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Priyanshu Chawla

I explored the spectacular beauty of Kerala with my college friends. We enjoyed shopping for beautiful things & clothes for our relatives. Liked the Kerala culture, tradition, & the delightful food which they served on a banana leaf. Hotel rooms were neat & tidy, staff members were very friendly. We enjoyed various thrill activities with my friends. Thank you so much Antilog Vacations.

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Sapna Bharadwaj

We plan our second honeymoon in Kerala. But, the moment provided me small disappointment when we received the news about special resort reservation in place of houseboat. But, it was really a better experience with the lake side best designed resort which carries a unique tranquility. Their attention & specially designed services provided us never-ending memories. So, we always pay respect to our tour planners ‘Antilog Vacations’ for this decision.

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Amazing experience, value for money & good customer service from Antilog’s staff. They kept me updated regularly. All the travel arrangements were very well taken care of. I will definitely look forward to book my next trip with Antilog.

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Roop Lal Katoch

Well, I visited Kerala many times before, but still it never disappointed me in term of showering its delight on me in terms of the natural beauty. Every time I visited here I found something interesting that call me again & again here. I love the openness of the sea, which reminds that life is worth exploring & worth living in the way you want. Of course a special thanks to my travelling partner –team Antilog Vacations for arranging my prior trips

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We booked a Paradise on Earth Kerala Tour with the help of Antilog Vacations & it was great. We had an excellent driver with his great kind & friendly behave throughout the tour. We visited the spice garden, enjoy the elephant ride & relish our tour stopovers at some beautiful waterfalls & viewpoints. All in all enjoyable experience & definitely want to visit again with the same services of excellent tour operators.

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Shashi Kumar

In our India trip, Kerala became a welcomed place in our entire journey with Antilog Vacations. The peaceful natural beauty had their perfect relaxed settings. There was plenty of shade area due to lot of greenery. These 3 days really offered a closest & real facts of nature.
Truly appreciable journey☺☺

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Raja Ram

Hotel Service: Average : everything is fine.
Cab Service: Very Good: Very efficient
Antilog Service: Average : Because you should check the customer each day how the journey is going. It should be good if you explain what is the plan for day each day.
Suggestions: Know the customer day to day schedule daily to know the customer safety & details where he is going all those. It will ensure customer about your services.

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Paradise on Earth Kerala


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