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P. Swaminathan

Thailand has a number of surprises for their visitor. The place welcomed with opened arms & provide the opportunity to explore numerous outdoor activities, breathtaking scenery, relaxing massage, handicraft & several other options.
I just go through these innumerable activities with the eyes of Antilog Vacations & their magical efforts in their services.

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Nikita Aminev

In the pristine beauty of Thailand, I got various fascinating ideas to explore the natural beauty. Mountains, waterfalls, golf courses, river rafting, elephant riding & several other activities were the beautiful part of my journey. I also visited the nearby villages & got the delight to lively observe production of silk & handicrafts. I also purchased the memorable attractions from the grand selection.

Thanks Antilog for such ultimate Thailand holiday☺☺

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Ansu Ghuman

Wonderful experience through Antilog Vacations. The services provided was very professional & the team members were too responsive as per my needs. We enjoyed the adventure of Rainforest Canopy Zipline in Bangkok. See Tiffany Show in Pattaya & enjoy the sizzling performance. The accommodations were really good. The room service was excellent, the food services were very good & the staff was very friendly & helpful. We were impressed with the responsiveness & quality of all the services provided.

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Ben Muller

Best package for bachelors. Don’t need luxury hotel & more time for fun & enjoying the city life. I could not find this cost anywhere else. Take this package if you don’t need to stay in hotel much. Pattaya & Bangkok both are so good that you will have lot to enjoy there. Also, you can take lots of gifts for your girlfriend to make her happy when you go back.

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Juarez Rodriguez

Really discourage travelling with Antilog Vacations. These people are inexperienced & they don’t have even the slightest idea about treating their clients in a professional way. There was an issue while booking but we ignored it. But we were really disappointed when things at the hotel didn’t turn out to be pleasant. Also, the trip was very much rushed up & we barely even had time to breathe. Try to avoid this company like plague☺

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Sarah White

Just returned from an exotic holiday trip from Thailand, so I thought lets share my experience with you all guys. First of all, I would love to thanks Antilog Vacation that created such a wonder full package on our demand. Well our tour has varied number of activities which included visit to beautiful coral island, temple of the golden Buddha, the Grand Palace coupled with fantastic Alcazar show.

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Amazing Pattaya


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