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Vivek Chauhan

We really enjoyed the trip to Malaysia. Our travel agent at Antilog Vacations did a wonderful job of organizing the trip for us, & he provided plenty of guidance throughout the planning process. Transportation recommendations during travel days, & directions from station to hotel were great & really very helpful. The details provided were very specific & it made traveling on our own very easy. We will use their resources again to travel to some new destination, soon.

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Rupam Bhargav

Superb☺ The agent we talked to from Antilog Vacations prepared a decent itinerary & made all the arrangements which were just perfect☺ She did not leave out a detail & even was in communication with us when we had some air problems. We had a fantastic trip with Antilog Vacations to Kuala Lumpur & Genting in Malaysia, & I can't recommend her highly enough☺ This agency is really worth giving a try…

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Alisha Gupta

We flew to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Genting) with Antilog Vacations. Everything was well planned & executed perfectly. Our travel agent seemed to know all about these destination quite thoroughly. They planned our itinerary as per our needs & when the end result was delivered we were grinning with pleasure. The trip was very smoothly executed. Our final verdict— Outstanding trip planned by an outstanding company☺

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We booked our trip with an Asia travel specialist by the name Antilog Vacations. We had a very ambitious trip to Malaysia to explore what they say is truly Asia. It was not inexpensive, but, it was worth every dollar that we paid. Meet-and-greet was perfect. There was not one delay. Our drivers & guides were courteous. The guides seemed very knowledgeable & spoke excellent English. I would highly recommend this travel company & their resources.

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Kulvinder Pratihari

Good location, the hotels were quite nice. The rooms were very spacious & well decorated. Gym facilities were great, nice spa treat, & pool area was great, & the food was amazing. There were a number of famous sites to explore in this popular tourist place. We enjoyed the adventure of Genting outdoor theme park rides. Great experience with Antilog Vacations & love the way of their work & professional deals. Nice Job☺

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Shilpa Meti

This trip was unforgettable☺ We were very pleased with our travel planner during the planning stages, & his efforts were evident throughout the trip. Everything went smoothly. The accommodations were just right for us, & our tour guide was exceptional. The activities she arranged for us in Kuala Lumpur were wonderful. We loved the whole journey experience. Antilog Vacations provided me the tour of a lifetime. Thank you

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Kamal Kumar

The entire trip to Malaysia was quite wonderful☺ It is hard to scoop out the most memorable activity as all were almost equal fun ...however, I would like to believe that the Elephant Orphanage tour in Kuala Lumpur & the outdoor theme park in Genting were my favorite. We will definitely go back to Malaysia to explore the rest of the country. And we will most definitely travel with none other than Antilog Vacations for our future trips.

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We visited Kuala Lumpur & Malacca city & had a great time there in Malaysia. Among our most memorable experiences were our beach visit & museums visit. Initially, my wife inquired why we would want a guide to hiking & trekking. But our guide took us to some local places we never could have found on our own. He provided us with delicious food, lots of great wines, introduced us to various shopkeepers & told us the particular shop where we bought cheap souvenirs for our friends. Is was really an amazing trip. All credit goes to Antilog Vacations.

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Dana Fletcher

The trip to Malaysia was nothing less than fantastic, thanks to Antilog Vacations for the same. We already can't wait for our next one. My husband wasn’t sure initially if a travel agent was worth it. But by the end of the tour he was hailing Antilog Vacations’ dedication, insight, & hard work. The tour operator was great to bounce ideas & question off of, especially obscure questions that you just can't find on the internet. They were also an incredible convenience when booking & making arrangements. On top of that, when we had a couple "mid-trip" questions, their responses were quick & helpful. Definitely recommended for Asia vacations

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Malaysia Legoland - Family Kids Package


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