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Manjeet Singh

Words get belittle to elucidate our Siem Reap trip experience. Visit to Angkor was the most fascinated part of our journey, this archaeological site contains magnificent temple of Angkor Wat which will dazzle your eyes with its sculptural perfection & then comes the Beyon Temple with its countless sculpture decors. It perfectly deserves to be a UNESCO heritage site. Located in close proximity of world famous temples of Angkor this small but fascinating Siem Reap city has developed as a major tourist hub. A place full of wonders.

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Divya Sachan

Antilog Vacations is an expert in Asian vacations packages & they kept their reputation arranging an amazing (and flawless) trip for us to Cambodia. Everything about this trip was satisfactory; we didn’t have the slightest issue anywhere & with anything. They know their work & are best at it. Trust me when I say, Antilog Vacations won’t leave you disappointed. I would very much recommend the trip & the company to anyone.

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Dane Lewis

Angkor Wat
We were on an archeological tour to Cambodia & Antilog played a crucial role in executing it. Well every monument & structure there was worth mentioning but Angkor Wat deserves special mention. This temple complex is the marvel of Khmer Architecture & combines two basic styles: the temple mountain & galleried temple which represent Mount Meru, home of Hindu lords. It is eye widening view to see Angor Wat grandeur & architecture with walls adorned with gods.

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Fernando Torres

Hola☺ We are Spaniards & we took a tour to Vietnam & Cambodia (separately) with Antilog Vacations last October. This review is focused on the trip to Cambodia. We liked our hotels in Phnom Penh & Sihanoukville but staying in Siem Reap was a bit disappointing. The hotel rooms weren’t up to the mark. Also, we found Asian food a bit on the spicy side which left me with an upset stomach. The tour guide in Sihanoukville was rude & barely spoke English. There were times when my boyfriend & I felt inclined to drop him & do the tour on our own because he was very much unruly & stubborn. Everything else was fine. I can’t make any judgment about the company based on a couple of disappointments. So, we would like to give Antilog Vacations another chance.

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Khem Raj Bhatt

Antilog Vacations did a great job planning our trip to Cambodia. The accommodations in all the three destinations were top-notch. Buffet breakfast was of high quality & the staff always greeted us with smiles which was a gesture very much welcoming. We did some amazing sightseeing as well. There is zilch that we can complain about the Cambodian trip. We will be using Antilog Vacations’ services again.

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Angkor Tour


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