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Arjun •Dubey

Chele La Pass was a great experience for me where I enjoyed a cycling tour for the half way up. At the steep inclination, I felt small difficulty to maintain my pace. It might be risky with the reduced oxygen effect, but the pre-instructions by Antilog representative helped me a lot..
Really incredible journey☺☺

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Mana Gupta

Antilog, you offered me the ability to explore the beautiful nature in the amazing combination of great architecture & cultural values in a form of old Buddhist temples. It was very historical & blessed place with the great influence of Tibet region. I always preserve such wonderful memories for a lifetime.
Best time☺

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Scarlet Gabino

I found myself just a higher than any quietest place. My Bhutan visit with Antilog was just a breathtaking journey. I fully enjoyed the sound of silence at the high peaks & beautiful Buddh monasteries. I just feel the transition of warm to cold in this journey with & only with the efforts of Antilog.
Great work☺☺

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Kanak Mahajan

We went on seven day excursion to Bhutan, best known to the world as the last Shangri - la has a rare combination of harmony & accord amidst a landscape of incredible beauty. Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan has many tourist attractions. Paro, thimpu, Punakha, Gangtey & Trongsa were the major highlights of our vacations. All are unique in themselves & processes an amazing blend of Modernity & Traditional Architect.

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I got several ancient facts & spend the most of time in getting the great shots of amazing sites of Bhutan. I felt a bit breathless with higher altitude locations. But, the locals were very helpful & fit people. Overall, it was an excellent journey with a great start with Antilog services. Warm wishes & accept me as your lifetime customer..

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Nishant Shah

Each stop we took in Bhutan had a special touch to it whether it was our room or the tours we had planned. We also requested to see sights on our honeymoon, but also have days to relax & explore on our own. The whole trip was planned specifically to this request as we never felt exhausted or bored. In between transfers we also never felt like we were rushed to make the next one or bored waiting around. It was simply the best flow of time, sightseeing & relaxing. Our friends who have gone to Bhutan for their honeymoon had a few stories about not having train tickets validated or being ripped off by the transfers that they planned on their own & that is a shame that they have that memory. I can simply say that we had zero negative memories from anything planned on this trip. Thankyou Antilog Vacations.

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Bhutan Folk Festival


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