our trip to Vientiane was extremely mind blogging with comfortable stay at Rashmi’s Plaza Hotel. It is an extremely good hotel to have a stay with family. Attentive & courteous staff had helped us a lot in planning our trip. Food was mouth watering & enough good to forget your table manners. Rooms were spick & span & things were in apple pie order. I & My husband had a pretty awesome time there.

325 25

Mushtaq Ali Posted on: 26 Jun 2014

“Beautiful things come in small packages” this adage is quite old but still as relevant as it was in past. The four day we spent in LuangPrabang were full of excitement & thrill that never let our heart beat pace down. Among all the activities, visit to Kuangsi falls, Nava Mekong Lunch Cruise & Mt. Phousi Sightseeing were best part of our tour package. Antilog Vacation thanks for this astounding holiday package. A perfect combo for all.

299 23

Vaibhav Bajpai Posted on: 25 Aug 2014

Thanks antilog for organizing a special trip for us on a single request. I know its bit late to mention (but it never too late to do something good), our entire trip went hassle free & my kids too enjoyed their holiday in full swing & are still in holiday hangover. Vientiane & LauangPrabang has seductive impact on my kids especially visit to Ban Phanom & Ban Xanghai was new experience for them . Last but not least stay at Chang Heritage Hotel was comfortable & its staff pleasant conduct made us feel like at home.

298 21

Sachin Kumar Posted on: 29 Dec 2013

LuangPrabang is nature’s bliss on this earth especially the scenic beauty of Kuang Si Falls is irresistible. Situated about 30 Km away from the town this multi-tier waterfall has its own charm & is among the famous tourist destinations. There are plenty of natural water pools here where you can swim however water is bit cold here. It is a well maintained park with cottage to change in & benches to sit. You can climb up to the top of falls however they are bit slippery. The Wooden bridges & walkways are added attraction. Good Place to enjoy with family & friends.

291 13

Jubair Hussian Posted on: 24 May 2014

‘Along the Mekong’ was our package & my husband booked it because it cover maximum destination at very affordable rates as compared to other travel agencies. We spent nine days exploring Angkok ,chiangRai , Pakbeng , LuangPranbang , Phonsavan & Vientiane to their extreme. Our Local tour Guide appointed by Antilog Vacations was extraordinary & was not only acknowledged about the cities but also about vast & extreme part of these locations. It was action packed adventure tour that knocked me & my husband out.
Good Job Antilog Vacations & Certainly one of the best tours of life.

271 7

Anushka Sinha Posted on: 27 Oct 2014

Dear Antilog Vacations,

We wish you all the best for 2015!
Once again we would like to thank you so much for organising our wonderful trip to Laos, we spent a fantastic time during our vacation in Vientiane.
The driver was always on time & the activities we did, was as perfect as written in the itinerary. Hotel was superb & staffs were very friendly & professional.

261 21

Mustafa Kamal Posted on: 18 Jul 2014

If you’re planning a trip to Vientiane, Nam Ngum Lake can be a good alternative. Secluded from the hassle Nam Ngum Lake, situated in the green valley is a man made reservoir bestowed with spectacular & picturesque surround is perfect place to unwind you. You could enjoy a boat ride along the waves on very reasonable rates. A good place to hangout & admire after a tired up session of traveling.

242 16

Sumit Arora Posted on: 19 Jun 2014

Antilog Vacations has planned a special honeymoon vacation for us. We were very particular about what we want in package & what we want to elude from the package & we communicate it to the Antilog Vacation. Far exceeded our expectation they have come up with a package that compliment this beautiful occasion of our Life. Thanks antilog vacation! It means a lot to us. Sincere thanks.

228 12

Haanish Kapoor Posted on: 28 Apr 2016

Antilog Vacations arranged our tour of Vientiane, Vang Vieng, & Luang Prabang. We were impressed with the responsiveness & quality of all the services provided. We visited the famous sites such as Pha That Luang & Vientiane Buddha Park, enjoy the swimming in Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the adventure of biking ride & elephant ride in Luang Prabang. The hotel services were very good, the rooms were very clean, spacious & the views from the rooms were simply amazing. The food services were really good. Overall great experience & delightful experience with the culture & local life.

