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Mehak Aggarwal

We had a great experience in Bali. The hotels were amazing, very customized trip, felt secure the whole time, get to meet some great guides, Food was the best part. I would surely recommend Antilog Vacations.

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Anil Sharma

We had left a souvenir we had purchased in Bali, we contact our travel agent & he located the souvenir & requested the chauffeur to deliver it via mail to our resort. It was such a thing not everyone would do. Besides this, he also sent us a honeymoon gift at the resort. Antilog Vacations really cares for his customers, & I am sure to travel to Bali again so we can use this services again.

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Ashish Dahiya

First of all, we loved Bali so much I can't believe we never went there. We loved the lifestyle, the culture, the food, the people, the art, the sites, the hotels, & beaches are the main highlights of the place. I guess pretty much everything was top notch. We've talked a lot about what was our favorite part & we can't really say. My wife loved the Kuta beach the most & I loved the Uluwatu Temple. All the itinerary was planned by Antilog Vacations & it all went well.

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Kangna Dhiwan

We had such an infinite fun, we spend 3 nights in Bali & this place has the most joyous & friendly people. Talking about nightlife, it was good also it was the first time I went to night clubs. Exciting beach fun, eating fresh seafood, make our trip the most memorable one.

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Dikshit Roy

The hotels & guides were excellent & all were first class all the way. No one got sick & everyone was comfortable. This Antilog Vacations travel company did an excellent job. We had one family member who missed her flight & they made sure he got to the boat the next day. They kept in contact with everyone & made me feel that everything was taken care of. Thankyou Antilog Vacations for this amazing Bali tour.

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Naina Aggarwal

Antilog Vacations has made my booking & trip enjoyable, comfortable & lovely, they provide a platform where you can book a hotel, bus, air ticket, etc. just name it. From the comfort of your home, you can do your online booking with Antilog Vacations the app, & someone like me is just too lazy to go anywhere, but with the app, I just relax & book online for my trip.
The app is well programmed with a lot of features, & it will interest you to know that the referral system of the app is a tool for more cash Are you scared of using your credit card on their platform ? Don’t panic they are trustworthy to the call, your card is safe when used on their platform unlike another platform that your card information may be compromised
The first time a friend introduce me to Antilog Vacations I was telling him that this trip agency is like others that nothing good will come out of them that can’t use them for our trip, He kept me quite & brought out is phone & open their app & booked a flight for both of us, a cab, hotel etc. I was speechless but I was not still convinced until we finally used booked a flight & the booked cab came to pick us up. I would highly recommend them.

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Vigneash Munuswamy

I have heard a lot about Antilog Vacations, so I decided to inform my dad about their services because traveling is his hobby but always complains of his horrible experience with other agents. He is a critic, so, his patronize of Antilog Vacations will confirm their authenticity & all the praise showered on them.
My dad traveled for a day, he did not call home unlike him, so we concluded that Antilog's service is bad, but my dad surprised us when he called, he said their service have overwhelmed him that the money he paid was not a waste that they treated him like a God on earth I was really surprised hearing that from my dad that criticize a lot, I had no choice than to believe that truly the good things said about the company is true.
Nice one Antilog Vacations keep it up. They have the best service & prices for booking as far as am concerned when it comes to traveling companies Antilog Vacation leads others follows, don’t doubt me like doubting Thomas but a single experience will clear your doubt. I would highly recommend them to anyone & if I should have the opportunity of traveling Antilog Vacations is my first choice.

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Suchandra Adhikary

I want the flight to b included
And i want to go to Langwi instead of Kualalampur

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Bali with Kuala Lumpur 5N/6D Package


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