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Best place to spend holidays. We enjoyed our comfortable stay during this fabulous visit to Andaman. Out tour operator Antilog Vacations nicely put their efforts & excellently covered both the popular sites of Port Blair & Havelock. Me & my husband full enjoyed in Port Blair, room service was very good & we never forget the taste of delicious food served by them. We also collected the wonderful experience of scuba diving, sea walk, & snorkeling & underwater activities with an excellent efforts of our professional instructors. Excellent trip arranged by Antilog Vacations.

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Ayush Malik

I & my wife both are working person. We both were very busy in our office life. So our married life was in a bad condition. We had no time to spend time together. So one day i decided to go for a tour to Andaman. I surprised this trip on her birthday, she was not very much happy. But when we visited Andaman & saw the beautiful surroundings. Then my wife said, ""Thank you for this trip"". We enjoyed water activities, visited famous places. Stayed at a famous hotel, was excellent. Now we are living happily married life. Thank you Antilog Vacations.

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Ishmeet Kumar

A trip to the Andaman was our plan this winter & we are glad to have booked this vacation through The company did a great job in providing a satisfactory itinerary & sticking to it throughout. I mean, they delivered what was promised. Last summer we took a vacation to Kerala through another company (the name I would avoid mentioning) & the experience has been terrible. Antilog Vacations has earned another prospective client, which happens to be us. Needless to say, we would be returning again!

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Radhika Gupta

For the North Andaman journey, I was pre-prepared & arranged a jetty ticket in advance. Frankly, before this visit I was also unfamiliar with the place. But, the tips of my tour planner (Antilog Vacations) accurately work on right time. In the time saving manner, I enjoyed the mild waves of turquoise colored water & long stretch of white sand at Radhanagar Beach. Overall, it was appreciable journey.

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Pallav Shukla

In my last 5 days Andaman tour, I planned trekking on the third day along little cycling. I had selected Elephant beach for trek because it had taken around 30 minutes through forests. At the main road mark, a bus stop up to the Radhanagar beach I preferred cycling. After that trekking underneath tropical trees were the major attraction of my journey. In this path, I also reached at the desert like landscape which was the form of partial vegetated mangroves. Overall, it was a great journey which I actually planned with renowned name Antilog Vacations.

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Nihal Singh

As I am Indian & my visit at Cellular Jail was full of sentiments. Such special location was much more than a prisoners or criminals site. It is a place which has gentle reminders about our freedom fighters. Even the museum displayed the manual labor & prisoner’s life in the pre- Independence era. I also captured the special postures like working at mustard oil mills, coconut husking & prisoner torture & much more. Nothing was possible without a special helpful hand of Antilog Vacations (my tour planner) & guide.

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Andaman Super Honeymoon


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