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Neha Bajaj

We stayed in Deluxe Water Villa booked through Antilog Vacation. The room was so good & very neat with a pleasant atmosphere. Great variety of food with different restaurants. We enjoyed a snorkeling, scuba diving, & kayaking activities. Also enjoyed the beachside parties. We were very impressed by how antilog staff had managed & help us during the entire trip with their cooperative team. They took care all the little things & really seemed to care.

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Ketan Parekh

We had a wonderful holiday at Maldives. I & my friends stayed in a superior water bungalow which was fantastic. We enjoyed the water sports activities & see the sunset view of the beaches. Our rooms were very clean, spacious & the views from the rooms were simply amazing. The food services were very good, & nice spa treatment. Overall very well managed by Antilog Vacations.

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Deepak Ghanshla

It is a most popular & beautiful place. We spend three nights in Maldives. It was an awesome experience with my colleagues. We stayed at a three-star hotel, rooms were well furnished with modern amenities. Staff members were very polite to us. We enjoyed a nice thrilling experience of water activities under the proper guidance. Thank you so much Antilog Vacations for providing us great services.


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Aarti Bindra

This travel agency has the best travel agents in the world. They were recommended by my friend, who booked a honeymoon to Bali from this company & he was amazed by their hospitality & services. So I decided to take a chance & asked them to help me with my honeymoon to the Maldives. They offered me some plans & after some addition & subtraction, I finally decide on one customized plan. Our agent emailed me all the necessary details regarding the journey. We didn't have to worry about anything, we have our knowledgeable English speaking tour guides with us everywhere we went. It was an amazing trip & I will call them again next time I want to travel.

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Aadarsh Khan

I traveled with my best buddies in the month of October. It is the most beautiful experience & memorable time. We enjoyed the fun & water activities. Also practiced the Yoga & Meditation classes with the help of experts. We explored the famous attractions such as Alimatha Island, Manta Point, & Republic Square. Thank you Antilog Vacations for this memorable time.

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Priyanka Chhabra

Our trip was amazing & our travel company did everything they said they would. Antilog Vacations arranged all the transfers, the flights to the Maldives Islands, the ferry transportation (which is always late so don't get there early), the hotels, & the excursions that we took. I really felt a connection with their agents from the start & that they knew what I wanted. I booked our own flights to the Maldives. The hotels were all up to my standards. The villa was 5 star plus. We didn't want to leave the hotel & we didn't have to because they have great restaurants right there. Paying for the trip up front was a bit worrisome because we had never done this before but it all went off as planned & we were very happy. It was a great journey with You Guys.

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Chirag Jain

We elderly citizen went to Maldives on our 50th anniversary in which we were told that the services in this destination are only for Honeymooners but the travel expert of antilog gave us the package which had the inclusion similar as if honeymooners with merely few extra amount. The trip had lots of good surprises with their property upgrading, extra arrangements on our anniversary which made our trip Splendid. I will give 10/10 to this travel company.

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Centara Ras Fushi


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