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Pardeep Singh

Me & My wife visited during the last week of Feb 2015. Basically. we finalized this destination as per the combination of our taste. We booked this package through the services of Antilog Vacations. It was first & great experience with them. We also enjoyed several water activities like scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat cruise & snorkeling. Here, I want to appreciate the professional dealing & way of treatment by Antilog representative who also helped me to easily customize the things as per our comfort. We also experienced the underwater wonders & see corals, colorful fishes & marine life. This place is also ideal for forest trekking. Definitely, recommed to all along with the excellent services of Antilog vacations which includes almost all the things.

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Nitesh Kumar

Great experience in Andaman. I was very fed up with my office life. Same busy loop, i was totally bored. I need some break from my busy life. So one day i saw an advertisement of Antilog vacation travel company on the internet. Then i made a query, frequently they replied & called me & also helped me to finalize tour for me. I booked tour to Andaman with my four best friends. Enjoyed a lot, see the natural beauty of Andaman, experience various adventures & water activities. Now m very happy & that was my best moments of life. Thanks to Antilog vacation for giving me new life.

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Lalitha Reddy

The untouched archipelago of Andaman sea in Bay of Bengal offered me the chance of fishing adventure in its undiscovered beauty. Around 86% of land mass was forest covered or in protected region. So such tropical rainforests offered the closest relation with endemic species. Major thing about this specific region was its protection from commercial fishing. So large mangrove forests offered good conditions for juvenile fishes. A thing it was great suggest from the side of Antilog Vacations as per my taste..

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Nikhil Verma

Pleasant flights (to & from), luxury accommodation, delightful cuisines, vivid landscape & monument sightseeing, & joyful water activities- all in all a perfect get away to the Andaman. No, we didn’t plan it on our own but let Antilog Vacations take care of the same. And guess what? They did it just the way we wanted. Won’t hesitate even the slightest bit to pass the word to a friend or a colleague or even family… Recommended like anything!

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Mayank Ahuja

It was a great change for me after taking a break from the hectic scroll of life. With the complete Indian Government settlement, it was beautiful as well as well-maintained place. For the leisure time the place has a large collection of forts, beaches, museums up to historical sites. I gave a special zing to my vacations with water sports activities. I want to give a huge thanks to Antilog Vacations for providing me such wonderful variety.

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Ravinder Juneja

We booked our tour with Antilog Vacations to Andaman Islands 6 months prior to travel. The documents were cleared right away. The representative I talked to kept in touch with me at intervals, which was simply enough to give them my complete trust. The day of our vacation came, finally, & we landed on the Port Blair airport with warm greetings. The fly back was equally comfortable & everything in between was more than what you can call eternal bliss. The greenish blue water, the activities, the touring-around- everything was just perfect. The resorts were cozy & welcoming & the food tasted like a bite of heaven.
If you are looking for an impeccable vacation, Antilog Vacations is your thing!

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Sneha Rana

Andaman is a place to rediscover yourself. This mid location of Indian Ocean offered me a slow pace of life away from the crowd. Here the most beautiful beaches provided me the opportunity to make a strong bond with my beloved. We fully enjoyed our evening timings at coast of warm waters along refreshing dip. Similarly nights were amazing in the romantic moonlit sky. Now, the place becomes my favorite location due to our special bond..Warm wishes to my tour planner (Antilog Vacations).

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Andaman Super Budget Honeymoon


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