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Hussain Jafri

This was our first trip to Japan so I would not change anything because it helped set a foundation for understanding Japanese history & culture. However, a future trip to Japan would omit the cities & highlight time spent in the countryside visiting small villages, towns, & wineries. We really had a great time in Japan all because of Antilog Vacations.

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Gaurav Mehra

Our trip to Japan was perfect. We were attracted to & curious about learning Japan. We had a limited time of 8 days with our two teenager kids. We wanted many things actually & the time is always not enough. Apart from learning the culture & the country, we were individually interested in culinary world & architecture parts of the culture as well. It was a dream come true experience.

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Vaishali Bhardwaj

We best enjoyed staying at a few traditional Japanese inns called ryokans. I doubt we could have discovered such lovely gems on our own. The inns provided AMAZING 15-course traditional Japanese meals that were a feast for our eyes & our mouths. One inn was part of a large hot springs, so we especially enjoyed relaxing in the hot waters. The relaxing pace at the ryokans complimented our stays in more bustling areas like Tokyo.

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Grand tour of Japan


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