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Puran Chand

We had a wonderful trip around Andaman. We visited the Cellular Jail, Marina Park & Aquarium, & Ross Island. We enjoyed the snorkeling, Scuba Diving, kayaking. Experience over the beautiful emerald water along the closer view of a variety of marine life creatures. Great work & excellent deal by Antilog Vacations, which makes everything possible for me on the budget scale.

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Shubham Kahtri

First of all a huge.. huge thanks to Antilog, for helping me in the selection of Andaman as my travel destination. It was a best invention of God. Every place has its own story. In such picturesque surroundings my camera was always in switch ON mode. At that time, i didn’t want to miss any single memory. A big salute to guys for my lifelong refreshing memories..

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Harjeet Singh

Last month we took a trip to Andaman as February is considered an ideal time to go there. The temperature was mild. Cool breeze blew all day long. Snorkeling was awesome. My husband loved the elephant ride. Our manager arranged wine during the glass bottom boat ride & we were mesmerized seeing the electric ells dancing below us. In our late 50’s it was nothing less than a second honeymoon for us.
The credit goes entirely to ANTILOG VACATIONS. Without them this trip won’t have been possible.

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Nakul Bharadwaj

While planning a trip to Andaman, use the services of Antilog Vacations. Don’t make the mistake of going there on your own. Andaman has so much to offer & Antilog Vacations know how to show you all without making you weary. Their well ordinate time management tactics gave us ample time to relax in between excursions. It was a family trip & every single member from our group left the island with brightly lit faces. Recommended for families & couples!

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Vasu Vashista

I loved this awesome trip with my cousin friends. Beautiful surrounding the Port Blair & Havelock. I loved the beautiful picturesque sights of the Andaman. We visited the Cellular Jail Marina Park & Aquarium & Ross Island. I love the snorkeling activity, this was my first snorkeling experience. Observed the amazing beauty at underwater world only & only with the best part of itinery by my favorite Antilog Vacations travel group.

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Devendra Verma

I know the reasons why my heart always beats with a higher rating after getting the sound of Andaman. I think, my tour planner (Antilog Vacations) has the major role to tie up a strong bond with the place. Because no one enjoyed the beautiful or variety of options in the lack of comfort. So you guys have offered me that power. Ton of thanks !!

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Raghuveer Sharma

Adventure in the beach destination that is surrounded by small mountains with dense green forests was amazing. I with my college friends were on Andaman tour for four days. We had great fun & enjoyed water sports activities. Ferry ride was also a kind of thrilling experience because it was the first time for us to sit in a ferry. We took the package from Antilog Vacations & it was well organized.

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Andaman Dive Tour


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