227 22

Mike Morgan Posted on: 16 May 2014

Hiiiii Antilog Team,
I just wanted to say big thank u for the services provided to us during my Laos vacation. Our guide was very helpful & kind with us, a brilliant guide. My trip was nothing without you & guide. We would strongly refer the company to any other people travelling in Laos.
Many Thanks Mike Morgan Brazil

217 17

Gaurav Garg Posted on: 17 Jul 2014

Laos Overland package is an ideal combination for people seeking peace. This package can take you on a drive that ended up in the lap of nature & religion …what an ideal combination .I had an amazing 7 day with my family there in the serenity of god & nature. Thanks Antilog for this amazing holiday.

214 16

Thomas Sterling Posted on: 24 May 2014

Antilog Vacations was a great resource for us during the planning stage & while in Laos. One of the best things about working with you was the flexibility to help make changes as we worked around the weather & other changing conditions. That is remarkable. Many travel companies do not assist like this. Guide was incredible & placed us with tour operators & hotels that really treated us right. We will be contacting Antilog to help us plan our next trip to Mauritius.

212 17

Vartika Garg Posted on: 15 May 2014

We went to Vientiane for our honeymoon & just returned yesterday from this splendid tour. Well initially i was quite suspicious when my husband choose Antilog Vacation for arranging our honey package because this company was alien to me & had never heard its name before. But as husband told every thing seems like a cake walk to me. Antilog was quite organized & made a well planned itinerary, keeping our interest in mind. The best part was a complimentary candle light dinner they organized for us.

211 21

Pankaj Singh Posted on: 22 May 2014

Set against the picturesque curved mountain & located on the Bank of the Nam song, The Riverside Boutique in VangVieng offers a perfect stay for its visitors. Room where we stayed was spacious with finest views directly across the pool to the spectacular Karst hills across the River. Food & Snacks offered were delicious. Room services were quick & on time. High on recommendation list.

211 10

Rinky Singh Posted on: 05 Nov 2014

We were on nine day way getaway to Loas. Angkok ,ChiangRai , Pakbeng , LuangPranbang , Phonsavan & Vientiane are the gems of the Loas embedded with so much to explore. Bangkok City Tour was the best moment of the tour coupled with visit to The Grand Palace & WatArun Temple. These places have their historic importance & it was unique experience to explore them. Thanks Antilog vacations for this versatile package.

211 9

Leica Upadhya Posted on: 25 May 2016

We stayed at Palais Juliana for a 4-day & truly enjoyed our stay. Our room was nice & comfortable, the staff was so welcoming, swimming pool area was great & quality food. We enjoyed the adventure of biking ride & elephant ride in Luang Prabang. Enjoy a traditional Lao-style boat trip to Tad Sae waterfall & relax in the pleasant beauty. I would recommend everyone to use Antilog when traveling to Laos.

198 18

Manjeet Singh Posted on: 27 Apr 2014

Thank you so much for preparing an amazing family trip for us! The itinerary you provide was extraordinary. Everything ran smoothly & the way you arranged the activities was flawless. My guide & drivers were very knowledge & friendly knew every ins & outs of the city. Thanks again Antilog Vacations!!! Keep it up!

197 17

Sunil Madan Posted on: 17 Jan 2014

Glad to associate with Antilog vacations. They were extremely helpful during the whole trip & planned our honeymoon with such a precision which is hard to find somewhere else. All those who are on the ab novo stage of their married life can consider The Vientiane honeymoon package as it has the entire necessary ingredient to make your honeymoon spicy.

178 17

Yatin Dogra Posted on: 08 Jun 2016

We had an amazing trip to Thailand & Laos through Antilog Vacations, covered the Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Pakbeng, Luang Prabang, Phonsavan, & Vientiane. We visited the historical sites such as The Grand Palace, Chiang Rai city & temples, Muang Khoun & Golden Buddha shrines. The tour guides & drivers were excellent. The accommodations were great, the rooms were very clean & well decorated. The staff was so friendly & professional. The food was amazing, & the cumulative experience was incredibly memorable.

