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Surpal Singh

We returned from Cambodia trip last month. Everything ran well as planned. Independence Beach included by you was perfect. We did many activities that we were not able to arrange without you Thanks Antilog Vacations for your guidance & support.

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Priya Pawar

Thanks for all the guidance. The excursion was excellent & all the arrangements were ok. The activities you include in the package were fantastic. All other parts of the tour were great. Once again thanks for all the help & see you soon in future.

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David Morgan

Kingdoms of Cambodia
In January we were planning a trip & consult antilog website for packages & there I saw this interesting Kingdoms of Cambodia Package. That sounded interesting to me & just booked it without giving second thought to it. On 16 January we kicked off our interesting journey to Phnom Penh, Sihanoukbille & Siem Reap. National Musem , Phnom Chisor Temple ,Silver Pagoda , Golden lion & Angor Wat were my personal favourite places among the package which I would recommend others.
Good Job by Antilog vacations too

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Sharif Ahmad

Last month my wife & I visited Cambodia with Antilog Vacations. Everything was perfect & transparent as planned & shown in the itinerary. I really appreciate your concern & efforts for providing best facilities in our budget. Thanks a ton...

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Vineet Yadav

After touring with Antilog Vacations in Vietnam, we decide to spend a few days in Cambodia too. The tour was booked on very short notice through the same company & these guys didn’t fail to impress us here, either. The highlights of our trip were Phnom Penh, Siem Reap & Sihanoukville & we had equal pleasure staying in all these three places. Antilog Vacations have a hands-on experience with these Asian countries & it is indeed worth travelling with them. I would be using their services again.

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Kingdoms of Cambodia


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