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Thank you for the excellent services you provided us throughout the entire trip to Tahiti & Bora Bora. We are pleased to see that you guys have professionalism to take care of your customers in the best possible way. We have been very much pleased with the entire trip to these islands & we can now proudly say that out Polynesian trip has been a great success. I will certainly re- order your services. Again, Well done!! & maururu !!!

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Prerna Ghosh

Thank you! For the excellent service you provided us during our stay in Tahiti, has all respects, your professionalism & I will certainly re- order from Antilog Vacations, well done!!

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Jasmeet Walia

Our Tahiti & Bora Bora trip was organised by Antilog Vacations. Everything we heard or watched on TV about the blue waters aquatic animals & beaches in the lagoonarium is true. The memories of those colors of natural & scenic beauty will stay forever in my mind. We saw the sting rays in crystal water & it was a thrilling experience. Antilog executive was always in touch with us during the trip so that we could enjoy the trip.

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Yusuf Khan

Antilog staff was all so polite & helpful, answering all our queries & making the whole process easy & stress-free. My emails were answered with speed & before I knew it our itinerary was sorted to our specifications. I & my friends fully enjoyed the adventure of Tahiti Sunset Cruise & Catamaran Sunset Cruise. We visited the Market Place, Black Pearl Museum, & Tiki Village Cultural Centre. The accommodations were very good, The room was clean & well decorated, nice swimming pool & gym facilities. The staff was quite friendly & helpful. It was an excellent experience.

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Haider Hakim

Bora Bora is a worth visiting destination. We visited the best locations by boat, swam with the most dangerous aquatic fishes (shark & sting ray). We did water sports activities including sea surfing, snorkeling, glass bottom boat ride & kitesurfing. The tour guides were really nice & some were funny also. The activity I liked the most was kitesurfing. It was a perfect experience & Antilog make it possible. Thanks dear tour planner to offer me such a great trip.

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Ronit Sachdeva

The Lagoonarium experience was really great & joyful. We boarded the boat to the lagoonarium & joined the group for the excursion. It is the place where one can experience the islander life. We swam with stingrays & sharks & felt safe & comfortable. We were staying in the water villa, in the night we enjoyed watching the sky full of stars. We had the most delicious food there, it also contained sea food. I still remember those precious moments spent in Bora Bora.

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Veer jaiswal

We came to know that antilog is best preferred for honeymooners. As we were planning for Tahiti so was a bit confused that we may get the better deal or not. When we checked the package which was as per the market but the instant assistance was there which shows there better hold on the destination. They designed the package with better property & the locations which were fabulous & their service made me feel we paid for less & got more. These memories should be memorable so was it.

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The White Sand Island


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