178 15

Parisar Konar Posted on: 16 Jun 2016

Antilog Vacations prepared an outstanding itinerary for us over one week in Laos. We felt safe through the whole journey, were timely met by guide & driver in each city who were all friendly & knowledgeable. I & my friends visited the Pha That Luang, Vientiane Buddha Park, & Wat Si Saket Temple in Vientiane. Explore the beautiful views of the Lao jungle & enjoy the elephant ride. The hotels were fantastic, the rooms were well equipped with modern amenities & fully furnished. The staff was so helpful & pleasant. Great fitness centre & the food was delicious. It was an awesome & memorable experience.

176 14

Himanshu Rastogi Posted on: 25 Feb 2014

Vientiane & LauangPrabang are magnificent place to explore during vacations. Either it is spell bounded city tour or visit to Kmu Village or Ban Phantom, the pure splendor of these two places has no comparison to anything. Of course don’t forget to visit historic Pha That Luang- gold covered large Buddhist Stupa established in the centre of Vientiane city. It is said that it was founded in third century. Antilog team you were highly responsive during the whole trip.

175 12

Sanjeev Gandhi Posted on: 17 Jul 2014

I & my family had an interesting time at LuangPrabang. It was nice escape for all of us to stay & enjoy together. LuangPrabang is extremely beautiful & had plenty of places with once in life time opportunity to see. I would recommend it to all especially for family vacations. Lastly, I am glad with the efforts of Antilog vacations.

167 9

Shah Alam Posted on: 23 Jan 2014

Thank you for designing an extremely wonderful tour to Laos! The trip certainly went beyond our expectations! All of the hotel & tour guide choices were brilliant! We would certainly like to work with you on future vacations & we will recommend your services to friends & family. Thanks again for everything & we cannot wait to book another trip!

167 13

Jasmin Kaur Posted on: 04 Jul 2016

Excellent service & very good location. Nice & beautiful hotel in Vientiane. Our room was very spacious, well designed, & luxurious. A nice spa treatment, great gym facilities, amazing food & very helpful staff. Seeing the City Sightseeing attractions like Patuxai Monument, Vientiane Buddha Park, Vientiane Highlights & Antique Textile Museum, Wat Ho Prakeo, & Wat Si Saket Temple. Thank you Antilog vacations for guiding us.

167 15

Satnam Singh Posted on: 17 May 2014

You guys have been great & we will surely recommend all our known’s to Antilog Vacations. We will definitely use your services again when plan for a vacation in future. Website was very helpful & easy to use. It had great information helpful to plan our trip with the assistance of Antilog Vacation.

146 15

Shiva Sahu Posted on: 24 May 2014

We had a trip to Laos last month & had a very good experience because of you. The guide provided by the Antilog Vacations was highly informative about not only the sites we visited, but about culture, history, literature, religions, & all manner of details.

146 14

Akash Mathuria Posted on: 25 Oct 2013

We had a superb time At Laos! The trip was fantastic & the money we spent on the tour was worth every single penny & more! The Hotel's staff were all very nice & helpful. We surely would do it all again with you as our travel partner for life! Thanks again for your guidance during the process!”

144 12

Junaid Khan Posted on: 05 Feb 2014

Antilog deserves my gratitude; our holiday to Laos was a big hit. All the things were in place & Rashmi's Plaza Hotel where we stayed was the best. Staff was courteous & displayed exemplary services. I & my Family were totally mesmerized by the hospitality they offered. People can consider it.

128 13

Ankit Khanna Posted on: 18 Jun 2014

We are back from the very wonderful trip to Laos. Thanks for shorting out my destination, accommodation, flights & activities, etc. We enjoyed our stay in Ibis Vientiane Nam Phu Hotel. My guide & hotel’s staff members were very informative & supportive. Thank you Antilog Vacations for the wonderful professional services rendered to us.

124 7

Anjali Gupta Posted on: 19 Apr 2014

Our tour was amazing thanks to Antilog Vacations! Between the room upgrade you got us, the included meal (excellent btw!), superb climate of Laos, included activities, Kuang Si Falls, Sunset Point, Nava Mekong Lunch Cruise, etc., we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect vacation! We really enjoyed it & believe our experience was much better because of your suggestion & your ability to get us some “additional” (room upgrade, breakfast & cruise) - it was great! I always choose you to book holiday in future.

