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Somya Kashyap

Wonderful experience at Andaman. Me & best college best friend planned this amazing trip. We went to Port Blair & Havelock. Enjoyed a lot with my friends in the lovely place. We visited Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium. And enjoyed Snorkeling, explored the beautiful underwater world. Great experience with Antilog Vacation.

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Sanya Sharma

Me & my husband stayed at this place for a total of 4 nights during our trip in Feb 2016. It was a lovely location - it is situated right on Elephant Beach with a comfortable access to the beach from the property itself. The water is very clean & calm. The staff was very friendly & helpful. The food was also very good. Antilog Vacation had booked a sea facing cottage for us. We had a lovely time.

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Arjun Singh

Jet Skiing, an ultimate water sport which is a dream of every child & adult. I caught this proud moment in the blue water of Andaman Islands. I fully enjoyed this wonder under the guidance of my friendly & cool trainer along all the safety equipments. No one can offer a special touch to my vacations except Antilog..Guys, I think its your inbuilt quality to easily know the taste of your client.

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Suraj Madhukar

Every travelled with a company that’s focused on nothing but providing complete customer satisfaction? Such a firm is hard to find, we know. After all the bitter experiences with leading international travel agencies, I decided to give it one last try before giving up completely & thank heavens! I came across AV. It was a trip to India, Andaman to be precise, & the way the team tactfully handled everything went over my head. How could someone be so perfect, I still sit to wonder.
Having returned from this amazing trip, I am recommending my son & his wife in taking a vacation in India from the same source, of course. Also, I have already booked a trip to Maldives through AV & hope to have an equally good time there. Won a fan these folks out there have!

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Rajan Arora

I was always fascinated towards water, whenever I got a chance to swim in an open pool or a river I did not missed it. I visited Andaman & got a chance to enjoy sun & water in the sea, how can I explain this experience it was really a bizarre moment for me. I enjoyed snorkeling & also tried under sea walk. Scuba diving was also a different experience to swim between the corals & different fishes. Overall experience of the trip was really great. For all these memorable moments the credit goes to Antilog Vacations.

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Arvind Thakur

Andaman is a real piece of paradise if travelled to with the right vacation company. Antilog Vacations proved to be one in our case. Picture perfect landscapes, glorious food & out-of-the world sightseeing- we just loved this place. Andaman is an ideal destination for those who love nature; blue water beaches to be precise. A must visit indeed! Travel with Antilog Vacations during the winters & you will have the best times of your life, ever, I promise.

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Manjula Srivastav

Felt myself relaxed & safe in the company of nature. Thanks Antilog for managing my Andaman tour where I got the closest view of nature. The turquoise water reminded me about the purity of life, cool dancing wind given me the signs of my young strength & the beautiful sea & sand combination just like a pretty woman told me all the secrets of life. Really amazing experience!!

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Andaman Delight Honeymoon


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