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Orion Daniel

If anyone crazy about the old places & crowded places, then must visit the Chorsu Bazaar of Tashkent. I had performed several interesting things there during my recent visit with the services of Antilog, like the taste of local food, shopping for nuts & a leather jacket along a fun with some bargaining. Here, I appreciate my tallness especially in the pushing & crowded atmosphere.
Wonderful experience☺☺

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Miley Cyrus

Nightlife of Takshent is equally happening as their days are. There are plenty of Nightclubs & disco Clubs which are next to impossible. Generally, these Night Clubs serve you the cuisines of European, Uzbek, Russian, Chinese, Indian or mixed varieties, to fill up your stomach sumptuously with world class wine.

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Jasraj Bhatti

Last month I visited Tashkent. My wife was also with me during this trip. Tashkent is a place with historical buildings & great relations to the south Asian history. The touch of Islamic culture in this place makes it more beautiful & colorful. We visited many of the historic places & also enjoyed belly dance show. The lodging arrangements were quite good & the food was very delicious. We thank our tour planner for such a wonderful trip.

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Adawi Najjar

Tashkent & its culture are as vast as this county is. Every place has its own importance & glory to reflect but Amir Temur Square holds a very important place in Tashkent history & life of the people. A good place to visit with family & friends & special mention to Antilog… Good job guys.

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Kirat Behera

Excellent website, prompt & efficient services. Antilog Vacations planned a perfect itinerary for our 4 days in Tashkent. Seeing the beautiful architecture of Amir Temur Square & Monument, Crying Mother Monument & Independence Square. The hotel services were very good, very nice & comfortable room, & the food was amazing, very good wifi facilities & the staff was very friendly & helpful. The perfect place to get some rest & enjoy the holidays.

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Marc Perry

The team of Antilog Vacations is very good specially Mr. Chawla. His coordination was very good, helped at every phase as a guardian of the whole group. Antilog credibility is very good in my opinion. Overall, experience was excellent. We enjoyed every moment of trip. Love it..

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Tashkent Explorer


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