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Deeva Verma

The trip overall was excellent. Manisha my tour planner, fully explained the itinerary in a very informative manner. We chose the trip & the hotels together in a form of complete package or entire facilities from Antilog Vacations. We visited the historical sites like Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Khajuraho, & Varanasi. The drivers were really great as were the guides. We really enjoyed our tour with a number of activities, See Taj Mahal, was the most memorable part of our trip. Amazing experience with Antilog Vacations.

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Gautam Vahi

I & my wife traveled with the services of Antilog vacations for 12 days in North India, covered the Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Khajuraho, & Varanasi. The drivers & guides were very friendly & helpful. Hotels rooms were very comfortable & food serves services were really good. The Overall of the trip was amazing, especially the sightseeing part where that we were able to see most of North India & its different popular attractions areas.

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Pramarth Garg

Explored scenic beauty of North India. We explored Agra & Mathura for five nights. Our guide was so interactive & informative. He helped us to capture several scenic shots. Wonderful place☺ Want to visit again. Really impressive, especially I become a big fan of mughal architecture. Informative guide- who provided good knowledge about UNESCO world heritage sites & related historical importances about such places. Thanks, Antilog Vacation for giving us such a great treatment.

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We planned a 12-day tour of Real India Tour & covered the Delhi, Jaipur, Agr, Khajuraho, & Varanasi. Antilog Vacations made the entire plannings & processes in a very smooth & informative manner. Viewing Covered almost every color of North Indian land with the visit of temples, forts, & palaces. Almost at every place whereever we travel,we treated in a royal manner. was a special part of the trip. The trip was well executed & our drivers & guides were all excellent.

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Pushpit Goudar

Spend amazing trip with my wife in North India. We covered Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Khajuraho & Varanasi. We loved the room service, food, & the staff member were very friendly with us. Enjoyed a lot in this trip & my all thanks to Antilog Vacations for their great efforts to making it our memorable visit☺

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Real India Tour


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