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Ayesha Thakkar

We stayed at Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort for our honeymoon booked through Antilog Vacations & it was wonderful☺ Excellent friendly staff☺ Any issues are resolved very quickly☺ Food in the restaurant is great☺ Hotel management is very concerned about the island☺ Snorkeling is excellent☺ We could see a lot of different fish☺ Saw turtles, moray eels, octopus & every day from the shore watching the dolphins☺
Thank you very much for our wonderful holiday☺☺☺

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Mahinder Pal Singla

We stayed at Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma for 4 days. Our room was well equipped, nice & clean. The food was tasty & The food was very tasty & enjoy the variety of Indian & Maldivian dishes. There was also some free activities & equipment as well. We visited the famous attractions such as like Sultan Park & National Museum, & Republic Square. A lot of fun with water sports & adventure of marine life. Here, I want to appreciate the itinerary planned by Antilog Vacations. 7-March-2016, Mahinder Pal Singla, 229, 24, 4

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Shivam Murari

Once more we stayed at this really outstanding island☺ This is just paradise on earth, the staff, the food, the sea, the snorkeling ( we don't dive - no comment) the island itself. And we had a spectacular reception on the sandbank with lots of champagne & a sensational sun downer☺
This Hotel is for couples - not for singles. Its quiet relaxed atmosphere & stunning hospitality.

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Mohit Mankotia

Spend three nights in Maldives & explored the famous attractions. Enjoyed snorkeling, visited sultan Park, National Museum & Whale Submarine Maldives. Overall, accommodations were really good, our rooms were well furnished with modern amenities. Thank you Antilog Vacations for such a great trip within an excellent combination of attractions & activities.

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Kristina Agraval

If I explained the term honeymoon then it was a feeling of love to celebrate in beautiful settings proper secluded & intimate atmosphere which got its actual form with the excellent efforts of Antilog at the world’s best destination Maldives. In this backdrop everything was pre-settled by best tour planner..
Thanks for such lifetime celebration☺☺

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Manjunath Acharya

: I have been told Drinks is free but after I have visited there I have been surprised with the Charges.
Please Do not give false information & surprise us which will spoil the vacations.

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Varun Sharma

Hotel service: excellent : everything was well arranged
Suggestions: not really all went well ,the resort was awesome service was excellent

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Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma


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