122 15

Silvia Saint , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Taj. Definitely it’s a great work of the Mughal dynasty. I was mesmerized by its beauty. But what I noticed there was that being a city having one of the 7 wonders of the world, it’s not maintained well. People are more busy regarding their own business. All the roads around the Taj are dirty and no one, I think, is conscious about that.

Eliel Saarinen , England Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

It was past noon when we reached Agra and the Taj. There’s a lot written about visiting Taj on a full moon night. We were the ones to visit it in peak hot season in blazing sunlight!!! As soon as you enter through the main entrance it’s a feast to the eyes.

Carl Cannon , Texas Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

For me, irrespective of cast, creed, profession, country, state, bachelor, singular, male, female, chimp, dog, missile, moron, sane, saint, criminal, judge, kid, teenager, president, popper there are only two breeds of people in this world those who have seen the TAJ and those who have not!!

Jessica Hegedorn , New York Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The city itself is not very clean, but the BHU campus is an exception and is kept impeccably clean. Varanasi is also known as “Kashi” and its mention is found even in some Vedic literature and Puranas . The word “kashi” is mentioned in some Vedic chanting and other Mantras . So we can imagine its and ancient antiquity.

Richard Tyson , London Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The most enduring monument to love, built by the fifth Mughal emperor as the final resting place for beloved Mumtaj Mahal is at threat these days. The monument after saving its life from deadly clutches of Taj Corridor , countless factories in its vicinity is ultimately falling to the might of world power.

Mika Tan , Hamilton Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

When you visit Agra, do not fail to see Taj mahal in "chandni raath". You can see Taj mahal at the night only 2 days before full moon day, on the full moon day and 2 days after full moon day. The rest of the time it is closed for night viewing. They have limited tickets on sale, so you have to book one day in advance or get hold of a good travel agent who can do that for you. We had Antilog-the best bet fr India

Kathy Dahlkemper , Chicago Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Never have I seen a more beautiful place.There are absolutely no comparsons.Karan Singh our guide from Antilog Vacations justified the full value by explaining us about the place.Must visit whole Delhi-Agra-Mumbai route.

Patricia A. Hammick , Virginia Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Antilog Vacations is a travel website about India. Travelers; they can read feedback about tour packages, analysis hotels information and rate them, search tourists attractions, locate restaurants and places to feast, learn about local transportation, possessions to do, nightlife Most significant they will be able to share travel experiences with authentic travelers and get their feedback which can help them plan their travel further on. So this website will help travelers in everyway to make their trip to worldwide better in every feature.

James Comey , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

The morning was as beautiful as the silver night; I woke up with the most beautiful music ever heard by me, played by the band of birds. The moon was getting diminished as the rays of sun started getting stronger and lightening up the whole lake surrounded by the hills.10 Days well spent

Mindy Cohn , New Jersy Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Gr8 Package to enjoy unique geographic features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia. An equable climate. A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters.

Gloria Talbott , Louisiana Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

Here are some which are a must visit:Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, Iddukki, Wayanad, Ernakulam(for back waters), Sabarimala, Neyyar Dam, Guruvayur (Piligrimage centre) and more so the hill station in Munnar . Kerala not only personifies just wonderful coast line but some lovely hill-stations.Do customize ur package & a good Job by Team Antilog.

Edward Taylor , Alaska Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

If u have a chance to visit here don’t miss it. So many places to see. eventhough only colonial trademarks are to be seen here, u can experience a different mood. about 25 kms away from kochi, a new beach is coming up, Cherai beach. state tourism department is trying to put this beach in world tourism map. in fortcochin beach u can see the china nets. the sun setting through these r a wonderful and everlasting shots.

Kate Capshaw , Arizona Posted on: 07 Jan 2015

There are Hill stations, Beaches, Backwaters,temples, Elephants, etc. Backwaters which you can enjoy by travelling in a boat and if you wish to stay and admire the beauty you can hire a house boat and do so. Its amazing to see people living there surrounded by water with lots of coconut trees. Munnar, Thekkedi hill stations are the best it gives you a feeling like staying in heaven.