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Narayan Das

It was really a result of good communication & clear policies of our tour planners. There are no hidden charges apart from the fixed or discounted rates. All the steps are pre-planned, including the number of days, seat confirmation through reputed airlines, meals, location of the hotel, local transportation facility & much more.

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Neeraj Shah

During my last visit at Leh (an Indian destination), my wife was with me. The place offered us a unique inspiration. This classic Himalayan scenery covered a majestic pristine beauty. The spectacular landscape offered us their striking features after alighting from an airplane.. The best part of our visit was its managed itinerary planning which provided us a protection from mountain sickness. A big thanks to responsible partners.

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Ankur Srivastava

Amazing trip, great tour guide, a really cool & relaxed cab driver & a very good atmosphere & "tour spirit". I very much enjoyed the trip & would recommend everyone to do the same. Special thanks to the Antiog Vacations team who made it happen for me without any hassles.

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Kartik Banga

Fabulous trip with my lovely friends. We spend four nights at Hotel Sky Desert. Visited famous places & explored Sankar Gompa & Thiksey Monastery. Relax on the picturesque view of the Pangong Lake. Enjoy thevariety of delicious food within the range of delightful dishes. Interacted with the locals & spend amazing time with them. Thank you so much Antilog Vacations for giving us royal treatment.

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Gitanjali christopher

I just simply fall in love with the place with my first time arrival at Leh. With the high altitude I got a wonderful adventurous feeling & even before my trekk I don’t have the patience to wait for a while. It was a difficult situation for me to actually take the control over my feelings. At that time I just wish for the wings to freely fly over the Palace Ridge. Meanwhile, I never forget to appreciate the efforts of Antilog Vacations..

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Best Location in Leh. Surprisingly great experience at this hotel. The hotel offers a variety of food. We enjoyed the water rafting in Pangong Lake, trekking in Zanskar Valley. Actually, it was my dream location, especially after the movie 3-idiots & this time I finally got the chance with the exciting offer of Antilog Vacations. Really, they managed very well & provide very good services.

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With my passion for nature photography, I select a route to Leh through the help of ‘Antilog Vacations’ a reputed name of tour planners. The net experience was good in the vibrant atmosphere. I got a closer view of different cultures & communities of Ledakh. This high altitude desert was proven a treasure for me where I’ve collected the well inspired pics of nature.

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Trip to Moonland Package


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